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  1. TheWiz added a post in a topic National Coverage   

    smells like 7-0 to me bro
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  2. TheWiz added a post in a topic Panthers mentioned in article about jerkwad owners   

    Ban PU!!!!!
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  3. TheWiz added a post in a topic Luke Cleared to Play   

    Crack open some milk cartoons!!!
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  4. TheWiz added a post in a topic Seattle 6.5 Point favorites over the Panthers Sunday   

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  5. TheWiz added a post in a topic R. Wilson: 0-10 w/l record when opponent scores 25   

     A little History:  the past 15 years, we have scored 25 points against Seattle only once. The year was 2000. We scored 26 pts. 
    Steve Buerlein threw 2 TD's and Joe Nedney was clutch with 4 FG's... smh. (We were also at home.)
    Our scoring avg is 24/ game so far. This is going to be interesting. 
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  6. TheWiz added a post in a topic Sean Payton interested in leaving New Orleans   

    These are a few of my favorite things... 
    When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad. I simply remember how much the saints suck, and then I dont feeeeeeeeel soooooooo baaaaaaad.
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  7. TheWiz added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

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  8. TheWiz added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire nickname thread   

    i think of predator more along of the lines of him being a "defensive predator." 
    But ok... we can make it racial too. Since...
    the Predator was obviously black.... 
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  9. TheWiz added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire nickname thread   

    I'm sure that's just your opinion though right?
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  10. TheWiz added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Ryan Delaire nickname thread
    Just my opinion: but Fresh Prince of Delaire is lame. So I think its a good idea to officially set a poll for an official nickname. 
    When I saw how he attacked the QB, I thought of a how lion attacks. In Philly B's thread he posted pictures that personified this. 
    I'm not the king of nicknames... but cmon guys. I think we can do better. 
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  11. TheWiz added a post in a topic Throwback Thursday: QB Edition   

    I AM willing to say that none of those QB's could have done what Cam has done with so little help. Numbers are cool... but the fact that Cam has been doing it consistently with much less weapons.... This is what separates him from the pack.
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  12. TheWiz added a post in a topic NFL.COM Quarter 1 awards - J-No defensive MVP   

    This is why I take everything the national media does with a GRAM of salt. It's basically cut and paste journalism.
    But it tells me that Josh is even better than they're saying. We havent had a decent pass rush this year so far. Josh is killing them with crafty ball skills. He isnt given credit for how smart he is in coverage. 
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  13. TheWiz added a post in a topic Delicious PIE for 4-0!!!   

    Bucs Ala Mode.
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  14. TheWiz added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Get Healthy. We're actually good at WR. Some of us have been calling for Brenton Bersin for a few weeks now.(And I cant be more happier for the guy.) Getting Jericho cotchery back will be huge for this receiving core.
    I really think the moves we need to make are within the team. IE: RB rotation.
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  15. TheWiz added a post in a topic todays practice tweets...Norman not there   

    After viewing Josh Norman's game saving interception, the NFL is investigating the validity of Josh Norman's earth citizenship.
    One contributor reported that "His jumping ability appeared to be very "Plutonian." NFL frowns upon extra-terrestrials displaying native abilities on the field.
    This gives further insight as to why Cam and Josh got into it earlier this year. Interplanetary beef.
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