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  1. Worst case scenario for Mays is practice squad. I think he offers more than Daley, Jordan or Brown. Arguably more than Erving.
  2. I really hope he can get the above shoulders part right. That ball comes out so fast man. I would have liked to see the placement higher - that's a tall receiver. Could just be a timing issue.
  3. I like what I see so far, but at the very least, we need to see him in preseason action before we even consider handing him the keys.
  4. What if technology like this meant Luke was still suiting up for us? Is it bull crap then too? Is it an eyesore? What if technology like this could have kept Dan Morgan on the field? What if technology like this could have kept Michael Oher on the field? That's three pretty (*@$ good Panthers right there who would probably be more than happy to try something like this.
  5. No. He's not. Solid backups don't have turnover problems. Solid backups are the ones who don't lose games for you. Maybe they don't win them, but they don't lose them. Derek Anderson was a good backup QB. TB5 was a good backup QB. Sam is a bad QB. Period. Backup or starter, bad. He seems like a good dude. Both can be true statements.
  6. Funny how getting to know someone helps. All we heard about Baker before he arrived is that he was a problem, a bad attitude, a distraction. Interestingly, people outside the team had similar impressions of Cam during his time here. Turns out Cam is a pretty damn good dude. Seems like maybe Baker too. If Baker can come in and just be 70% of what Cam was on the field, you've got a recipe for success. Cam never had weapons like what we have right now.
  7. If BC wins the LT job this year and plays even decent we can flip him for a 1st or 2nd round pick in the future if Icky develops. BC playing well - even at LT - can only be a win for us. I would love to go through a season where we look back afterward and say "Our LT was ok."
  8. Read. In order to qualify, you need at least 150 attempts over the past two years. There are 54 QB's who meet that criteria. Of those QB's, Sam ranks near the bottom. This isn't difficult to understand. It's not difficult to see if you watch. Sam is objectively one of the worst QB's in the NFL. It doesn't make him a bad person, it just means he's not a good QB.
  9. To be fair, his real chance to close the door is the preseason games.
  10. If you want to focus on true waste, every snap given to PJ Walker is a complete waste. Those should be Corral's snaps. Period.
  11. Top backups don't give the ball away. That's kinda the thing. Teddy Bridgewater is a top backup. Sam Darnold is a bad QB. A bust. Fitzmagic is still available, as is Mike Glennon. Those are better choices than Darnold.
  12. We talk about the PS like it's a foregone conclusion we can put someone there. I don't think it is. Anyone on our roster who might be PS eligible would likely be claimed on waivers before we could put them there.
  13. Seems like pretty much what Panthers fans want to hear. Put up or shut up. Hope she's right.
  14. We know what Sam is now. I don't see much point in wasting reps on him. Likewise PJ. I would like to see Corral getting reps, especially in the preseason games. We need to learn as much as we can there. Baker is the QB1. Let's not waste time pretending otherwise. Give him all the reps he needs to be the best he can.
  15. Trask is actually a tiny bit scary. He's a second round pick who would likely have been a first round pick this year. He is getting to sit behind Tom Brady and learn with Bruce Arians at the helm. No idea if he'll work out, but he has the physical tools. We'll know a lot more after preseason this year. Bucs have four QB's on the roster, no way they will carry all four.
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