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  1. Something Understated

    3 more games. Get it Byrd!!! So the remaining games will be critical for relationship building.
  2. Damiere Byrd went 5 for 5 on target/catches. I know 37 yds but he did have a 21 yd long play which is considered an explosive play. You may laugh at those 37 yds but the 5 for 5 is huge. Why? Byrd is playing and getting acquainted with Cam is really big. Chemistry, connection cannot be overstated. Yards be damn but 100% catch rate is great in my book. Reliable target with potential burning speed. This is a strong foundation imo. Whether is is a short quick hit or a developing deep play, we need Cam comfortble with another WR. Shep is not going to be it as thought of. Sunshine is a clutch chain mover but we need another option but with speed. Byrd could/can be it. Byrd's growth is most important. I hope it continues. Thoughts?
  3. 57 yards passing.

    Damiere Byrd went 5 for 5 on target/catches. I know 37 yds but he did have 21 yd long which is considered an explosive play.
  4. Holy poo did we finally beat the Vikes!!! We never beat them!
  5. Saints go ahead and end our misery. Thnx
  6. Fuuuuuck yeah reverse jinx
  7. Alright back to Christmas decorating. Wife just got her wish.
  8. Classy....

    Once a sh!thole, always a sh!thole
  9. Panthers believe it is better give than to receive. Time to give Brees the ol' Cox.
  10. Saints have had great CBs but they cannot catch a break on health.