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  1. Lame list is lame. I suppose his objective was reached. We all clicked the link for this garbage. This article sucks. Hardy at 4 and the writer says that he should be #1. LOL. Murder and purposely trying to end others seasons and careers is better? Hardy was wrong, but he is not Satan's child. The media really spun the crap out of the entire Hardy incident for ratings. What Ray Rice did was way worse. He is suspiciously missing from the list. Why? Their is video of him knocking a woman out cold on video and him dragging her by her hair out of an elevator. Yet Hardy is worse. LOL. Also, Cam belongs no where near this list. What has he done that is so awful. This list should be for people who have broken the law and killed or hurt or attempled to injure other people. I am speaking to you Donte Stallworth who killed a man while driving drunk and Burfict, who is without a doubt the dirties piece of garbage in the NFL. Rae Carruth convicted for having his pregnant girlfriend killed also belongs on this list well before someone like Cam Newton.
  2. Why is it different for him?

    My gut instinct is that they are messing with the pit bull and its about to bite. I believe that there is a good chance that the Panthers embarrass the Broncos on national tv in the first game of the year and show that the Super Bowl was a fluke. We all know who the better team really was/is. Panthers by 2 touchdowns.
  3. Sign me up. We need to make out offense more dangerous. That is why we lost the Super Bowl. Weapons, weapons and more weapons is what we need right now.
  4. I never thought that I would read an entire thread of nudes without the benefits of actual nudes. That was/is entertaining. Well done Cookie.
  5. Bryce Harper - Cam Fan

    Honestly I have always like Bryce and how he plays the game. I like his passion for the game. I am an Angels fan and a huge Trout fan. They definitely have much different personalities but they are both tremendously talented ball players. I am excited for the next 10 plus years and what those 2 dudes are going to be doing to ML pitiching. Its also very cool that Bryce relates to Cam's style.
  6. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    In no particular order, I love all my teams. However, if I could pick one team to win a championship it would be the Panthers because they are the only one of my favs that have not won a title yet. Carolina Panthers Los Angeles Lakers (16 titles in their history. Most recently 2009 and 2010) California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2002 world series champs) Los Angeles Kings (2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup winners) UCLA and University of Southern California (like them both, they have both won titles, UCLA in basketball numerous times, most recently 1995 and USC in football numerous times, most recently 2003 and 2004) I have scrubs that I wear to work for all of these teams. My wife surprised me last month with Panthers scrubs :)
  7. Today's Ron Rivera presser

    Yep, I deleted that garbage off of my DVR. No need to watch that. Why would anyone besides the Broncos fans, coaches and players ever wanna see that display of ......................... ever again.
  8. Another reason to like Greg Olsen...

    Love it. Great sense of humor by Greg. He is just having fun at the expense of a poor Seahawks fan. But seriously who does that? Would I ever go up to Russell Wilson and have him sign a Panthers jersey? Nope.
  9. If the league does this, then we all know why the officiating was the way it was in the super bowl. They definitely dont like us. That would be ridiculous. Not that we could not beat all 3 though. Just a ridiculously tough start to the season while we are still warming up and getting our groove on. I think Denver and Seattle would be on the road and Arizona at home?
  10. Pretty spot on. I agree with this As we all now know Allen is gone. Reworking Johnson's contract is a no-brainer. That being said, it needs to be at a much better cost or we would be best moving on altogether.
  11. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Since DE is one of out 2 biggest needs in this draft imo. Heck yeah. He definitely passes the eye test and could be a perfect pick who can contribute pretty quickly too.
  12. Josh Norman's BTS SB50

    Hoping that G-man finds a way to sign this man for 4 years
  13. Unfortunately this type of move rarely happens for us. I would love to see him on the team. He is a heck of a talent and I believe he would fit in very well. Lets see what happens. Not a lock though. Man I wish it was. The one good thing is that we have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ lots of it to spend this off season. We have to see how DG budgets it. We have key players to sign like Short and Star and Josh. Hope your right, but don't expect it to work out that way.
  14. The last 10 years of Superbowl Losers

    Stats mean nothing. If all 10 went on to win the Super Bowl the next year it wouldn't matter. Its about the 2016-17 Carolina Panthers. What are they going to do? Those other 10 teams and what they did are 100% irrelevant to what we do. If we win it all or not those other teams had no effect on our final outcome. The goal is to win the Lombardi. If we had just won the past 3 Super Bowls, it would be the same goal, to lift the Lombardi February of 2017. That is all the boys are thinking about. Winning the big game. They have the motivation. They have the talent and they are the dominant team in the NFC South so they have a great chance to make another post season appearance which gives them another chance at it next season if they win their division once again. Which is what I fully expect, unless crazy stuff happens ala injuries to key players. Keep pounding all offseason fellows. Work hard and get ready for another run. IMHO you were the best team this year, and picked a bad game to have a bad game. You can be the best next year as well but with the trophy as evidence.