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  1. Trading up with the Titans

    First we already did this trade last year moving up 16 spots the 9th overall 2nd round spot and it cost them their 2nd, 3rd, and 6th same year, so it should be about the same. Also The Gett Man has yet to trade away future picks and the 3rd comp is not a guarantee; injury and crap play can effect the it and I don't see Gett as a gambling man.
  2. What position did you play?

    I was starting quick guard and back up DE/DT 4-3 my senior year. Our O-line looked like this TE QG C SG T OT the strong side would switch based on the play. Also I got Honorable Mention for All County as a guard at 6 foot 140 lbs. I pulled well and run blocked almost perfect every game but sucked at pass blocking seeing as I was so tiny. Funny story I was supposed to start my junior year but I would run block too high and get pushed around (140 lbs). While on JV during half-time the coach pulled me aside and told me to block lower and stop getting pushed around (he sounded pissed). To show him I was already doing my best I bear crawled for the rest of the game on run plays. After the game he congratulated me and said if I had done that all year I would have been starting on varsity. My greatest moment was when I blocked an extra point by tricking the guard. I lined up outside shoulder and shot the inside gap. I went through clean, blocked the kick, and had a painful red mark with jersey lines just above my arm pit; hurt like hell.
  3. Villains

    So who would be "The Villain" if the Pats won? Both?
  4. I love the Panthers!
  5. Joined Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:47 pm... Even later than the idiot that thinks we still have Greg Hardy.
  6. What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    No but Odell might feel threatened and sucker punch you.
  7. Caption Contest - Cam Newton

    Ref: Do you have nightmares about this defense? Cam: aaaaaahhhhhh they're everywhere!
  8. 2014 vs 2015 - Panthers Offensive Line

    At this time last year they had two question marks fighting for the LT spot with the loser getting the RT with no depth (other than an injury prone kid, that was still worse than Bell and Chandler, and a project). We had Amini and Scott at the guard spots with one failing to live up to his draft spot and the other a back up at best (well both are back ups at best). Now they have a solid inside with depth and a RT spot with at worse Remmers who played well. The only question mark is the LT spot where even Bell looked almost average when the other four spots were locked down. If Oher can play as well as Bell they should be fine. If he plays better than Bell they could be scary good. This is the first year in a long time that they have options, depth, and continuity. Starting to get over excited for the season...