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  2. He hasn't raped or murdered anyone. He hasn't beaten his girlfriend. He hasn't fought a cop, or a teammate. Hasn't been a problem in any way, shape or form. In fact, many of his teammates and coaches love him for who he is. I do not give a fug if sad Cam is sad after a Super Bowl loss. He's not my child to discipline. He's a grown ass man and can do whatever he wants. If you think he's childish, great, more power to you. We parade these athletes in front of the media, get mad when they're robots, get mad when they're real. Unless they dance like puppets as we see fit, they can't win. Cam doesn't want to play the game. Seeing what the media has become, a fuging circus, I wouldn't want to either.
  3. Host: Is that your relationship with him, combative?   BV: "That is completely and 100% accurate. That's what it is. He bristles at almost everything. And as you can probably imagine, Charlotte's not the toughest media market in the world, so imagine if this guy had to play in a New York, or a Philly, or a place that really goes after their athletes. Cam is beloved here in Charlotte. So, he has it easy here and this is how he treats the media? We are not allowed to talk to Cam, we're essentially not allowed to approach him at his locker. Okay yeah maybe technically we're allowed, but the evil stares and the glances. And I think it's really unfortunate that the wall and the bubble was put up from day 1 since he came to the Panthers."   Talks about how he'll talk once a week and after practices, but won't do one on ones even with national media except in extremely rare circumstances, because if he does one one one then other people will expect it. "Nobody here has a relationship with him." Asks who has a relationship with him nationally. Says even Belichick has friends in the media, but Cam doesn't and hasn't allowed anyone into that circle.
  4. "I think what Cam Newton's building right now, he doesn't care what you're going to say about him, he doesn't care what you're going to think about him. He's going to do what he wants to do. So he's going to enjoy living his life that way, and marketing/PR wise, while I think on the surface it looks really bad and we can be like "how can people around him think that that's okay?", I think there's a certain rebellious part of the population that's going to start [sigh] liking stuff like this."
  5. Voth: "What the contract did for him is it enabled him that much more. And the team around him, not just the Panthers, but IMG and a whole bunch of other marketing people have allowed this to happen. They've almost created a monster where Cam's gonna do and say whatever the heck he pleases and he's going to keep telling you that." Bill told me to listen to the context, so I am. He's not exactly sounding better here.
  6. I'm listening to the full Voth interview now. The article encompases almost word for word the entirety of the Cam talk in the first 11:00. Here's something new: "I think those guys are smart enough to know that Cam acted like a baby, but they're not going to say it." Basically called Olsen's comments about him an act. Good look, Bill
  7. Jonathan Jones wrote a great critical piece about Cam without calling him a baby, or saying he needs "man up". Most of us I would think are mad at Bill because he's using phrasing and language and making "points" that paint himself as a sellout who cares more about what drives the needle than what he has to say. It's bombastic. It's Skip Bayless. And I get what Jeremy is saying about paying your way out there and getting pissed because of that, but he's being straight up unprofessional if that is the cause of this. He's no longer a journalist at that point, just a dude with a soapbox.
  8. Really disappointed to hear Bill stoop this low. Whether Cam was right or wrong, it's not a big fuging deal. His teammates don't care, the coaches don't care, most of the fans don't care. That we are still talking about this on Wednesday just goes to show that the current state of sports media is an absolute poo storm of who can bring in the most clicks at the expense of EVERYTHING else. Quality reporting/content? Get the fug out of hear, no one wants to read that. Who tweeted what at whom! That's what moves the needle. It's the consumers' fault as well because for as much poo as everyone talks about Skip Bayless, people still watch. I grew up loving sports. Now I'm starting to hate the circus that surrounds everything about it.
  9. Tin foil hat time (Im starting to Believe it though)

    Peyton's teams can't melt Panther dreams
  10. video of Cam responding to criticism

      Frank Clark, domestic violence abuser had it right by saying "that boy a bitch?" Get the fug out of here.
  11. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Indeed this is how other Super Bowls have been done. There was no set-up. But it sure as hell doesn't have to be that way. 
  12. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

  13. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Show me where on the doll Cam hurt you Mr. media member
  14. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Someone said Scott Fowler but Jonathan Jones is the only one I read from the CO. He always seems to have the most balanced view on things.