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    If it aint Sam, dont bring it at all. 
  2. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    Can they do that? Has it ever been done?  I wouldnt fight the tears  
  3. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    Remember that time when the NWO was out there beating up the WCW guys... and Sting showed up with bats... That's how hyped I got reading that TD post.   
  4. Steve Smith...  again..  positioning himself for his next job. Looks like he would do a good job too. 
  5. What position did you play?

    This .... is golden.
  6. What position did you play?

    MLB, DE, Left Guard, Special Teams They never let me touch the ball.... but I got to hit people. 
  7. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    I mean... just give us the rings now. 
  8. It's rare that young people grow up with both parents in the household today... much less being from College Park. Get the feeling that the only thing that strikes fear in the heart of Cam is his Dad... or worse, "Moms." Glad to hear him speak so highly of the Panther's organization. I know he's no longer with us but they should send Marty Hurney a ring for this one. 
  9. Media Fatigue...

    I actually anticipate the media to talk about "Whats wrong with the league."  I dont think I'll know what to do with myself if I can't hold on to my conspiracies. 
  10. Interview with Thieves Avenue

    Who would have thought that we would see Roman Harper as a role model and Steve Smith as a selfish bitter jerk.  Dave Gettleman took this team through the twilight zone and freekin owned it.  Man I love this team. The defense gets to practice against the best scoring offense in the league and this offense gets to practice against the turnover leaders in the league. Winning is inevitable.   
  11. The Josh Norman/ Cam Newton fight. That was a special moment. 
  12. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I dont think most people understand what its like to be someone relatively known. My Pastor was a pretty well known person in the city and the state. Every time we were in a restaurant... you can count on someone coming up to us wanting to speak. He was never rude or dismissive... but after awhile, it really can get old. It makes it hard to enjoy your time with family and friends. We had to be constantly aware of our surroundings and what we were doing, knowing that people were possibly there who knew us that we didnt know. This is a microcosm of what someone like Cam Newton goes through on a daily basis. Dave Chappel once said... "You can never be unfamous." I think the fact that Cam had on a hoodie kind of explains that he didnt want to be bothered. Cam Newton has now reached the Michael Jordan/ Lebron James level of face recognition fame. Most football players don't enjoy the kind of fame that basketball players do because the sport is played covered their face, but Cam has transcended that.  It's sad that your girls had this experience. There are stories out meeting Cam and he was very warm to people. Try not to let it rub you the wrong way. You just might be running into the most popular athlete in the sport, whose preparing for the biggest game of his life. 
  13. Just saw this on the second page... lock and delete please. My bad bros and ladies.  @Jeremy Igo   
  14. Fox Sports interviews the Morenos

    does anyone know what station they will be on? I might just use the radio app on my phone while I'm watching the game....