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  1. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation Charles Ortel enjoys long walks on the beachs, candle lit dinners, but most of all airing out laundry of fraud for companies and charities that abuse our system. Next up for desert: Next time warn a brother, let me put the road sign out for everyone.
  2. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation

    The devil is in the details.
  3. Mr. Ortel's website: Blah blah typical right wing outlet blasphemy just to give a bone for fun and to oblige the TB spirit: This gentleman is legit in his work and his nose has picked up the Clinton Foundation in which I feel is the bigger problem than the emails debacle. GE previously:
  4. The Clinton Body Count Que the music People are starting to dig for information themselves because our corrupt government will not.
  5. VP Bets

    Of course, not big enough to satisfy her.
  6. VP Bets

    VP for Trump a pair of Hulk Toy Fist to compliment his small hands. This will make the appearance of his hands look yuuuuge. VP for Hillary: She is never loose and always seems uptight. Maybe this will loosen her up and help her become her more likeable. The perfect compliment to an uptight bitch.

    Go McAfee!!!!
  8. Might be Jobless

    Well some bad new, well not about me but the position I work in. My job will basically be law enforcement officer without a gun. The head honcho is clearly delusional. Thank goodness I have a meet with a big cpa out in Raleigh for lunch to help me in my start up. Six months till I am fully operating.
  9. How the Left wins it for the Right

    God, Hillary is a really bad candidate. The Democrats should be ashamed but instead George Soros and extreme lefist send out violent protesters from various activist groups like its weather underground all over again without the explosions. So violent. To make a point is to destroy without remorse and no conscious. Aka Trump gets the election on a platter. The year of Nixon is upon us.
  10. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    Maybe they are connecting dots (the clinton foundation and such)? I agree with your assessment. Sounds really out there, but I thinks she wants to be president to end the investigation and label this as a witch hunt/'conspiracy'. Man this nation is starting to mirror south of the boarder with corruption.........
  11. Michelob Ultra

    Cheer up Larry.

  13. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    Tribalism mentality or as I call it, Burger King Effect

    Some googly person needs a:
  15. How the Left wins it for the Right

    Leave Trump alone! He doesn't know what he is. Anyways wut? Oh oh the liberals. Well that settles it. :)