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  1. While I agree that wins are the stat that matters, some general tendencies of top tier QB's are: 65% completion rate 2:1 TD to INT 2 TD / game 8+ IAY/PA None of those stats are definitive, but they can be indicative.
  2. Did he seriously accuse us of having an offensive line? I mean . . . I guess if you exclude LT from your offensive line we might have made it up to "average" last year. Who needs a LT anyway.
  3. Oh, like this guy? (I couldn't help myself)
  4. Watch the tape man. His arm is GONE. You can debate the "why's" of that fact, you can play the blame game for it, but you can't deny it. We saw the best years of his career here in Carolina.
  5. So . . . if he's (your words) middle of the road in a group of NFL QB's for arm strength . . . isn't that exactly the mathematical definition of average? HE HAS AN AVERAGE ARM. That doesn't mean he can't do all those things you said! It just means that in a group of NFL QB's he isn't at the top or bottom. He's in the middle. He's average! He's not Mahomes, he's not Bridgewater, he's in the middle.
  6. I think you don't understand what average means. These current QB's have better arms than Sam Darnold: Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Kyler Murray Baker Mayfield Matt Stafford Aaron Rodgers Justin Herbert Ben Roethlisberger Patrick Mahomes Joe Flacco I've probably left out a couple, that's just off the top of my head. Thus, with 30 teams, if you don't have one of the top 10 arms, you are . . . you guessed it . . . AVERAGE. With Zach Wilson and Trey Lance coming, there are two more guys with better arms than Sam Darnold. He's our QB now. I hope he succeeds, as
  7. So in his pro day, we see a guy with an average NFL starter arm. Not great. Average. Today? He's a starter with an average arm. In his pro day, we see questionable accuracy. And here we are today, looking at a guy who is under 60% accuracy for his career. I know, some of you don't like completion percentage. So for that crew, we have here a guy who has nearly one out of five passes considered "bad throws". In his college career, we see a guy with great concerns around turning the ball over. In his NFL career, we see a guy who has made a career of handing the ball over t
  8. There's a deep, secret part of me that hopes this is exactly what happens so that we can try to draft a QB next year. I'm not proud of it.
  9. You can't pay two franchise tackles, it just doesn't work that way. If, as it seems, our intent is to pay Moton then we can't bring in a veteran franchise level bookend. We need to find that guy in the draft. Preferably in the first round, so you get five years to wind down Moton's contract before you pay new guy.
  10. If something strange happens in the draft and one of the top four is still available, you take the QB. If the draft falls as most expect it to, then you BPA. We have so many needs that no matter who he is, the BPA will help us get better.
  11. To be fair, you need to separate Rhule as a front office influencer / participant and Rhule as a coach. As a coach, I doubt ANYONE could have predicted the level of competence and fight our team showed last year. We were not an embarrassment. We were not an easy out (for the majority of games). As a coach, for a first year in the NFL, with an unproven staff and NO offseason, Rhule showed a lot of promise. Now, as a front office participant, I do agree. We've been very hit and miss during the Rhule era. Robby was great. Teddy, not so much. Rasul Douglas, pretty good. Tahir Whi
  12. That's nowhere near what it would cost to move to 5. Just to get close to moving with Cincy, we'd need to offer our 1st and 2nd this year. Going off strict value we might get a 3rd or 4th back from Cincy, but because other teams will be calling Cincy and because the pick is a QB, in your scenario we'll probably have to offer 1 & 2 and get nothing else or perhaps offer future considerations. I am not advocating for this scenario. Just saying that in presenting scenarios we need to be realistic.
  13. No. Nothing like that. Brees was considered a good QB in San Diego. He took an injury to his throwing shoulder and was given VERY low chances of ever coming back. San Diego *also* had a known, valuable commodity in Phillip Rivers sitting on their bench. This situation is nothing like.
  14. And yet we are here evaluating Teddy on those qualities every day. Someone please tell me what traits Jones has that Teddy does not. Arm talent is a relative wash. I might give Mac the nod in arm strength, but it ain't by much. So, once you set aside arm talent, what can Mac Jones do that Teddy cannot physically? Yea, exactly. Above the shoulders . . . Teddy is smart. Processes quickly. And checks it down. Mac might try to push downfield, but with his arm talent NFL defenses will be all over him. I just don't see enough difference between Mac Jones and TB5 to warrant a d
  15. When healthy, the dude is a high end starter. Not elite, but high end. That's worth something. However, every other team can read the writing. JimmyG only has 2.8 million in dead cap, but 24 million in salary. The construction of that contract was genius. They own him for the next two years . . . if they want him. If not, he can be cut with basically zero consequences. Unfortunately, for us to trade for him, Teddy has to be part of the deal. Thus, Teddy + a first for JimmyG is probably about right. No, JimmyG alone isn't worth it, but to the Panthers, that's not the deal. If
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