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  1. Will the Nation view us as #1?

      Are you kidding? College imitators? The entire NFL and NBA was imitating Cam this weekend.
  2. You can also get a last wave of tickets 15 minutes after they are sold out. A lot of tickets get kicked back after the first 15 minutes due to them being locked by the first person that tried to get them but didnt have the money/system error. Thats how I got mine in 2013 at face value against San Fran.
  3. Currently we're 2 points dogs at 10-0 against a 3-7 team.
  4. New(Bandwagon)Fans

    I been on this ride since Panthers vs Jags in '03.
  5. can this be cam's career best day?

    My first week in my life playing daily fantasy only so I could start Olsen, Stewart, and Cam in a poo ton of money leagues, up $50 on my $10 bet currently, only sad part is the rest of of my players outside of Mike Evans is playing like poo.
  6. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    Lmao what?
  7. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    Certainly makes up on what they lost in the Carolina game. fuging dumb ass Vegas. They had us at weak favorites on the road against the worst team this year in the entire NFL.
  8. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    That's a game ending Interception on Norman if Dalton throws that pass on us, the one Jonathan Joseph dropped.
  9. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    Their crowd looks like they are mailing it in down just 4 points. WTF? I was cheering on Cam down 14 IN Seattle.
  10. You have no idea how much I hate people that use reddit vernacular on this site.
  11.   Second best Super Bowl win odds (14%), 99% chance of making the playoffs, 93% chance of winning division for 3rd straight time. What a time to be alive boys! (and girls!)
  12. I love you guyz

    You forgot one person who isn't super cereal on the huddle