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  1. Actually, he didn't throw any real deep balls in his pro day. I think the longest I remember seeing was about 45 yards in the air. Not sure how we could see Stroud, Richardson and Levis in the same week we saw Bryce and conclude that his arm was anything but the 4th best in the class.
  2. Not exactly. They show that Jones was making the most of the opportunities he had. I was never a fan of his, but I think that the talent level in NE last year is somehow escaping the massive negative attention it should have received. That team was terrible - especially the talent and coaching on offense - and everyone was still afraid of the wrath of hoodie. He'll have a chance to restart his career at some point. He was a middle of the pack QB as a rookie. Plenty of teams out there would love to make it up to middle of the pack at QB.
  3. Actually, it does. This graph shows yards missed when pressured and yards missed when not pressured. As you can see here, under no pressure, Bryce left 600 yards on the field. Under pressure, he left just short of 400 yards on the field. Yes, Josh Allen was also out there with missed chances. However, Josh Allen had 4300+ yards passing last year. I suspect no one would be all that concerned about BY if he had anywhere near 4000 last year.
  4. I didn't see this posted here, apologies if I missed it. I just saw this breakdown today, it really shows just why this guy is someone we want around.
  5. Just watched his interview. Man, all I can say is "pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood".
  6. I'm sorry, what? Much smaller? At draft, DK Metcalf was 6' 3", 228. XL is 6' 1", 221. The both ran 4.3 40's. Both had a 40" vertical jump. Both had a combined next gen score of 79. If you read their draft profiles, they have a lot of the same strengths and weaknesses. How much closer could they be and not be the exact same player? Of course I'm not saying that XL is the next DK Metcalf. Only production and performance can determine that. But as prospects, they are incredibly similar.
  7. So, I don't like the Deebo comparisons after watching that. XL is not great at or behind the line of scrimmage. Far more failures than successes with those type plays. Maybe he is DK Metcalf. I hope so.
  8. Moose for example. Morgan. Thomas Davis. Lots of guys really. We definitely used to be that team that played harder than everyone else.
  9. I don't think so. Dallas really liked him. Even if the Joneses didn't take him, the Cardinals likely would have as well, given they picked up the second best back in the draft at 66.
  10. Based solely on who we drafted and where, I gave it a B. We picked players who can compete for playing time this year, and largely got them where we should have. The tipping point for me was taking Wallace at 72. Most boards had him between 150 and 200. A better choice in that round and I would have given it an A. Getting a second rounder for next year should probably make it a B+ draft tbh.
  11. I hope he lives up to his potential. I hope we are smart in how we use him. He could be a mainstay of our backfield for the next seven or eight years.
  12. I could make a pretty strong argument that AT will be a better player with fewer snaps, largely due to his age. He tailed off significantly toward the end of last year, and yes, some of that was defensive adjustment. Some of it was also that he was just worn out. I would love to see AT turn into this years Ricky Proehl or Jerico Cotchery.
  13. If this guy winds up giving us 30-40 quality reps per game as a rotational piece, it's a well spent draft pick.
  14. You give him all 17 games. If he leads the team to a top 10 draft pick, he's done and we draft his replacement.
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