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  1. TheWiz added a post in a topic Marcus Lucas took reps at WR and TE last night. Caught TD lined up as a WR.   

    Really would like to see Marcus Lucas get a shot here. Man its tough that a guy like him can get cut. He's been reliable all preseason long. I hope the two tight end set is here to stay. 
    How was his blocking?
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  2. TheWiz added a post in a topic Excellence.... It starts from the top and....   

    Am I the only one who thinks this is the last year we see Sean McDefense in Panther black and blue?
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  3. TheWiz added a post in a topic REGULAR SEASON HYPE THREAD!!!   

    I'm pumped about this season man!
    The amount of trial and fire this team went through last year and still made the playoffs... a lot of character was built. We haven't been given for the amount of hell this team goes through just to get no respect.  I know we've had some early setbacks, but we're built for this. This team is full of hard nosed, blue collars ready to play smash mouth football.
    KEEP POUNDING!!! #Panthernation
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  4. TheWiz added a post in a topic PIE PIE PIE   

    lets pie!!!
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  5. TheWiz added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    I know its probably not going to happen... but I reaaaaalllly wanna see D-Will getting a nice little greeting from Luke or TD. 
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  6. TheWiz added a post in a topic Newton's instagram continues to be unique...   

    My best friend is a police officer. I respect and appreciate what they do. They put their lives on the line daily. But I've also been profiled on a number of occasions... doesnt take away from good cops.... but it also doesnt remove the reality of the situation. 
    Last week there was a post showing how idiotic Carolina Panther fans can be. There was a video in spanish highlighting our team and some idiotic Panther fans made some very foolish comments towards latinos. Of course all Panther fans are not racists fools... but obviously there are. 
    Not all police are out here killing black men. And not everyone who says #Blacklivesmatter is advocating killing police...  not even a majority... but in the same way that you should be able to point out how people shouldnt kill the police... people who fear for their own lives should be allowed to speak out about police killing them. 
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  7. TheWiz added a post in a topic Newton's instagram continues to be unique...   

    Shout out to the guys Cam knew in 10th grade...
    To understand this photo, you need to understand where Cam is from. But here's the good news, Cam looks totally out of place in this picture. 
    So for all of the people who will flip out about this picture... chill out brah
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  8. TheWiz added a post in a topic Newton's instagram continues to be unique...   

    Poor argument. Doesnt take into account other statistics. In 2010, white on white crime actually exceeded black on black crime at a rate of 4.6 times the number of blacks killed by black people. Most white people don't know this because the source of their information keeps them ill informed. But when we see an obvious pattern of systematic profiling, we see a disproportionate number of african american men killed by white cops. This is what the Black Lives Matter movement is about. 
    Multiple layers are involved: cultural, economic, historical, political.... so the solutions need to address those dynamics. And unfortunately its a discussion that most people aren't honest enough to have without berating others. 
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  9. TheWiz added a post in a topic With the 1st pick in the 2021 draft the Carolina Panthers select C. Newton   

    Think I would rather have Addison Luck, Andrew Luck's little brother.
    "Addison Luck was the best and smartest player that we saw all season. He can do it all. He scores with his head, his feet, he passes better than anybody and you just cant the ball away from him."- His coach
    He's got a 4.10 GPA, proven leader
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  10. TheWiz added a post in a topic Gettleman: Norwell and Turner are man beasts of destruction and mayhem   

    Probably because he's one of them.
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  11. TheWiz added a post in a topic Seahawks Fan Reactions to Norwood...   

    I mean... Nathan said he straight...
    Im good. how about you guys?
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  12. TheWiz added a post in a topic Looks like Panthers have signed WR Kevin Norwood   

    what? He's not even 6'3!
    This isn't looking good.
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  13. TheWiz added a post in a topic David Newton gives Cam a thumbs-up   

    Why do I feel like DNewt never really has any insight in anything he says. Its like he comes to the huddle, goes through the best post and copies and pastes them in an editorial.
    He's the last to say the most obvious things.
    Where's Pat Yasinskas when I need him? 
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  14. TheWiz added a post in a topic As Breakable as Funyuns (Funchess) injures leg in practice again   

    THIS is my reason for keeping Jarrett Boykin. Keeping 5 receivers and a guy like Funchess goes down...
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  15. TheWiz added a post in a topic One Simple Hypothetical   

    hell to the no.
    I'm a firm believer that good comes out of everything. KB being hurt sucks, but it will force other receivers to grow and contribute. I think that baptism by fire is going to be good for Funchess. Means that next year our receiving core will be deadly.
    With all the bad news, Michael Oher and the Offensive line has been the bright spot. If Cam has time, he can find these guys. We saw that against New England.
    Byron Bell is THAT bad guys.
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