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  1. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    We won't be 15-1 again next year because seasons like that are really rare, but we'll still be a good team and we'll go to the playoffs as long as we don't have major injuries.
  2. Snow Storm Saturday?

    This. Might have to try to fly into Wilmington or Columbia or even Myrtle Beach. Basically every other airport in NC or SC that you can fly into is fuged.
  3. Snow on Sunday?

    With a high of 57 on Saturday, the high of 48 on Sunday is likely going to occur at midnight with temperatures dropping steadily throughout the day. I doubt it snows, but the high for the day doesn't always happen during the middle of the day in the winter like it does during the summer.
  4. Playoff date?

    Come on man, clearly these multi billion dollar organizations need to collaborate with the nfl to make tens of thousands of extra dollars each year. Their financial viability depends on it.
  5. Playoff ticket thread.... GOOD LUCK to all

    I got 6
  6. jerry richardson Succession Plan

    His under armor deal is worth over $100 million over its lifetime I think.
  7. jerry richardson Succession Plan

    Charlotte is the fastest growing large city in the country.  On a larger scale, we are in two of the fastest growing states in the country and the number of households our games hit on any given week is among the highest in the league because we effectively own two entire states with a combined population of nearly 15 million.  We have a group of fans that are just now for the first time starting to come into their prime earning years. This is the first generation that has been lifelong panther fans. We have sold out nearly every game in team history and we have an excellent relationship in the community, both with fans and the corporate community. We have a stadium that is owned by the team--meaning they get to keep all the concession and ticket revenue rather than splitting it or giving it to the city. Nobody with any business sense would ever dream of moving this team out of the Charlotte area.
  8. jerry richardson Succession Plan

    I imagine we'll see some of the minority owners step up and purchase the remaining shares of the team. The Belk family just collected $3 billion dollars for the sale of their company. Maybe they'll be interested. I could see Bruton Smith also being interested in purchasing the team and passing it on to his children.  Could be other wealthy families in the area as well. I just don't see it leaving the hands of Charlotte ownership.
  9. His record is around .500 without Cam Newton. I'm not sure a P5 offer would come unless it is at a P5 school that is a worse job than ECU. ECU is probably a better job than 40-50% of P5 schools. ECU is the kind of school that could be a perennial contender in the AAC and position themselves well for the New Year's Day access bowl for the G5 conferences. A lot of exposure and money comes from playing in that game.   It wouldn't be a bad hire for ECU, but I'm not sure it is a great hire either considering his record without Newton running the offense. If he gets a great OC to join him, then that may not matter so much.
  10. Well, we aren't very good this year, as expected with a team that lost almost all of its roster with the coaching change, but Price got his first win last night.   Young guards have looked pretty good, but we don't have much talent inside. We'll get better as the year goes on, but 10-15 wins is probably the ceiling this year. Attendance has been terrible, which is unfortunate. I hope when Price gets things turned around the crowds come back. Halton was a lot of fun when we used to average 7,000+ per game.
  11. Our long history of being jerks when given the opportunity

    Phone calls and people on the street.
  12. Duke Energy wtf

    my condo faces the Duke Energy Center. Just checked. It's blue.
  13. Tesla releases BETA Autosteer software to their cars...

    Teen drivers are basically the alpha version of drivers. I trust beta software more than I trust a teen with a cell phone behind the wheel.   They very clearly stated that this isn't really for use on anything but the highway, yet retards are testing it on curvy country roads and reporting near collisions for something it isn't designed to handle. 
  14. ​I think he'll be a baller. I see that you guys are a finalist for our freshman stud transfer as well. Not that he'll help in 2015, but Torin Dorn is going to be a fuging star, even in the ACC. He has a complete game and superb athleticism. I really hate that we lost him, but it's worth losing a player even as good as him to get rid of a terrible coaching staff. He seemed like a really good kid too, so State will be getting a really great player if he ends up there. I have a feeling he'll join the 4 star recruit we also lost as a result of the coaching change in Miami though.
  15. Shaun Kirk, an underrated recruit in 2015 IMO, committed to NCSU last night. I was pretty bummed because he seemed pretty high on Charlotte. After he committed to State, Calipari rushes in and offers him a scholarship and now he's considering going to UK instead because he didn't sign a LOI for State.   Not that I care about NCSU, but fug Calipari. Commitments have never meant anything in college football, but they've generally been respected in college basketball.