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  1. Cap and Simplify Tax (CAST Plan)

    Updated* My name is Kyle Pomerleau. I am the Director of Federal Projects here at the Tax Foundation. Thanks for emailing. Unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill your request. As you can image, our model is in high demand by those on Capitol Hill. We just do not have the resources available to model every plan that comes to us. If you ever have any tax related questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Best, Kyle Pomerleau I tried, at least Tax Foundation talked with me.........unlike Tax Policy Center rude ass organization
  2. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Confuse the enemy
  3. The Punisher Netflix

    Netflix way better hands down!
  4. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    To be fair Byrd was a updrafted rookie last year that was super raw compared to Philly coming out of college. I'm kinda excited to see if Byrd has progressed but not betting the house for instant success.
  5. About those corners...

    If I want cake, I would go by a sheet cake not a donut. Duck Donut maple bacon donut best thing ever invented!
  6. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Jeremy 'Stone Cold' Cash
  7. About those corners...

    Me too, after that I said I was going to enjoy the ride.
  8. A Funchess Reminder

    In my old ranking system, he had an almost perfect rating. I expect big things from Fun Fun.
  9. Found old thread of mini project. Might reboot the system? It is no way perfect but it was fun to create. Going to reevaluate the model. :)
  10. I love @KB_fan insight, hands down the best on this board!
  11. My 2014 WR ranking system was very similar. Edit* I might to have to get back into this :)
  12. How many ways can

    Being verified 10 times maybe overkill but I do get what you are saying. Climate change is up there with economics in terms of data manipulation. We play a role in climate but how much?
  13. How many ways can

    Good question. I don't have an answer for that. What boils me is the over a dozen federal agencies researching the same thing for 2.7 billion. Over 20 billion in research gets appropriated for that one topic. Makes me just as mad as oil subsidies. I'm for research but smarter spending. Like I sent to my Secretary that hard work breeds success but smart work breeds sustainability.
  14. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    Risk Prospect Theory. Over weighing small risk, got to love it. Like you said, who knows what everyone's boards looked like and DG decided how to assess the risk. So far in DG we trust until otherwise.
  15. How many ways can

    Posted bout punisher news in nerdvana section