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  1. Riot Tailgate Parking lot

    I just called a few minutes ago and was told they have a waiting list for Cedar Lot 1 season passes for this year. Let me know if you get any in your meeting Wednesday. Maybe they are holding some for you.
  2. Riot Tailgate Parking lot

    I understand. Thanks for all you do. I just checked out the EZ parking website. It says you can get a season pass in that lot for $300. Are you negotiating a discount or better yet some RR charity benefit from booking a space through you? Otherwise I may contact them directly.
  3. Riot Tailgate Parking lot

    Any news yet?
  4. I did it I bought PSL's

    I didn't know the Panthers had any $1000 PSLs. Did you check out Might be able to get seats a little lower from current PSL owners.
  5. Same deal as Cam but since Kasey is Caucasian it was immediately forgotten about and never brought up again.
  6. Section question

    Right after the game is over they walk through there to cars. That one might be too late for the kids. I have never stuck around but have seen players walking by when I parked over by where the Riot tailgate is.
  7. Section question

    A good place to get autographs is where the road crosses the sidewalk between the north gate and the practice fields. The players park there cars in the lot on the other side of that road. Security will block the sidewalk and stop the crowd when they cross. They let fans line up in the grass next to the fence.
  8. Section question

    The tunnel is on the section 105 side. Not sure what section is best to sit in for player access.
  9. The hat is a classic. He should wear that sucker at games.
  10. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    G-Man got 2 for the price of 1.
  11. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    And just how do you know this "league consensus value"? G-Mans "perceived value" is based on a draft board the Panthers spent a couple of million dollars building. Basically fan and media boards are crap.
  12. He is growing up before our eyes. I said at the time he would learn from it. Looks like he has and i doubt we will ever see that again.
  13. It's really a no lose situation for the club who does this. Non issue if the player gets drafted. If he doesn't the club was one of the first to show interest.
  14. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    I could care less about the pass coverage plays. I want to see Cam break off a run and Josh have to try and tackle him.
  15. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Heard on the radio today we are like 4th in the league in cap space. We are bound to spend some more.