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  1. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    The offense looked dead in the 4th. Every single jumper was coming up short or what just way off target. Not sure if the guys were tired or what but they let that game get away when they should have won it.   Also Lebron should have gotten a technical foul for bitching out the ref after the possession review. It is shameful he can talk like that to an official and get a pass.
  2. Ok that makes me feel better, not sure how I completely forgot Velaaco existed, shame on me.
  3. Are we only taking 7 olineman to the game? That seems like a low number. Hopefully it won't be an issue but I am a bit worried.
  4. Is Gano kicking into the wind? Is that why that kick sucked so hard?
  5. I find it a bit worrisome we are just as likely to go 3 and out as we are to score a touchdown, we really need to bring that 3 and out percentage down particular as the season drags on and our defense gets more and more beat up.
  6. Peyton's records will be short-lived

    My main takaway from the comparison in the op was how many turnovers Cam has had in just three playoff games. If this team is legitimately going to compete for the Superbowl this year Cam is going to play much better than he has in his first three career playoff games. 
  7. Hornets vs Knicks

    Kemba to me is a guy who would be best suited as a 6th man instant offense guy that comes off the bench for a really good team. A guy along the lines of Jason Terry, Mo Williams or even Jamaal Crawford. I don't think he can ever be that for this team but if we could find some way to trade him it might be best for all parties. As for Al I never liked the pick up and still hate him being here. He is by no means a terrible player but his game belongs to a NBA that doesn't exist anymore and trying to make it work just makes us worse as a team. However, I will give him props for a couple really good passes last night as people cut to the basket. If the team can continue doing that and Al can become even remotely decent defensively the team might just do something this season.
  8. Aaron Rodgers

    On some level he is pretty much the anti Favre, Favre didn't give a crap about stats he just wanted to win and would gun it into windows so tiny they might as well be a wall. Neither qb was perfect but the packers are damn lucky to have had both of them.
  9. What about Bene?

    Bene is not quick enough to play nickel corner. He is really built to play outside but we have Tilman and Norman outside so Bene is forced to play out of position. 
  10. Peyton throwing a pick there was so Peyton. 
  11. LOL @ the Falcons/Saints

    Gabbert just beat the Falcons.... LOL
  12. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Why the hell does Peppers hate us so much? I mean we tried to pay him and keep him and he chose to leave so why is he the one who is mad?
  13. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Ok I thought it was 25 not 24 I saw, panic attack avoided.
  14. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Was Norman on the field when we got that sack? I didn't see him on the field and now I am worried.
  15. Hornets at Hawks

    Truth is that Cliff has been a terrible defensive coach ever since he has been here. MKG and Biyombo made the stats look much better than they had any right to. Plus we don't usually turn the ball over a ton which helps limit fast breaks.