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  1. And as I've explained to you before a right with no remedy for violation of that right is no right at all.
  2. What is the difference? Because all laws by your definition constitutes morality by the sword.
  3. Welp looks like we got another one

    You mean your D wasn't big enough to satisfy her :-P Just kidding just kidding. But seriously how much did 15 minutes cost?
  4. Welp looks like we got another one

    Let me expound. When I was in college this was kinda how it went. We go out for drinks. Then maybe we go back to apartment or dorm. And then it was kinda a silent process. You put your hand maybe on her leg and see where her limitations are. You start going up the leg and see what happens basically. It was never a discussion of boundaries beforehand. It wasn't like I said "I'm going to put my hand on your leg now. Is that okay? In going to go higher. Is that okay? Etc" And usually when u reached your boundary the girl would give a "nuh uh" sound or move your hand and then you knew. And several of these accusations seems like that type of scenario that I could have been accused of sexual misconduct if I were famous enough. I don't know. I'm trying to wrap my head around these things. And some seem clear to me others seem more of a sexual invitation that was not reciprocal and therefore is misconduct. Plz help me rectify this lol.
  5. Welp looks like we got another one

    Not going to lie. Some of these sexual harassments or sexual misconduct claims are hard to understand. I'm pretty sure I done several fake groping pictures at parties or when goofing off, just as some women have pretended to grab my crotch for a picture. I'm having a hard time with some of this. Some are clear cut (Weinstein for instance), but some seem innocent and/or innocuous. But maybe that is because I am a male.
  6. Took three posts to essentially get "what about"
  7. The only thing he has ever had of any real value is his branding which he has often over valuated to make claims about his wealth
  8. This is probably a Tinderbox conservative if confronted in real life
  9. I'm not a wildfire expert but also no fire isn't very predictable and does jump around. I have seen a burned up house before. And some areas of a room may be charred to no end and the other side of the room very little evidence that a fire even existed. If it was windy the flames were probably unpredictable and as far as the picture goes the fire would have to reach the leaves at the top of trees to burn those leaves. And even then a well hydrated tree is more difficult to burn Looking at overhead views probably does not tell you very much
  10. What will happen is if tapes are discovered by media (IC likely already has them) the Kremlin will create and leak several Donald Trump fake sex tapes of varying degrees. Create a house of mirrors and use the numerous fake ones to cast doubt on the actual authentic one. They've already used this tactic as a cover and to muddy any investigation including sending fake spies to US to confuse, slow down, and ultimately cast doubt on the already difficult investigation. Followers will buy it. Continue to call others the stupid ones.
  11. HRC DNC Rigging

    Referring to the OP every campaign does this in all parties.
  12. Sutherland Springs

    Dang. Guess we are going to have to keep waiting before we have a conversation about guns. I keep waiting for right time, but everytime it seems it is time more people are murdered with these death machines so I have to put it off because more innocent people are murdered. Oh well. Just have to let people get murdered until it stops so we can discuss it so for now when send thoughts and prayers
  13. HRC DNC Rigging

    Would u agree same can be said for Bernie Sanders?
  14. Just more made up liberal press nonsense /Sarcasm
  15. Elizabeth Warren 2020

    You seem to like the identity politician currently in the white house.