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  1. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    yep, and if anybody is successfully converting Safeties to LB's, its us. But until he gets that size on him... I think he can make some noise on special teams.
  2. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    We will have best, fastest LB Rotation in the league. I kind of suspected this. This guy kind of reminds me of Shaq with a little more "Thomas Davis" in him. I think it's a better fit for him.
  3. if you look at this footage, OK was up most of this game and it looks like they were trying to prevent the big play... Which is why their corners were playing so far off. The offense was taking what the defense gave them... And a little more.
  4. It may also have to do with how Sanchez is being used. In the Presser, GM said he was looking at him like a Nickle. But I think this goes to show that draft grades are pretty deceiving. A lot has to do with match ups , schemes and coaching. These two guys have great talent... I'm excited to see how they'll be used. Most physically initimidating offense in the league.
  5. Seems like they're already familiar with one another. And one of them got treated like a lil brother.
  6. Draft or Hornets?

    I'm actually going to the Hornets game tonight. Will be watching the game from the stands and watching the draft from my phone. Its a good idea to follow the Huddle on your phone.
  7. Presser at 3pm

    Things I picked up... He's from a small town in Mississippi about 13,000 people. Excited about getting around the other guys on the line to learn from them. Said that he plans to be in "His pocket." (KK Short). Described himself as respectful and easy going. Owns about 30 pair of Jordans. Was a fan of Baltimore Ravens because of Ray Lewis. Was a big fan of his. Could have gone to a few big schools, Mississippi, Ole Miss, but picked LA Tech because he felt like it was where he was supposed to be. They had a SuperBowl party at his church back at home. Seems like a really good, family oriented, kid. But he also has a coolness and a confidence about him too. Kind of has the temperament of Devin Funchess in his interviews... except his slightly more polished in his answers.
  8. Presser at 3pm

    I havent said "goober" in literally 5 years. Might need to dust that one off. Thanks mate.
  9. Current WR's vs Potential Rookies

    I've never said this... like ever..... But I got good feeling about Hill this year. I just saw how young our WR core is... wow. Funchess is 21? He's just going to get better. I dont see us jumping up to get a receiver though. If one falls to us, we'll take one... but with the other needs we have, I'm not sure DG jumps up again for WR. I think he only jumps up for a DB or a lineman.
  10. Trading up with the Titans

    Any idea who we're targeting? Just the best of the four guys you highlighted? Seems like when DG has a first round grade on someone who falls into the second, he's not shy about moving up.
  11. D-line directly effects every single play. 2 seconds after the ball is snapped determines what happens in a play. Depth on the line allows our LB's to fly around. Definitely give credit to DG, but I also wanna give credit to our coaching staff. We have some coaches who really believe in developing the people that we have. Try to remember that it took a few years to develop Josh Norman into the player that we finally saw. We will select a corner... but we draft them in places that we value them. You can coach guys up... but you can't make guys bigger. If you can get a big guy with natural ability, we trust our coaches to prepare them.
  12. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    I've also seen video of him doing the dab. In an interview last night he said that he was pulling for us in the Super Bowl and that he is a big Cam Newton fan. Glad to have somebody here who wants to be a Panther.

    I dont care how this makes me look ... both those are not the Real Power Rangers. They fell from grace after the White Ranger saga
  14. everything is a lie except.... Gettlemagic
  15. It's a ruse guys... nothing here is tamed. I fully expect us to proceed with the annual meltdown.