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  1. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation

    Even Hitler thinks she is a bad candidate. She is just, god she is such a really bad choice democrats. The Debbie National Convention here we come!
  2. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation

    Hi I am CWG, I endorse a race baiting candidate "You are three times more likely to be able to get a mortgage if you're a white applicant than if you're black or Hispanic, even if you have the same credentials." Hi I am CWG, I endore a class warfare candidate Hedge fund managers "pay less in taxes than nurses and truck drivers." Hi I am CWG, I endorse a plain folk fraud candidate that mocks real immigrants Says "all my grandparents" immigrated to America. Hi I am CWG, I endorse a sexist instigator candidate McCain "still thinks it's okay when women don't earn equal pay for equal work." Btw watch out for the sniper fire ;) Hitler monologue below
  3. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation

    Power, She is a tempting rose, Luring those to the thorns that stay hidden, As they try to grasp and obtain for themselves, Is the blood of the victims she has ridden. The more Hillary lusts after power the more evident it has become. The rose is dripping with her blood. All her lies are coming home to roost as foreign donations (ane other government agencies etc) give her boost. The greed in her heart is shown in paper as the Foundation has been pricked. How much does your loyalty cost Mr. CWG? How many millions? What favors do you seek? Why would adamant countries against the very belief of what the Clinton Foundation stands for give money to them? Do you give money away Mr. CWG? Is there a certain level of expectations and stipulations with the donations? 'Partisanship' aside, why is there noone asking the question why? Btw I will scratch your back if you scratch mines ;)
  4. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    But but snopes say
  5. Are we witnessing a Hiliray collapse?

    Let the walls crumble down Some people ain't no damn goodYou can't trust 'em you can't love 'em
  6. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation Charles Ortel enjoys long walks on the beachs, candle lit dinners, but most of all airing out laundry of fraud for companies and charities that abuse our system. Next up for desert: Next time warn a brother, let me put the road sign out for everyone.
  7. Clinton 'Cash for Favor' Foundation

    The devil is in the details.
  8. Mr. Ortel's website: Blah blah typical right wing outlet blasphemy just to give a bone for fun and to oblige the TB spirit: This gentleman is legit in his work and his nose has picked up the Clinton Foundation in which I feel is the bigger problem than the emails debacle. GE previously:
  9. The Clinton Body Count Que the music People are starting to dig for information themselves because our corrupt government will not.
  10. VP Bets

    Of course, not big enough to satisfy her.
  11. VP Bets

    VP for Trump a pair of Hulk Toy Fist to compliment his small hands. This will make the appearance of his hands look yuuuuge. VP for Hillary: She is never loose and always seems uptight. Maybe this will loosen her up and help her become her more likeable. The perfect compliment to an uptight bitch.

    Go McAfee!!!!
  13. Might be Jobless

    Well some bad new, well not about me but the position I work in. My job will basically be law enforcement officer without a gun. The head honcho is clearly delusional. Thank goodness I have a meet with a big cpa out in Raleigh for lunch to help me in my start up. Six months till I am fully operating.
  14. How the Left wins it for the Right

    God, Hillary is a really bad candidate. The Democrats should be ashamed but instead George Soros and extreme lefist send out violent protesters from various activist groups like its weather underground all over again without the explosions. So violent. To make a point is to destroy without remorse and no conscious. Aka Trump gets the election on a platter. The year of Nixon is upon us.