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  1. Which pretty much solidifies that he will NOT be selling to Diddy.
  2. Cam vs Clay Matthews

    This has become one of top ten Cam moments
  3. As tough as I am on RR and Mike Shula.... Nah, bruh. We good.
  4. Something Understated

    Loved seeing Cam throwing up the Byrd sign. That was special.
  5. Satire? - yes. But I'm definitely not joking.
  6. Communicates that you don't trust your MVP quarterback Fire him. If the moment is too big, go coach high school.
  7. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    I saw this coming. I benched him on my fantasy team weeks ago... For Mitchell Trubisky. I think he'll be playing in one of these three places next season: Denver, Miami, or Jacksonville
  8. Good stats. Muslim is not a race. Islam is a religion. Those races make up a large portion of that religion. This group of people has enslaved/ sex trafficked more black people than any western nation, and for a much longer period of time. I encourage everyone to be morally consistent with their outrage. If you're going to be upset about Trump tweeting about Muslims, then have greater outrage for the evil that has come out of this worldview. There's a reason that there are global movements to reduce immigration from Arab countries... and race is not the only factor. Beliefs matter. People of all races believe wicked things. And they need to all be held accountable for them.
  9. I think its also safe to say that Christian was a better pick than OJ Howard as well. OJ has been ok, but Christian has made an immediate impact on this team given Jonathan Stewart's regression.
  10. Slave markets in Libya....

    except they actually might... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_reserves_in_Libya
  11. Hoping they can keep the victory as fresh as possible.
  12. Slave markets in Libya....

    What is dishonest about this post is that this isn't an Obama policy... It is an American policy. This is just the blowback We prop up a guy until he stops playing ball with us. Then when we're done getting what we want, we fund a "terrorists organization" or a "democratic uprising" to unseat them or kill them. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. From the standpoint of the politics... alot of liberals are staying away from this because this failure happened as a result of their policy... but republicans use the exact same playbook. Obama carried out the same globalists orders Bush did. Because he was a so called black man doesn't make any difference. Because most of us will see slavery through a US history lens, we only identify slavery as a "white power" institution. But the reality is that US chattel slavery borrowed it's ideas from the Arab slave trade, which lasted longer and can still be found in practice today. Everyone should denounce this... just as we would and Should for all other manner of people trafficking.
  13. Slave markets in Libya....

    Wow. this thread is quiet.