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  1. Negative interest rates

    The banks would be reframed from doing that initially but your checking account would be fair game. Who knows because America has low tolerance and would not hesitate to revolt against savings being taken.  The trust meter is showing a mostly empty tank, government better be careful.
  2. Negative interest rates

    Negative interest rates would probably be that moment.  Charge interest on loans with little return for savers and now possibly charge for holding your earnings, this will make many angry including me honestly.
  3. Judge chastises racist cop

    Thank goodness that poster has been removed, wtf was up with that?
  4. Negative interest rates

    Another thing as government bonds become worthless, private bonds will explode as the market bottoms in 2017end-2018beginish as the general market will then have an upward trend before the sovereign debt bubble explodes which is a ticking time bomb.  2020 election cycle is going to be even more interesting than 2016 election cycle. Free market will overrule the Fed's choice.  The pied piper will no longer have us dancing under/to their tune.  All government forms are losing trust/confidence: democratic socialism, communism, democratic republics, etc. Our global economy has grown more frail.  The elites remind me of the kids nursery rhyme of humpty dumpty as the egg represents the power over the masses and greed.  When the dominoes fall, panic will ensue from the elites to pick up the pieces as the masses will push back in the name of liberty and justice.    
  5. Judge chastises racist cop

    Is this real life? Three post up^ Edit* Well that poster was removed and the post.
  6. Negative interest rates

    Yeah Janet Yellen is a dolt.  By the end of 2017 to beginning of 2018 we will be back around 11 to 12k for dow.  I have been concerned since beginning 2015 that this euphoria was about to run out.  I thought that 2015 would be the last of the mania as things go back to show what is actually there.  Good luck to all who thinks that bad times are not just around the corner. Oil is backed up and other factors show we are about to hit another major recession.  No QE will save us.  We have no interest rate cushion.  Trust and confidence is the name of the game.  Public trust is about to change the next couple of years as capital will flow away from public to private. Government discord will only increase.  Currencies will probably be feeling the pain as sovereign debt will be in the focus.   Negative interest rates could be the black swan that finally breaks the camels back of trust.  Federal Reserve made their bed and now they will lie in it because all economic theory is full of poo.  Economics is all about supply and demand. Theory is superficial; Austrian, Keynesian, Marxism, Neoclassical.  All theory is superficial and is great for certain aspects but cannot conclude right 100%.  Mine preached on time relation to growth through structural understanding of availability and efficiency.  Demand is in the now and the structure reacts accordingly to adjust.  Understanding human behavior helps bring clarity of economic internal movements of the individual actor but does not explain economic structure.  Behavioral economics is great and so is understanding that time is apart of economics but also understand that the economy is always in disequilibrium.  
  7. Hospitals would be best served to post prices. Profits are not evil, not having transparency is evil and lacking choices is also evil. School education has burden the medical field, pharmaceutical industry/medical device field have been burden by FDA that lengthen the time of approval but also those fields have themselves cock blocked natural supplements/nature studies that may prove to be better alternative and cannot be patent due to it being nature itself, and insurance companies have been turned into something they should not be.  Insurance should be  for life threatening and altering events, the unexpected. Insurance should not be for a check up, car insurance is not for service jobs.  Why is cost so high? We are not looking into everything that incorporates the ever increasing prices.  The whole system is a sham, whether it's all private or all public run. Ignorance is bountiful in both private and public sectors. Their is a balance but what is it.
  8. Why should I ever register

    Is it possible to start a new party?  
  9. Why should I ever register

    Syphilis or Herpes.........................welcome to America :)
  10. I just got herpes from reading Fat Alice writings
  11. Why should I ever register

    Carpet bombing?
  12. Why should I ever register

    I was imposed a fine for being a lousy voter by Cruz :( Those fascist are so 'bossy'
  13. Why should I ever register

    Pointless maybe but funny that the possible nominee could be a Snake Oil salesman/preacher Cruz. Cruz is like the sinful preacher who sales used cars at a dealership for prostitutes and blow on week nights then blasts everyone behind the pulpit as sinners and that hell is in their future on Sunday.