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  1. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    Good to see SC still loves nation building
  2. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    "I only tell the truth, lobbyists," Trump told the people booing him. "We've spent $5 trillion all over the Middle East. We have to rebuild our country."
  3. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    If Trump wins SC and NV it's over. The snowball effect from the perception will be yuuge for Trump and by then voters will be more set to vote for the 'future winner' as anticipation of the gop nominee. Acceptance stage is almost here.
  4. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    Eh the donors of Jeb will flow to Marco as Marco tries again to slay Trump, Cruz is caught up in Trump too much already as his snake oil salesman/preacher aura is finally wearing off in his inevitable descension and JK's positive message might throw a curve ball again in this cycle.   SC primary could bring more clarity or more hilarity
  5. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    If JK gets 2nd and Trump wins, I think Jeb will drop out because the FL primary will just embarrass him. JK moving into 2nd in the polls for SC is yuuge.
  6. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    I am a Bourbon Democrat, a centrist right minarchist that embraces classical liberalism and values the constitution.  No one appeals to me. A bunch of buffoons running to help this ailing country that needs strong open patient leadership and none bring that.
  7. Rehab

    Hi my name is ECU88 and I am a Mugwump.
  8. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    It's embarrassing my baby picture looks like baby Rubio, my wife declares...........
  9. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    It's obvious and embarrassing like poor Rand imo
  10. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    Lmfao even if Trump is pompous wind bag but he has put on a clinic tonight.   The pro Bush and Rubio crowd sounds paid and it's hilarious.   Trump is going to win Yuuge
  11. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    Just not the same without Rand.
  12. Negative interest rates

    Ode to Paradox Stupidity is boundless by PhDs in the Fed.
  13. Fear is a powerful emotion, it's twice as strong as happiness and lasts twice as long.  Perception through fear is a strong tool for elites. The crystal ball of uncertainty allows for the elites to reframe arguments as fear takes root . Also this let's them to tap into anger, doubt, and envy to paint a picture to the common masses for a fallacious verification in the image of the elite. Both republicans and democrats do this.
  14. Deadpool

    Vday is going to be amazing, can't wait to see it!
  15. Negative interest rates

    The banks would be reframed from doing that initially but your checking account would be fair game. Who knows because America has low tolerance and would not hesitate to revolt against savings being taken.  The trust meter is showing a mostly empty tank, government better be careful.