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  1. Ask yourself this question: How many of Andy Reid's offensive disciples have succeeded elsewhere? Answer: 1. Doug Pederson - and that's still debatable in many circles. Honestly, if EB was so promising, why hasn't he had the chance to call some plays in KC? There have been plenty of blowouts where Andy could easily have handed that off. EB is one red flag after another.
  2. Richardson has some significant mechanical concerns around his footwork. It shows up in his accuracy numbers. Those are major red flags for Reich, he clearly wants someone who can win from the pocket and values accuracy very highly. If I were Richardson's agent, I'd advise him to stay in school another year and put heavy emphasis on fixing his mechanical issues. He's going to bust in the NFL if he can't get his accuracy right, and it's all tied to his footwork.
  3. College tape is irrelevant. Zak Wilson had great college tape. Kyle Trask had great college tape. Etc. I'm sure Corral will get his chance, but I'll be shocked if he ends up starting next September. I certainly wouldn't stake my season on Matt Corral as QB1 were I the head coach or GM.
  4. Thus is ever the fare of those who come first. Magellan was ridiculed because the world was flat. Carl Benz for his automobile patent. Etc. Likewise the establishment is often only interested in seeing the status quo maintained. At times, this is simply prudence. At others, obstructionism. It's the purview of everyone to think for themselves and establish which is which. /soapbox off Cam was a trailblazer who should have been protected and celebrated. It sucks for Panthers nation that he was not. But it has given us Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, etc. I enjoy watching them play. It simply came a little too late for Cam.
  5. Cam's "problem" in the NFL had nothing to do with his abilities, but the abilities of the OC we had for most of his career. If Norv Turner had followed Rob Chudzinski instead of Mike Shula it is very possible that we have multiple SB appearances and Cam might still be healthy. Even with a very injured and depleted Cam, you could see what Norv did for his game. He made Cam a better passer and student of the game.
  6. Assuming Washington cuts him, it's possible. He has no guaranteed money that WTF would have to deal with, so given how his year went, I wouldn't be surprised if he was cut. We've all seen how critical system is to the QB. Maybe Reich just has a system that works for Wentz. As long as it's cheap, with little to no guaranteed money, I don't really care.
  7. Wilks is a good guy. A good story. A guy you can root for. But philosophically, he's not the guy we need to compete in the NFL today. Wilks would make a great college coach at the mid-major level. If he isn't retained, I'll certainly root for him. For the Carolina Panthers however, I'm happy to see we are setting our sights higher. Even if we miss, we are trying.
  8. No one is celebrating mediocrity. However, turning a mediocre team around is a lot easier than fixing what's become an established level of awful at places like Cleveland and Houston.
  9. Disagree. We are mediocre. Far from a bottom feeder. Here's stats since 2000:
  10. No. As good as Burrow is, still, no. If you had an extremely talented GM, you might be able to do that trade and still be competitive before Burrow's rookie deal ran out. However, if you had an extremely talented GM he would negotiate a better deal from the start.
  11. How much does it suck to be the Browns, paying Watson all that guaranteed money only to have the second best QB in the division.
  12. Exactly. Burrow + Chase is nearly a cheat code. And then Mixon. And then Higgins. Etc.
  13. Congrats to Bozeman, and can we please just get him signed already?
  14. I like Kafka, I don't love him. He clearly has made an impact there, but we're still only talking about an average scoring offense in the Giants. Only four spots ahead of the Panthers offense this year.
  15. I like Tabor as well. Seems to have really good energy and connection with the players. Our ST were quite good this year. Pinero was the second best kicker by percentage this year among kickers with more than 20 kicks.
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