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  1. Dwight Howard

    I agree. We are the type of team that would allow Howard to be good again. He won't have the expectations and scrutiny he has had in LA or Houston and the offense here will be built around him(1 in 4 out that we already run). That all being said not sure it gets done though. We would likely have to lose Lee, Marvin, Lin and Al to keep Batum and bring in Howard, then our bench would be terrible again. Team would look something like Kemba/? Batum/Lamb MKG/? Frank/? Howard/Cody/Hawes And that is a lot of questions to have to fill when the team would be cap strapped with only one late first round pick.
  2. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    I am by no means knocking the pick because I think the kid is going to be a good player but it does make me worry that Gettleman doesn't think he can get either Short or Star to resign long term so he is hedging his bet now. Also is Butler more of a 3 tech like Short or is he more like Star? Size wise he seems like Star but based on his highlights he looks like Short, just wondering how he projects.
  3. Curry has Grade 1 MCL strain..

    If the Warriors don't win the championship this year injury or not it will be a huge invalidation of their entire season in a lot of people's eyes. I really hope Curry comes back healthy soon.
  4. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    Most people here and around the league thought us getting Lance was a huge steal. It turned out to be a terrible deal but Cho moved on from it quickly, he didn't let his pride stand in the way of making the right move for the team.
  5. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    Again I admit his draft record is bad but even given that we still have a playoff team who could have easily been the three seed. Now if we get blownout the next two games on the way to another playoff sweep then maybe he needs to go but if the team makes this a series then he should stay.
  6. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    I think Cho is a fine GM in every aspect expect for the draft. And if I'm being honest he seems to be abysmal at drafting(some of that is likely MJs fault). However it should be something that is fixable with better talent evaluators around him. But even given his terrible draft record he has done a very good job building this years team. He got batum for what appears to be norhing, same with courtney lee. Lin was a great addition in free agency and lamb has shown flashes. The team has tons of cap space moving forward to either resign people we have or go out and get someone else. We may not be a title contender but we aren't stuck being a perennial 8-9 seed or worse like years past. Just imagine we could be Brooklyn or the laughable mess that is Philadelphia. So before you run Cho out on a rail consider we are in the playoffs, we have an amazing home court advantage and our core is still young. I will grant you the two playoff losses thus far have been bad but any real NBA fan know a series doesn't really start until the home team loses a game. If the Hornets win the next two (very likely given how great we've been at home this year) we will be right back in the series.
  7. Wide Receiver Debate

    If we pick up a pass catching prospect in the draft they need to either be 1) a versatile TE to backup and eventually replace Olsen or 2) a shifty speed demon who can return punts and blow the top off defenses(basically a young Ginn).
  8. Alshon while a very good player isn't what the Panthers need at all. We need another TE who can catch and block. Not sure who will be available in free agency but if anyone good is out there I hope that's where we make a "splash" signing.
  9. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    Hawes, Al and next year's unprotected first should get the deal done, but Howard would have to sign an extension or at least excersize his option for next year before we would do that I assume. I doubt Houston gets a better offer than that and with Howard allegedly wanting to come here I see no issue with him at least staying one more season.
  10. We traded for Courtney Lee and poo

    Is he available? He'd be an ok emergency point.
  11. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    What would we have to give up for Howard? Would Al, Hawes and a completely unprotected first rounder next year be enough? Could we get by with just this year's pick unprotected? I'd rather the team didn't give up Frank, Zeller or the flexibility of Marvin's expiring but not sure what Houston wants for him.
  12. We traded for Courtney Lee and poo

    At this point in their careers Lee is better than PJ and will help us right now. Losing a solid emergency pg like Roberts sucks and we will have to sign someone to fill that void. All in all not a bad trade. If we manage to somehow get Howard the deal will look better. Kemba, Lee, Batum, Williams and Howard is a good starting 5.
  13. Not saying it will or should happen but would anyone be ok with using the extra cap space to sign Von Miller once he gets franchise tagged. We would have to pay him 100+ million and give up 2 firsts but he is a fantastic pass rusher and I'm sure Ron and McDermot would use him to his fullest potential. We would have to cut CJ and Allen, and put off KK and Star extensions for one more year but we'd be able to tag Norman and sign rookies at least.
  14. Hornets interested in Dwight!!!

    Dwight would make us better than he would make Miami. We have the perfect team to plug Dwight into. A pick and roll pg with lots of three point shooting. He would basically be Whiteside in Miami only older, it would be a truly neutral move for them.
  15. Absolutely not. There is no guarantee Howard would take an extension here so giving up a piece(injured as he is) for a rental is ridiculous. If we want Howard just wait till the offseason. Or offer Marvin, Al and a top 8 or so protected 1st(no idea if Houston makes that deal but if they want him gone it's possible they take it, 20 million in expiring contracts and a 1st is OK value for a rental of Howard). If he leaves we don't lose all that much and if he stays maybe he can figure out how to be dominant again. Going into next year with Kemba, MKG, Batum, Frank and Howard is a decent starting 5 and with Lin, Lamb, PJ, Zeller and Hawes the bench is passable. That team if healthy is a 5-6 seed with upside I think.