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  1. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Means nothing, but man it looks cool   

    Are you really patrice o'niel?
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  2. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    Injury problems are the only bad longterm issue I feel like there is about this game. Our defense played like it was without Luke. The other team was forced into dink and dunk and Klein is just garbage in pass protection. He is slow and when Luke is on the field all that underneath poo get cut out. Cam had only two bad drives I can think of and even those hardly looked bad at all. This was strictly a Luke being out problem and we have weathered the fore-front of the storm. Hopefully he will be back next week and we can squeak out another win while we wait for everyone to get healthy on the BYE.

    Honestly I dont know whats going to happen after the BYE, I know we should handle Indy, but after that I have no clue.
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  3. thunderraiden added a post in a topic We could go 12-4 and still not win the division. Look at these easy ass schedules y'all   

    Buy tickets now for the home game and for atlanta, they will both be flexed into prime time the way the league is shaping up this year.
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  4. thunderraiden added a post in a topic The teams that "won Free Agency" are a combined 1-5.   

    When did the huddle start getting meta? I'm not liking this.
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  5. thunderraiden added a post in a topic power rankings, #14, smh.   

    USA TODAY has us ranked 7th. Its all relative.
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  6. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Not a betting man but, FWIW   

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  7. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Anyone worried about the pass rush?   

    Listen guys, Our d-line played amazing in the technicalities today. There is a reason Houston only had 95 yards of offense in the first half. They went to short passing and mixed in some runs. The D-line did exactly what they "NEEDED" to do to get the win and put our secondary in position to make plays. Would it have been nice to see the D-Line finish off a few more plays? Of course, there is always room for improvement. But they did exactly what they were asked to do, stop the run, and put a short clock on the passer.
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  8. thunderraiden added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Not a betting man but, FWIW
    Opening line for Panthers vs Saints right now is -3. I'm not a betting man, but if I was I would venture to guess that line is going to skyrocket with most of the betting public by tomorrow.

    Thats basically a push for a 2-0 team vs an 0-2 team. Even if you don't like to gamble the chances of the Panthers at least winning by that small a margin against a bad team like New Orleans have got to be pretty high numerically.

    Personally however, I see it as actually being a close division game against a desperate New Orleans teams that is already in Win Now Mode with only 2 weeks into the season. We can lock them in the cellar with a win though and it would feel good.
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  9. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Josh Norman's post game transcript   

    Josh Norman actually completely offset's our lost of KB.
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  10. thunderraiden added a post in a topic pièce de résistance : Luke, Star... didnt play.   

    No matter what happens this season, 2016 is shaping up to be one hell of a monster season as well.
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  11. thunderraiden added a question in Ask Away   

    When Can we start personally blocking users?
    Lets say there is a poster, hypothetically speaking, Lets call him P.U. that you never had another reason to see a post, thread, or topic from again. And you know he won't get banned, but you wanted to block him. When will we be able to block posters? Or is it possible and I'm just retarded?
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  12. thunderraiden added a post in a topic After further review, I was wrong making my previous thread..   

    Let be honest guys, PantherUnited is not mentally stable and banning him from the forum would likely lead to a mass shooting somewhere.
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  13. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Romo has broken collar bone   

    Hit the waiver wire bud. QB's are dime a dozen in fantasy.

    Honestly, we have value in Derek Anderson though, we would be a fool to not at least shop what we could get for him.
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  14. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Luke out Tommorrow   

    Linebackers also usually have that neck brace but i can only imagine how useless it is in actual cases.
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  15. thunderraiden added a post in a topic If you LOVE The Big Cat then lets have a Gettlemania Pie Fest!   

    This forum is turning into a reddit shitpost factory real quick.
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