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  1. lol its the falcons, kings of choke, Don't count us out just cuz were down to the falcons.
  2. bucs up 20-17 and we can't get it done, omfg.
  3. Ehh, fug that, Julio can score at any point, good call there.
  4. They have been there, cam has not been taking them. he isn't making horribly bad throws, just refs not calling when he gives WR's oppurtunties and the defense reacts with fouls and doesn't get called.
  5. Does anyone notice the full nelson holds on our d-line going uncalled whilst a fart in the general direction of their WR's gets a penalty?
  6. Smitty is Damiere Byrd's Spirit Animal

    ALmost makes you forget we drafted someone like him with the 8th pick of the second round lmao.
  7. More Baldy Breaking down panthers

  8. Incoming Thomas Davis suspension

    I honestly can't wait for Twitter to go under.
  9. We're going to the PLAYOFFS!!!!

    Literally can't call this until after the Seahawks game tonight.
  10. We're going to the PLAYOFFS!!!!

    i mean, 11 wins does not secure us a playoff berth this year if falcons and seahawks win out. http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine/_/factor/wins/results/400951811~1~400951637~2~400951734~1
  11. we get the ball at start of second half too, good opportunity to tie this bitch up.
  12. Click here to see the playoff machine show us that if we win out we still get the 2 seed. Here is the rules for breaking a tie for two teams in the same division: https://www.nfl.com/standings/tiebreakingprocedures Conference W/L does not take hold until the 4th tie breaker So as long as we handle are business the panthers will have gone 11-1 against common opponents with the Saints while the Saints will be 10-2 against common opponents. I wanted to post this because even I was thinking we lost the tiebreaker due to losing all of our games in conference whilst the Saints have dropped one of their games to the Patriots in the AFC.
  13. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    The only thing that went wrong from the Skins is that they have a huge idiot for a coach.