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  1. I say succes is success no matter what philosophical approach is taken as long as works for your team.
  2. 2018 WRs/TEs

  3. 1st 8 games avg: 2.39 yds Last 8 games avg: 4.68 yds 95.8% increase in yds per carry basically doubling his output per touch. Factors for improvement: More comfortable behind our Oline Oline gelled Oline schemes simplified more R Kalil back Increased carries More wideout speed before injuries Our Offense is predicated on speed wideouts to keep the opponent's safety out of the box, KB had to go as DF was essentially a duplicate with better atheletism. Recommendations: Restructure JStew to minimize cap hit. He still has thread on the tires as he averages 170 carries a year. For comparison AD 240/yr for career. If not cut him. Draft in the First Billy Price G/C Draft in the Second James Washington WR Draft in the Third Hayden Hurst TE Draft in the Third Nick Chubb RB
  4. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Brady 0 - 3 against NFC East in SB
  5. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    To save everone from watching a horrible SB. Eagles are going to win, NE will not be able to answer like last year. NE is weaker and just yeah Eagles defense is way better plue their RB stable is best in the NFL with 3 quality backs.
  6. Ryan Kalil To Retire in 2018

    The word that comes to mind
  7. Draft Kirk or FA Wallace, Moncrief, Brown
  8. Backend of the 1st rd with the 24th pick. If he can stretch the field from the outside or deep post like Ginn then Curtis can be freed up in the slot. This would really help the run game out. Healthy Funchess, Kirk, Healthy Curtis and Healthy Byrd can do some damage through the air. I just do not see a route in FA with our little salary cap. I like Moncrief as a TD machine. Most of the FA WR will command a minimum of 5 Mill to 8 Mill. This offseason has more ? than answers.
  9. Kirk got wheels Byrd and Samuel have track speed, Kirk got that football speed. Funchess - Kirk - Samuel - Byrd (resign) - Bersin (Resign and Respect the Sunshine) I will replace my Maurice Hurst Jr pick with Kirk. I was on the fence but man Cam would go ham with that WR core. Draft Time: 1st Kirk WR 2nd Wynn G/C 3rd Hayden Hurst TE 3rd Kyzir White S Resign JP, Norwell Sign Kyle Williams Cut Fozzy, Shepard, CJ Restructure JStew (refuses cut him) DE: Addison, Horton, JP, Hall, Obada (future pass rush specialist) DT: KK, Butler, Love, K Williams LT: M Kalil RT: Daryl Williams (extend him if possible) T: Moton LG: Norwell RG: Turner G: Larsen (resign), Van Roten (resign) C: R Kalil, Wynn
  10. Some blocked each other.........
  11. CPK does not know football well does he.
  12. To finally have a competent OC is going to be great! To have schemes that Oline and Rbs can get at the same time.