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  1. My Initial Offseason Outlook

    The core of this team is so strong it definitely allows the front office to be more open to which direction they go this offseason. With that said, DE and DB are obviously weaker areas but I think this can be fixed rather easily. I'd like to see Tre and Coleman as our duo at safety. Adding a depth player can be done in free agency or draft. Norman will stay, and of course be paired with Bene. However, we don't really have a reliable nickel. Brandon Boykin is the name I'd look into. When he's actually given playing time he delivers. I'd also keep McClain for depth. As far as DE is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if CJ is given an extension that drops his cap number down rather than a straight release. That'd leave him and Ealy as the starters. Once again, we just need to add depth (Maybe Quinton Coples and a 2nd rounder from the draft). I don't see Allen returning. So while these two areas seem concerning, I believe they can be fixed fairly easy. Despite the offense putting up such impressive numbers, I think this is the side of the ball we need to seriously address. Kelvin returning, combined with the consistent improvement from Funch, will instantly be an upgrade. Philly Brown is a solid WR 3-4 but still has a small hands issue. Ginn emerged as our top deep threat but was very unreliable. In the backfield, I think it's worth keeping Stew one more season. If we cut him, we save $2m with $7m in dead money. In order to sign a decent FA running back, we will have to spend more than $2m (the amount we saved by cutting Stew). What's the point? However, I do not see Tolbert returning. Maybe Lee Ward gets his shot? On OL, I think Oher will stay at LT. Remmers and Williams will battle at RT. Depth added everywhere. If that were our team heading into next season (basically the same as the previous with some depth added), we'd be looking like contenders. However, we need to be more than that. We need to continue our dominance. We need to come back bigger and better. How do we do that? With the acquisition of two players: Alshon Jeffrey and Derrick Henry. Kelvin Benjamin (6'5") and Alshon Jeffrey (6'3") on the outside with Devin Funchess (6'5") in the slot, and Greg Olsen (6"5") at tight end. Those are four huge, and very talented targets. Add in Philly/Ginn and we have the best receiving options in the league. Then you look at the backfield. Cam Newton (6'5") with the duo of Jonathan Stewart (not tall but we know what he brings) and Derrick Herny (6'3" workhorse) would be a lot to handle for any defense. Put it all together and you're looking at an extremely talented and overwhelming offensive attack. 
  2. Who is the number 1 focus on Denver Offense?

    Peyton.  If we attack him and put him under serious pressure he will make mistakes. 
  3. Cam Defenders

    Amazing that OP thought this would go any other way.
  4. Tillman Raffle two SB packages

    Will be glued to my phone all day.
  5. Marc James at it again

    So in a season where they have a handful of bad injuries (and a contract hold out by their best defensive player) but still made the playoffs and nearly came back after being down 31-0 against the best team in the league...he says Seattle has begun to show how they are on the decline? They were the second best team in the league at the end of the season.
  6. SS Jayron Kearse - Clemson

    I think the emergence of Tre Boston has me feeling better about the safety position. I think him and Coleman have some chemistry. DE and CB are more immediate needs right now.
  7. Official: Panthers to wear Black Jersey for SBL

    We debuted the all black against Denver and got stomped 
  8. Flashback Friday: Hurney Magic (Hitler Parody)

    The one where he gets mad about Luck returning to school is the best because, whether you like to admit it now or not, that video is how we all felt at the time.
  9. Players out

    Obviously fielding the punt is tough and requires experience. I was asking if Wegher was capable of that. 
  10. Mario Williams Reportedly Being Cut In Offseason

    Bruce Irvin. Pass rusher with speed.
  11. Players out

    Can Wegher return kicks?
  12. Players out

    We have solid replacements for each player. Artis-Payne and Wegher are suitable replacements. Tre Boston has potential and experience. Bersin is reliable in the slot. People just hate on him because of a mistake that could've happened to anyone.
  13. Looks like Wegher is gonna be activated

    does anyone have a link to his preseason highlights?