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  1. teeray

    Disagree with them? Label them

    I label racists as racists. That isn't hard. "If your are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." I don't believe in equal consideration, I believe in right and wrong. Balanced and fair isn't entertaining the musings of racists or proponents of racist policy. Here is a funny historical note. Whether it be slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws, racists have ALWAYS claimed they aren't racist but had idealistic reasons for support these obviously racist institutions and/or laws.
  2. teeray

    Space Force

    WWE just signed 2 billion dollars in new TV contracts. Gonna be a while.
  3. teeray

    Space Force

    *WWE is more popular in the North. Wrestling is still popular in the South, but we are WCW country and many people still bitter when WWE bought it and then buried all their talents.
  4. teeray

    Space Force

    Ah hell nah. Dont bring wrestling into this!
  5. teeray

    Space Force

    I got that reference!
  6. teeray

    Trump and Trade

    You act like I'm new around here
  7. teeray

    DJ Moore finally signs his contract

    She bout to get a win over Sasha Banks... Again
  8. teeray

    Trump and Trade

    One area where Trump has my attention is in these trade wars. I don't like how he has handled Canada and his pissing contest with their PM. But, taking a strong stand on trade with China in particular is not something I am totally against and am at least curious to see how this plays out. I will caution though that moving away from free trade will likely will lead to inflation and whereas it may create some jobs in some sectors will cause us to lose jobs in other sectors. I'm curious your thoughts on Trump's tough stance on trade, not so much from Trumpets that will defend him no matter what, but from people that may have voted for Bernie who also was campaigning on being tough on trade (like myself) So what say you? Is this an area where you are happy with Trump nor is he just fugging up everything?
  9. MMQB is 10x better since Peter King left
  10. teeray

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    He did the right thing in the Super Bowl
  11. Does anyone have the actual story?
  12. teeray

    Space Force

    Separate but equal from Air Force. And... Wait what happened to NASA? Btw, still can't afford healthcare for our citizens but we can create a space force to protect us from little green men that may or may not exist Trump is dumb