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  1. Coleman

    You had me right up to the point where you used Madden to legitimize your argument. Actually, saying Boston is the next Ed Reed kinda hurts your credibility. After reading this over again, other than saying "HogFather is the freaking man!!!!!!!" this post is crap.
  2. When I look at that list this is what I see. If one or 2 of these guys don't wind up in IR, then someone REALLY good is going to get cut. Our possible depth at certain positions is scary good. I wouldn't want to be in the coaches shoes trying to make those roster decisions.
  3. KK Short - Vernon Butler - Star Lotulelei - Kony Ealy

    After facing this DL for 3 quarters I can see this conversation in the opposing huddle happening: Rt guard: I'm pulling this play right? Center: how about letting me pull and lead this play I'm getting killed. I'll take my chances with a Lb or a safety. Lt guard: Hell no I'm not going to be left alone in the middle again. I can't feel my legs now. QB: Hey guys you know I just called a pass play, right? Center of OL(in unison): So?
  4. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Would be comparable to Gronk and Hernandez in NE. Although a more sane version. It would be awesome. Along with KB being back and probably adding another WR/RB along the way, this offense will be almost impossible to stop in the red zone. I vote for drafting to 2 Henrys in the first 2 rounds. Although the DE position will be hard to ignore. I'm glad it's DG's decision and not mine.
  5. This will NEVER end up on Sportcenter.

    also banana pudding

    Pound Cake with fresh peaches and whipped cream
  8. Riverboat Ron press conference today

    Fox and Jeff Fisher look like they may be going out on a date later.
  9. The best rock song of all time

    when I was a teen I could stay up all night and listen to these guys.
  10. 3/14 Happy International Pi Day !

    Olivia Munn and pie. God Bless America
  11. To be hoppy or to be too hoppy

    Thought this was going to be a thread about @d-dave avitar.
  12. Delete me

    A man opens his door and finds a snail on his front porch. He picks it up and throws it across the street. A year later the man opens his door and finds the same snail on his front porch. The snail looks up and says, "What the fug was *that* all about?"
  13. This can be corrected with proper healing and rehab. Remember when they said Steph Curry had "glass ankles"?
  14. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    Check out the Clemmons area. Not that far from the store location and a nice place to live.
  15. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    I think it has more to do with the confidence he has in his offensive line. Those guys give him a lot of time back there. And he milks it all he can to give the WR time to get open. Like Scot says this shows how far h's come as a QB. As he refines his game and he gets more weapons around him you will see that it will be more and more difficult to game plan against him. I you play the pass he will run if you play him to run he will find a receiver. Like Cam said, We have not seen anyone that we can compare him to. He's unique.