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  1. This can be corrected with proper healing and rehab.  Remember when they said Steph Curry had "glass ankles"?
  2. Residents of the Winston-Salem area

    Check out the Clemmons area.  Not that far from the store location and a nice place to live.
  3. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    I think it has more to do with the confidence he has in his offensive line.  Those guys give him a lot of time back there.  And he milks it all he can to give the WR time to get open.  Like Scot says this shows how far h's come as a QB.  As he refines his game and he gets more weapons around him you will see that it will be more and more difficult to game plan against him.  I you play the pass he will run if you play him to run he will find a receiver.   Like Cam said, We have not seen anyone that we can compare him to.  He's unique.  
  4. Best Superbowl commercial?

    Does a Creed bomb count if the person that gets bombed doesn't realize it?
  5. Click Your Heels Together 3 Times

    Looks like some medieval torture device.
  6. if you do:    
  7. Breathtaking.

    I bet he has a SB 50 Panthers tat under that shirt. I don't know whether to be embarrassed or happy that we have fans that will put it out there like that, What he lacks in talent he makes up for it with enthusiasm.    RAWR RAWR  
  8. When and Why to make Noise

    Send him your unwashed thong that you were wearing during the game.
  9. You greatly underestimate this group.
  10. Jake Delhomme pounding the Keep Pounding drum today...

    Glad he's doing it this week.  I would have been awkward if he was to do it next week when we play the Cardinals.   BTW Coach Beam should be pounding it next week
  11. Josh Norman Contract

    I think you nailed it.
  12. An image from last time

    Says it all
  13. Tampa Bay could be interested in Shula

    I understand that.  but the FO's lack of commitment to a coaching staff has to be concerning.  Will ANY coach be allowed to implement there philosophy in a reasonable time frame given the impatience of ownership.  The Panthers has shown extreme patience with this coaching staff and look how it has turned out.  Constant change of coaches can't be good for a young team that seems to have a lot of talent.  I would rather go to a team that has shown that they are going to make a commitment to one coach and allow him to mold a team to his style. I guess this situation could be a personality conflict between GM and coach causing them to give Smith the hook,  but this will be the third coach in five years.   If I were Shula I'd take a hard look at the FO track record with coaches and ask myself,"Will they give me enough time to succeed." The positives aren't worth much if the ownership isn't committed to letting the coach fully implement their plan.
  14. Tampa Bay could be interested in Shula

    I hope he's smarter than to go to that dumpster fire of an organization.  TB and Clev should be off limits to any self respecting head coach prospect.  I know that there are only 32 of these jobs available, but I'd almost rather stay a coordinator than to subject myself to the heartache of working for those incompetent FO's.
  15. Would you rather.. 16-0 or screw over the Seahawks?