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  1. Positions we need to upgrade

    He played really well against some of the best DB's in the league. Ted Ginn got alot of big play credit but Philly really proved to be reliable. I think we're having a little bit of a knee-jerk reaction to the game yesterday. This WR core has done well this year. Getting KB is better than reaching for a receiver in the draft.  You mean to tell me we had a 1,000 yd receiver sitting out all last year and we got to the Super Bowl? .... yeah... not as important as shoring up both lines.  But I have said all year that our running game is not as good as we or others think. Cam is a big part of those rushing yards. We need to get some running backs in here with youth and speed.   
  2. Positions we need to upgrade

    Tackle, Running Back, Defensive End, Safety.  Our WR's are actually fine. With KB coming back next year, its pretty low on our immediate needs. Philly Brown came on strong until he got hurt. 
  3.  lol must have been playing monopoly. We have put many of friendships on temporary hold because of this game
  4. I think it's also worth noting that I believe that the Peyton Manning from this year was 33 years old? 
  5. I'm just gonna put this here.,218314 I'm sure there were better ways to handle it... but it's not like he's the first QB to ever have a hard time losing the SuperBowl. I tend to think it's good company.  But I also want to note how hypocritical it is for a league that is RANK with corruption and scandal to be preachy about "sportsmanship." But that's for another day.  (I really searched to see if this was already posted, but if it's duplicate, please lock and delete. )
  6. Jeebus...

    Congrats Ron Burgundy! 
  7. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    breakimg news: it is likely night if it is not day. This is almost equivalent to tampering...  No way this organization said something like this before the SuperBowl. Something is afoot.  
  8. SNL does Cam and Peyton

    Felt kinda forced...  But I'm sure Cam Newton is the first Carolina Panther to be parodied on SNL... And one of the few athletes of any sport to be parodied.  So there's that. 
  9. I. Do. Not. Caaaaaaaaaaare.  That will be something that is debatable for years to come.  I just wanna win tomorrow. They can't ever take that away or debate about that. 
  10. The House That Built Cam

    I thought it was balanced... And he did a good job of highlighting differences from a perspective that is not always shared. There's a lot to be gained when you see something through someone else's eyes.  We learned just as much about the writer as we did about Cecil Newton. 
  11. The House That Built Cam

    There was a portion of this that spoke volumes to me. They're building a new sanctuary and community center for their church.  They mention that they were 2 years away from everything being completed. Cecil said people have asked "why doesn't Cam just write a check and pay for everything. Why wait two years?" Cecil replied, because if it doesn't grow organically, it's not sustainable. As a person involved in ministry and missionary work, I can't tell you how my respect for this man just went through the roof. Not only does this require wisdom to acknowledge but It takes patience and restraint to stay committed to that plan. You may not think this means anything regarding the SuperBowl... But just try to remember that the next time The media starts giving Shula or Coach Rivera extra credit for "growing Cam Up," try to remember that he has a father. And a pretty good one.  Excellent piece. Everyone on the huddle should read it. 

    If it aint Sam, dont bring it at all. 
  13. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    Can they do that? Has it ever been done?  I wouldnt fight the tears  
  14. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    Remember that time when the NWO was out there beating up the WCW guys... and Sting showed up with bats... That's how hyped I got reading that TD post.   
  15. Steve Smith...  again..  positioning himself for his next job. Looks like he would do a good job too.