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  1. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    We beat zona last year tho,  But I do see where you are coming from
  2. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    I buy all there Calanders tho  They get hotter every year the only good thing about them cowgirls
  3. Romo

    Romo is a nice guy and I thought that O-Line was the best in the NFL LOL boy was I wrong, I say he played his last snap in BIG - D Dallas wants Johnny Football he's there for the taking, They should of never played him at all once he broke his collarbone the first time fuging idiot ass Jones
  4. Come get your warm Thanksgiving apple PIE!!!

  5. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    But doesn't hardy give up on plays!
  6. Need the Huddle's help to get to SB50

    Voted Keep Pounding
  7. Vegas.....

    Last Time I did they lost. Never Again
  8. Conor Orr...

    Hes a clown
  9. Vegas.....

    I'm heading to las wages aka las vegas this weekend to scope out canello vs cotto Plus betting on the 49ers at 13+ cause why not, Hopefully I see some panthers fan down there,  #KeepPounding NO I DONT BET ON MY TEAM BAD JUJU 
  10. Photoshop Request: Explosion behind the Panthers Captains

    Very Fappable
  11. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    The titans has a good team coming along don't get me wrong BUT THERE CHEERLEADERS ARE DAYUMMMMMMMMMMMM 
  12. Here to eat crow

    Without Jordy yeah your team is garbage My best friend is a packers fan so I give him poo all the time for this lol