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  1. TheWiz added a post in a topic todays practice tweets...Norman not there   

    After viewing Josh Norman's game saving interception, the NFL is investigating the validity of Josh Norman's earth citizenship.
    One contributor reported that "His jumping ability appeared to be very "Plutonian." NFL frowns upon extra-terrestrials displaying native abilities on the field.
    This gives further insight as to why Cam and Josh got into it earlier this year. Interplanetary beef.
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  2. TheWiz added a post in a topic Brandt gives Cam some love (some MVP whispers through three games)   

    Too Much positive press. I need My Panthers playing angry with a chip on their shoulder pissed off at the world. 
    People are talking a little TOO good about us... too early.
    I really could careless about Cam in MVP talks. I want us winning. The National media seems to just copy each other. I wouldnt let our guys read anything but bad press. 
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  3. TheWiz added a post in a topic No sign of Luke at practice possibly out until after the Bye   

    AJ Klein has done a great job so far. Good reps for him. We should be fine against TB without Luke.
    If we can go into the bye 4-0, this team is poised to do some damage. The silver lining behind a player getting hurt is that you really increase the reps and experience of the other guys. Good will come of this.
    Last year we battled injury's and we still made the playoffs. We can do the same thing this year.
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  4. TheWiz added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    I was about to say the same thing...... 
    this wreaks of bitchassness
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  5. TheWiz added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    I vow to not give you pie for any post for an entire year for this idiotic post.
    You're an emotional terrorist. And I support bringing back the poo button just for you. If huddle post were equivalent to a woman's beauty, you would be Bruce Jenner. 
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  6. TheWiz added a post in a topic Clausen, Jimmy: A giver; a true rebuild tool   

    Hate? No. 
    Feeling Sorry for him? Absolutely not.
    Does He suck? Like a Vacuum!!
    This is totally Panther related. The Jimmy Clausen- John Fox duo is apart of the dreaded history that marked the need for an overhaul from the top down. It wasnt just the players that made us suffer, poor drafting, & poor management that brought us to that point. 
    It's also relevant because such events may have helped us trade for Jared Allen.
    Byron Bell was a great guy....but I never wanna see him again either. 
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  7. TheWiz added a post in a topic Ron Rivera comments on Jared Allen trade   

    Really not looking for Jared to come in and save our Dline. But our line definitely just got better.  I still see Sean using different packages out there. If we can get Charles Johnson back healthy after a few weeks, we can see this pay dividends by utilizing him for rotational depth. 
    If we can get out of him what we've gotten out of Peanut & Oher, I'll be more than happy.
    Definitely not a complaint... just tempering my expectations.
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  8. TheWiz added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Josh Norman snubbed on NFL top 5 catches
    Josh Norman's literally defied physics. And it was a huge game saving defensive play. He caught the ball, leaping away on his fingertips. That goes down as one of the great INT's I've ever seen.
    Maaaaaaaaybe it was #2... but #5?  GTFOH
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  9. TheWiz added a post in a topic Video of the Cam no-call linked in this thread   

    I'm sure he fell in a manner that was too athletic. Its hard to call because athletic quarterbacks don't seem to be "roughed up" enough to get the call for "roughing the passer." 
    Just wanted to get the BS out of the way before the real conversation began. 
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  10. TheWiz added a post in a topic The Cam Bias- Precedence vs Evidence   

    Someone gave you pie for that. Thanks.  
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  11. TheWiz added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The Cam Bias- Precedence vs Evidence
    1.) Cam talks to Referee early on about using the flag on the other team..... This is player- ref "fratinizing"... meaning that players and refs talk to each other before and after the game
    2.)  2:40 - Cam gets driven into the ground after the ball is released. He believes a flag should've been thrown and gets in the face of the same referee. He obviously said something he shouldn't have said.
    3.) 3:30- Cam goes to the referee and says, "I apologize man. Yes sir. Yes sir. It wont happen again." (Referee said he understand that he was frustrated.)
    4.) 3:40- Cam publically apologizes for statements he made to the referee.
    Whats the point of posting this. Well here's what we see historically:
    Cam not getting the same calls as other quarterbacks. Cam complaining to the referees. But we also see that if Cam is in the wrong about something, he addressed it during the game, and after the game.
    We also see that players/coaches and referees talk throughout the game. They talk before the game and they talk after the game. A lot of people are looking at the game footage to read Ed Hochuli's lips right after the play. This isn't necessarily the footage you need. Cam and Ed may have talked about this play a few times throughout the game.... but whatever he said, it garnered the reaction that Cam gave. Everybody complains to the refs about calls, but what needs not be established is that Cam (like other running QB's) does not get the same calls that other types of QB's get.
    Marshal Faulk, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin were asked to comment on what they thought. Its unfortunate that they got off topic, but Marshal and Deion made great points:
    Rule: Hitting a quarterback after he throws the ball is a penalty (safety concerns)
    Rule: When a quarterback is leaving the pocket, he becomes a ball carrier.
    Rule: Hitting any player late is a personal flag.
    Now there is nothing "biased" about these rules. They seem to be straight forward. But every Panther's fan alive recognizes that Cam gets treated differently on the field and off the field (media). We shouldn't have to provide any evidence for this. What informs our opinion of bias is how the rules are used to benefit one group over another.
    The leagues response was "There's no roughing the passer because the quarterback was out of the pocket."
    I was listening to ESPN on the radio and I've noticed that a lot of journalists want to cast doubt on what Cam is saying. The reason they do this is because it's consistent with the biased narrative of Cam that the national media wants to promulgate. You don't have to believe in the "Black Quarterback Conspiracy" to see that Cam gets treated unfairly. The argument is made that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would have gotten that call... but the fact is that Luke McCown would have gotten that call.
    Cam Newton has been more than a model citizen during his tenure as our QB. There's no reason to bring into question his motives for saying what he said. He's not looking for special treatment. But if you're a QB, you play the game expecting to get the calls QB's get. Cam should play with the confidence and the expectation that he will be protected by the same rules.
    Some are saying that Cam misheard Ed Hochuli. But even if that is the case, it doesn't change the fact that Hochuli chose NOT to throw a flag on a play less athletic quarterbacks get every single time.
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  12. TheWiz added a post in a topic Week 3 WIN against New Orleans - Stats & Analysis   

    Great Company. 1st Ballot Hall of Fame.
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  13. TheWiz added a post in a topic Hochuli told Cam "You're not old enough to get that call"   

    I'm gonna pretend that this isn't about race. But if you're wondering why some people keep playing the race card... its because of how the deck is stacked.
    Suspend and fine Hochuli. He had quite a few horrible calls.... none more blatant than that one.
    Glad to see Cam and the offense stay composed. That non call lit a fire under those fellas.
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  14. TheWiz added a post in a topic I love Gaux Pie!   

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  15. TheWiz added a post in a topic Cam to star in Nickelodeon series   

    Breaking News:
    Cam Newton not smart enough to memorize complex script for adult shows.
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