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  1. Hillary CliNtoN The weapons from the Turkey transfer that ISIS possess, are they deliberate transfers from the US ex-Madam Secretary?  
  2. Sounds like he is lagging on foreign affairs for a newsman, Rand hitting Hillary in 2013.......oh wait CNN was suppose to do a Rand take down. Clinton News Network
  3. We Have Officially Made It

    I don't know what is more fuged up the pic or me laughing at this pic, lawd I do apologize.  
  4. I was not saying what Russia did was right, I am just tired of the faux alliance with Turkey through NATO which all know Turkey is full of poo.  I am glad Putin called a spade for what it is a damn spade.  America is leading from behind so Obama resorts to throwing poo back at Putin instead of being a problem solver to this highly impact event.  This is embarrassing for us not kicking Turkey to the curve.  
  5. @TN05 @rodeo   What is Turkey doing about ISIS? Really c'mon man.  
  6.   Stop being an apologist for ISIS.  There is a time and place for enforcement.  Russia was not targeting Turkey.  The fighter jet was barely in by the red line account.  Russia is after ISIS.  Sure ignore my rebuttal.   Oh noes scary Russia bear attacks ISIS  
  7.     Why would Turkey not want to eliminate ISIS?  Let me rephrase, would Turkey not want to eliminate ISIS?  Would Turkey not want to have other countries to eliminate that threat that is right at their borders?  Would not the US welcome Russia to help fight ISIS who we have armed and trained multiple times to overthrow dictators that are actually getting out of hand and destabilizing an entire region as if it was at our own border?   No fly zones are stupid and so is Turkey for this ill advised move.  Russia may not be our friends but they are hell of an ally in times of need (admit it or not).   No fly zones in tight areas that is congested with multinations involved equals disaster!  No fly zones are harmful borders right now in eliminating this threat.  Why shrink a battlefield for the allies when the enemy is growing on the ground in vast areas?   Common sense but whateves.
  8. Maybe more no fly zones will make the situation better (sarcasm)
  9. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    Not just gas stations but also little convenience stores in random areas.  I have eight currently under me and the number is growing............North Carolina exams is cracking down on this scheme of embezzling trust funds.
  10. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    Wow...........................   Funny secret about most Arabic gas station owners: a lot of gas stations/small convenience stores in NC do not stay long in the same ownership.  They constantly change ownership while they know they are embezzling from the state and guess where that money goes?  Just saying.  I have one currently under an audit and those mfers have embezzled 100K so far on the one I turned into the audit side.  Open a store, embezzle for a about a year or two. Close and open a new store at a different location.  So far only one has been honest with me (Jordanian, great human being and his brother as well who served in our military) and I have helped him to recover from hardship but I can sniff a liar out which one recently did to my face.  We are living in fragile times, with a very complex network that has ill intentions.   Back to the matter: poor kid but shame on his parents!  This is so stupid now.
  11. YOU LIKE THAT!  YOU LIKE THHHHHHHHHHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!

    Pietastical performance today by the whole team!  10-0 pie > 9-0 pie
  13. ACA progress

  14. Ben Swann > FNC some here can't accept that like they can't accept that the United States destabilized the region.  Iraq has many factions, Saddam kept them in check, Christian persecution was a minimal, and radicals were not then a major force.  Well things have sure changed haven't they.