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  1. ItsPantone278

    "Why would I care?"

    Leach is crazy and puts his foot in his mouth all the time. But if you think this is what will turn people off from him you hardly know the guy!
  2. For as little as RBs command in free agency FBs command a significant amount less. The position is almost non existent on majority of NFL rosters. No way CJ Anderson, a sub 30 player at the top of his game, agreed to play here on a one year deal if that was even remotely a consideration. He will resemble a bell cow for us, and I predict he will do well in our system.
  3. CJ was a 1000 rusher and among the best at blocking from the RB position. He is our best rushing option along side CMC. He won't be relegated to FB. He will carry the ball a lot as well as 35-45 receptions. We will be glad to have him.
  4. He did an interview days ago and we were like the seventh team mentioned. No hate for sharing but I'd say pass. Would rather have Gates to give us the extra push for the super bowl while giving Thomas an extra year to learn from/over take Gates. Olsen Gates with a budding Thomas would be the best TE group in the league. I'm good with Anderson and McCaffrey + CAP or Hood or Barber depending on who we keep.
  5. ItsPantone278

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    The current issue will be more important to some, but it's fair to point out players didn't sit out for a fair CBA.
  6. ItsPantone278

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    Took 4 pages for someone to point this out.
  7. ItsPantone278

    Playoff Thread

    Proof your team is just a LeBron James away from an NBA finals.
  8. ItsPantone278

    Tepper the biggest question unanswered?

    Richardson and Tepper are from different generations. I think that will have an affect on how the two will value character and image differently. I doubt we become a team known for taking chances on guys that fall in the draft due to "off the field issues," but I can certainly see cases where Tep could be less likely to write a guy off before JR would. I think the bigger change would be in the office. Of the few comments he has made to date one of his points have been about gender and race equality. Could we see more women in the front office?
  9. CMCs size will always work for and against him just like anyone else in any sport. The key is the offense as a team being effective. His talent is undeniable. Some people refuse to accept that.
  10. ItsPantone278

    Tepper flew in to meet with players

    This is great news. How many other NFL owners do you think meet with players to discuss this issue?
  11. ItsPantone278

    Curtis Samuel ....

    Wasn't there an article maybe a month or so ago where Samuel said himself that he stopped eating fast food and fried foods and added different things to his daily workouts and a sports message? It would make since that his body would change a bit.
  12. I never win this type of thing so hoping for some good Luke! this time around. Ill be just as happy when he joins the HOF @jvglewis