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  1. This would never happen in Charlotte imho.  Idiots.  What right do they have to destroy others property?  Grow up.  Some of them will post on articles about Cam's immaturity.  Go figure.
  2. Here's a question to Cam at the post game press conference.   What’s your message to Panthers fans?“We’ll be back.” Do you agree?  Comments?
  3. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    19-0 next year.   Could it be?
  4. Cam is human with human emotions.  Whats so hard to understand about that.  I would be bummed too if I had just come 1 game from winning the super bowl.  The journey is long and hard and there is no guarantees that anyone ever gets back.  
  5. Agreed that is a poo question.  Cam should never take another question from whoever asked that.  Disgusting.  Not everything has to be about race.  
  6. Racist peice of poo

    The fact that many on here are questioning the use of the word boy is exactly why you shouldnt use it.  It leaves too much open for interpretation.  Nobody knows his intent for sure.  I would never call a grown man a boy, because its disrespectful.  The guy is a tool.  
  7. Racist peice of poo

    Cam has a twitter account.  Why not man up and send him that message directly instead of through the webs?  
  8. No I dont think so.   I think our record might have been better than we were.  We were really good though and nothing to be ashamed of.   Next years team is going to have a chip on its shoulder , so look out NFL.   The Panthers were introduced this year.  Next year they are going to really get to know us.  
  9. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Bad game by our QB but i am still glad hes our qb and love him.  Keep pounding Cam.
  10. This loss was a team affair and a NFL officiating one too.  LOL  It wasn't any one players fault.  They all made mistakes.  Cam was bad, Shula and Rivera were bad, special teams were not too special, receivers stunk, running game wasnt that good.  
  11. you guys suck.

    No ones heads need to roll.  We just got to figure it out and get better.  We are very close.  Next year we can have our first back to back winning seasons in history.  I believe it will happen.   I believe we will get another shot to get back to the big game.  We will be better.  Our coaches called a miserable game.  Lets hope they get better too.  
  12. Yep thats what we all saw.  So much for half time adjustments.  Coaches pooed the bed.   They should be embarrassed.  They really let the team and the fans down.   I am talking to you Rivera and Shula.  SMH.
  13. That image of Josh Norman crying

    He gave his heart and body to this team this year.  I love Josh.  I hope that he comes back.  I want to see him on the podium when we finally get over that hump.  Its coming.  Cam will lead us to a Super Bowl win.  I have said it since his rookie year.  I will never stop believing.  Josh, we love your intensity.  You are a great player.  Come back next season and lets win it this time.  Gett find a way to sign that man.
  14. True Story.  10/10.  Cam was set up to fail with that miserable game plan of wasting a down on every single series.  They tied his hands.  If we had gone no huddle I guarantee you that we would have won that game.  Their defense can also rush the passer so many times in a short period of time without getting winded.  We would have won.
  15. Kony Ealy

    I am happy for Ealy and his family.  I remember the story of his family situation and his little sister.  Guy is a great person and he really played outstanding in the post season.  He was our MVP if we won that game.  We have found our replacement for Hardy but a much better human.  Keep pounding team.