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  1. I am cautiously optimistic for our offense this year. It all rides on Darnold. We have weapons all over the field, we just need to put the ball in their hands and let them do their thing.
  2. I'm shocked that we as Panthers fans haven't yet realized that our head coach is NOT an open book any longer. Rhule is far, far better at coach speak than any of our prior HC's. He will absolutely tell you with a straight face how excited he is about _______________ only to cut / trade him two days later. He'll reveal literally nothing of consequence. Thank goodness. We've need a guy who can actually play the coach game for a long time. We simply need to learn that he's doing it, so we can believe only what we see.
  3. I disagree. Bradberry shut down Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, etc more than often enough to earn the tag "shut down". Gamble certainly had the best PANTHERS career (as a whole career) of any CB who has ever played here. Some folks might want to argue for Eric Davis, and he's another good shout but I think Gamble's body of work with the Panthers was better. All that said, Josh Norman's 2015 dwarfed any season Gamble ever played. In that year, anyone who tries to argue that JNo was anything less than a shutdown corner has an agenda. He was amazing. Not every corner
  4. I definitely began last season as a Snow doubter. He did more than enough to earn my support. Our defense went from 31st to 18th in an offseason where he began not having met any of his players, COVID hits and he doesn't get to have a real offseason with them. Our HoF MLB retires leaving the defense without it's QB. Our shutdown corner leaves via FA. Basically, our best two players from the 31st ranked defense walked out the door. And we still improved to 18th? Not only that, we were in 8 games decided by one score, in which our offense had the ball at the end with a chance
  5. I am pretty optimistic about our defense. We went from 31st in 2019 to 18th in 2020. Effectively, the defense is already "average". And we *clearly* got better. My questions all center around who is in the middle of it all. If Perryman can just not be Tahir Whitehead we'll be a LOT better. We got gashed over and over in the run game because Whitehead was just awful. Stopping the run shorter will make distances longer, make the QB hold the ball a little longer. Better coverage on the back end will make the QB hold the ball a little longer. And after watching our line last year
  6. I don't think I agree. Obviously you need blocking, but does it really make THAT much difference across the league? How many kicks are actually BLOCKED every year? Not too many, which tells me that blocking isn't all that different from the best ST units in the league to the worst. Likewise tackling / gunning. How many kicks are run back for touchdowns every year? Again, top to bottom, not much difference between the units. I do agree, good ST coaches can make a difference. Chase Blackburn certainly did when he came in and took over. Nevertheless, your biggest determin
  7. I cannot forsee us going in to the season with the guy who was statistically speaking in the bottom third of the league in FG% last year. That just screams awful to me. Bonkers. Slye wasn't even "the best of the rest". You gotta try to get better.
  8. I find Spotrac a bit easier to sift through. Might just be me.
  9. Yea, that's really kinda the point right? Now, to be fair, Herbert is a rookie, and the rings are still there for him. Tannehill was part of a dysfunctional organization and under the tutelage of Adam Gase, and just recently started showing us that he could be "the guy". Frankly, Tannehill is the guy we hope Darnold emulates. Cousins just keeps getting punted around, but those numbers are enough. Everyone keeps trying to temper / lower expectations with Darnold and I'm not aboard that train. We should expect him to show up as a good to great QB. Or a terrible one. Anything in betwe
  10. Actually, in light of a 17 game season, I'd like to see a little more than that. Maybe 30-33 TD's, 14-15 INT's. For reference, Kirk Cousins went 35-13 TD/INT last year in 16 games. Justin Herbert was 31-10. Tannehill 33-7. Those are "good" QB numbers. Probably not top 10, but you can win rings with those guys. That should be the expectation floor for Darnold. Anything less is not the guy who will bring us a trophy.
  11. But not because of our offense! We were looking like a top pick because our defense in 2019 was historically bad and old! We lost our best DB to free agency and our HoF MLB retired. We were a middle of the pack offense in 2019. Everyone thought that with the pieces we had, with Joe Brady at the controls and TB5 upgrading what we saw from Kyle Allen we'd be a better offense. We were slightly worse. All because TB5 was anti-clutch. Again, what specific things on our offense grade out as below average? The only one I can come up with is the TE room, and that may be underselling t
  12. I like your positivity man. I really, really hope you're right. If Sam turns into a franchise QB this offseason will likely go down in history as our turning point. And Fitts will be a savant.
  13. How did they exceed expectations? They regressed! In 2019 we ranked 19th in total yards, and 20th in total points. In 2020, we ranked 22nd in total yards and 24th in total points! To me, we *massively* underachieved on offense. Remember, 2019 was Kyle Allen at QB. I hate to say it, but I think we would have won more games last year with KA under center. I'm so tired of the excuses man. We have "offensive guru" Joe Brady running the show here. We have amazing talent at all the the skill positions except TE - which may not even matter in this offense. We have a line that grades
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