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  1. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Panthers - Patriots: 5 things I am looking for   

    I'm praying that the Panthers come out tonight and set the tone for the season early. I expect the Panthers to try to get the run game going early with Stewart and company and see what can this newly rebuilt offensive line can do. Tonight's game should be showcased as "The Rise of the #1 Receiver", I expect somebody to step up whether it's Funchess or Corey Brown to take on the role as the lead dog in this group tonight. Kelvin Benjamin isn't coming back this season, so expectations should be extremely high for someone to emerge from this group of receivers to showcase their talents against the defending super bowl champs. I expect Cam to make the right reads and deliver the ball on time and stay out of harms way.
    I don't worry as much about the defense as I do with the offense but I am excited to see Shaq Thompson supplement himself into that already stout linebacker corp. I would like to see Kony Ealy build off his performance from last week and last season and get pressure on Brady and company. I'm also really excited to see how good this secondary can really become. I expect Josh Norman to continue to perform well and lock receivers up on the outside and this secondary to be active in the run and pass game tonight. Cheers to our first real test of the season!
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  2. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Philly Brown   

    You definitely would like too see Philly catch more with his hands and get more YAC this season. At the end of the day we need Philly and Funchess to come in and do what we expect them to do. I'm confident that Cam will make the right reads and get them the ball on time. We need Philly and Funchess to stepmup and be gamebreakers for this team with KB out for the season.
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  3. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic That Lineman Sweat....   

    I bet he has a Sony 4k camera!
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  4. Bj-Monster23 added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    My first take
    I don't usually get to post as often as I to use to on here, but hearing about the KB news yesterday really hurt. I really wish Benji a healthy and speedy recovery. It's really sad to see any player that plays in a league like the NFL get hurt, but injuries are definitely apart of the game and it's always next man up. My take on the injury is that it was definitely a huge blow to KB career, and no question it's  definitely a huge blow for our offense. It's hard not to forget that KB posted mind-boggling statistics as a rookie, and now I guess the biggest question that's going to remain throughout the rest of this training camp and preseason is who is going to replace those 9 TD's? How those TD's get replaced I'm not sure. I don't know if we have that guy on this roster to replace that kind of production and I'm not sure if we can match that production by committee. The only thing that is left is that we have to be effective running the ball this season and the defense has to start out hot and fast. Something that a lot of people don't realize is that your defense is your best offense. If we can get our defense playing fast and forcing turnovers early this season we will have a shot at being in every game. I'm also excited to see what Shaq Thompson and what our already improved secondary can really become. We still have issues on the defensive line but getting Star and KK back should help free up one on ones for ends also getting CJ back helps a ton too. So I'm guess what I'm really trying to say is that don't get too down before the season even start. As a fan base we have a lot to look forward to and these players will continue to fight each and everyday and each and every game. One thing that I learned about this team is that they never give up even in our lowest moments, and they have never quit on their coaches and this fan base. Keep Pouding! 
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  5. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice   

    I'm just going to hope and pray that it's not an ACL or any significant injury. 
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  6. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Star carted off practice field with foot wrapped   

    If it's a sprain and depending on how sore it is sometimes.
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  7. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic We signed Aaron Harrison   

    I have to disagree here.
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  8. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Kantor signs max deal with Portland   

    Huge loss for OKC.
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  9. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Aaron Harrison Summer League   

    In a sense teams are looking at it in that way and some are actually looking at talent who they believe can contribute on future rosters. All I'm saying is Aaron Harrison deserves a shot he has the talent to be a pretty good piece.
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  10. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Aaron Harrison Summer League   

    Outside of Troy Daniels he has been the most consistent and productive. You don't think he deserves a backup chance? You sir don't know talent if you see it.
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  11. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    Oher better bring his A+++ game
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  12. Bj-Monster23 added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Aaron Harrison Summer League
    Someone please tell Rich Cho and Jordan to sign Aaron Harrison to a Charlotte Hornets contracts please! The kid has been playing absolutely well this summer league and has really earned his place on the team as a backup PG. I think he has a lot of potential and room to grow with his 6'6 frame. He could potentially be a outstanding player for the Hornets in the future.
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  13. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Back up PG   

    If you believe Kemba is 6'1 you have a problem. Most heights are exaggerated in the NBA. Kemba isn't close to being 6'1 more like 5'10 or maybe 5'11. Chris Paul on the other hand is a legit 6'0.
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  14. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Back up PG   

    Has any of them won anything worth mentioning outside of the dunk contest for Spud Webb. History shows that smaller PG struggle to defend at a high level. This is a PG driven league and we will regret paying Kemba 40 million. Smh
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  15. Bj-Monster23 added a post in a topic Free Agent signings/rumors/post whatever you got thread   

    This can't be real lmao
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