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  1. teeray added a post in a topic Take a Good Look   

    One of the main issues in Greece is other European countries and the European Bank are holding their feet to the fire.  If European Central Bank didn't stop their lending to Greece, they wouldn't have to default to creditors and Greece and their banks wouldn't be implementing capital controls.
    We dont have to rely on other countries or a shared central bank.  We have our own central bank that has our own interests to worry about.  If Greece had their own money and central bank, they would still be in deep poo, but they possibly wouldn't have to pull their pants down and get raped by the will of other countries leveraging them into the fiscal policy others want Greece to have.
    That doesn't mean that we should ever get up to 175% debt to GDP ratio.  But Greece is beholden to the Euro and a central bank that has other countries interest to worry about.  US will likely never be in the Greek's situation.
    Rising debt in the US is and should be a concern,  but to compare what is going on in Greece to what could happen here is stretch.  The country that holds the vast majority of US debt is the US.  We are mainly beholden to ourselves and if debt gets out of control we will still have our best interests at heart in how to deal with it.  Not a group of other countries that has no interest is protecting anyone but themselves.
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  2. teeray added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    Pdiddy Do you think PJ will be wing scorer we need?
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  3. teeray added a post in a topic Apple has removed all civil war games from the App Store   

    The war for the North was not initially to end slavery, but to preserve the union.  Slavery abolishment became a cause later in the war to keep other countries from interfering on behalf of the south.
    However, the purposes of the secession by the south was in part to preserve slavery.  Especially in states like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and SC where their economies were dependant on free labor.
    So you are kinda right that the war wasn't to free the slaves, and the abolishment of slavery was a consequence of the war moreso than the initial cause.
    But you are also partly wrong because the reason for secession in the first place was in large part due to the desire to preserve slavery.
    In addition, the south did not want to expand slavery to the north, but to the west into new territories.
    It also should be noted that although the institution of slavery was mostly gone from the north, they also believed very strongly in white supremacy, and their treatment of the black community was in many places equally abhorrent.
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  4. teeray added a post in a topic Take a Good Look   

    No not really.  Those are two entirely different things.
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  5. teeray added a post in a topic After looking at this how can you not approve of Obama?   

    That is a bunch if jiggery-pokery 
    Really just wanted to use that term
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  6. teeray added a post in a topic Take a Good Look   

    We are not Greece, can't compare their situation to anything going on here.
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  7. teeray added a post in a topic Hornets Forum Revival...   

    I like the color scheme round here
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  8. teeray added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    I think some of these moves are because Cho and Clifford have probably been told they are on the hotseat so they are making moves to try and make us better right now
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  9. teeray added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Biz isn't elite defensively, and his strength on defense does not compensate for his inadequacies on offense.
    Whatever rim protection he provided he wasn't great moving his feet or being out of position as he would at times hunt blocks on defense.
    His Real Defensive Plus/Minus was not much higher than Big Al's, and Al struggled last year with injuries (on top of not being a great defender to begin with)
    He won't average 10-15-4 next year because no one is going to play him enough minutes to.  Someone on twitter said yesterday that initial interest around the league for Biz is tepid.
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  10. teeray added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    I am so tempted to give a one line response lol.  
    Look the guy is just not that good.  His offense was putrid, and his defense is overrated, and his rim protection doesn't make up for his offense.
    You can't run any pick and roll with him because you just trap the ball because he can't even catch the ball and when he does he cannot finish around the rim unless he has a wide open dunk.
    I like Biz.  He seemed like a good dude, but he just wasn't very good.  He is young though and seemed to improve year to year so hopefully he carves out a career as a role player.  I hate moving on from projects before they fully develop, which happens all the time which is why I don't like drafting projects, but I am not surprised.
    ETA:  no need to ever apologize to me.  Say your piece brother
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  11. teeray added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Biz kinda sucked guys.  He could barely catch a basketball.
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  12. teeray added a post in a topic Hornets Forum Revival...   

    Thanks you Jeremy.  Rampant negativity and trolls were the #1 reason I quit visiting this forum as much as in the past.
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  13. teeray added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Not surprised and not upset.
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  14. teeray added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    I will wait to see how it turns out before throwing a temper tantrum.
    None of the fans (myself included) are half as smart as we think we are.
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  15. teeray added a post in a topic Danny Ferry   

    That would be nice except he wouldn't show Cho anything because Cho will be working basketball camps if we don't have some draft picks start to work out 
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