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  1. ItsPantone278

    The Big Kid

    Apparently his business school buddies called him Tep. I'mma go with Tep for now.
  2. ItsPantone278

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    I'm warming up to Tepper. When you consider who he's replacing it's even easier to get behind him. The guy can be assured big an asshole as he seems to be so long as he's honest, he keeps the team in Charlotte, and we continue to be competitive I'm happy.
  3. ItsPantone278

    Rich Eisen interviews Riverboat Ron

    This is true. Maybe the only thing I miss about DirecTV.
  4. Discount David
  5. I'm gonna be the guy that believes Gaulden is going to be a guy who sticks for this team. I don't know about early season, but I expect this guy to have a role in some capacity and getting a jersey on game days following the bye. I'm going to be that guy who post that every time people say either they didn't like the pick or he's a project or he has a step learning curve.
  6. ItsPantone278

    Samuel full return for training camp?

    You read some of his comments(eating better, adding things like daily massage) sounds like he realized how big the injury was and how hard hed have to work to get back. Dude is so young and still has a great shot at making a name for himself. If he still has that 4.3 speed look out.
  7. ItsPantone278

    James Borrego Is The New Head Coach

    We'll... This isn't his first time coaching the Hornets (New Orleans assistant). His team defensive style is to protect the paint. So you can expect to see a lot of three balls go up against us. He's young (only 41) so you hope he's more adaptive and innovative than being overly convicted and set in old ways.
  8. ItsPantone278

    DJ working out. Lookin good

    By that logic I should be able to run faster than anyone over 160 lbs. I can't tho.
  9. It's a shame, but I get it. All we can do is hope for the best honestly, and I won't lie I was disappointed with the "GM search," but I've (surprisingly) appreciated the job Hurney has done second time around.
  10. I want Navarro to own the team so bad. But I wouldn't put Hurney down. I actually am on board with most of the moves so far. I'm excited about this offense.
  11. ItsPantone278

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    He looks better as a pass catcher than I remembered.
  12. The point that he is smart and well spoken is a great quality for a player that you draft to be a communicator. A team consist of various parts. You need guys who are smart enough to understand the game plan from week to week and well spoken enough to verbally lead the team play to play. The fact that he is versitle and an able willing tackler on top of those traits are the foundation of which they hope to develop. I think he has a chance to be a player.