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  1. I tended to defend Shula. But gotta admit. News got me like
  2. Wasn't so much of a blown coverage as it is the fact that when teams play us they always have to account for the quarterback. Safety look like he had the QB which left them with essentially zero coverage. At least that's how I see it looking at that play
  3. If that is your standard of what is good play-calling and what isn't. There will never be an offense of coordinator in the history of the Panthers that you'll ever be satisfied with
  4. It was a good play design. Except that if one of the offense of lineman didn't get it blocked up we would have had internet offensive coordinators saying "derp we ran the ball against the nine-man Box. Shula is such an idiot we should fire him"
  5. I despise fans that are more invested and worried about Mike Shula then whether we win or lose. We are already a couple plays away from winning a Superbowl and we went 15 and 1. And then seem to be more mad about winning because that means Ron Rivera or Mike Shula might keep their job instead of being 9-4 and possibly headed to the playoffs and a chance to win the Super Bowl Short memory much? The first step to winning the Super Bowl is getting to the playoffs so don't be a dimwit and you don't have to tell me to go eat a dick to get your point across
  6. Keep an eye out on the safety for the Vikings. He knows he has to get to Cam if he keeps it on the bootleg. So once Jonathan Stewart breaks it to the secondary, there was no one left to stop Stewart resulting in the easy touchdown. It's things like this that you have taken into account when understanding just how good and valuable Cam Newton really is
  7. Yeah. True. I'm not going to put up a long and hard defense for the prevent defense LMAO
  8. I hear you And we've blown some games in the past so I get where you're coming from. But as much as people complain about prevent defense every coach is going to do it so whether you fire Ron Rivera or not the next coach when you're up by double digits halfway through the 4th quarter is going to play some prevent defense
  9. I heard there will be pie her
  10. Prevent really wasn't the issue on that long touchdown play. The point is to keep people in the middle of the field and keep them to six yard or so gains. If we actually would have played good defense we wouldn't have given up 40 yards after the catch that's the whole point of the defense. If we would have kept them in the field by the time they got done even if they scored a touchdown to would have been probably about 2 minutes left and we would have been able to seal the game
  11. Tired of playing conservative

    I understand what you're saying I understand what you're saying but we passed late in the game to try to put the game away and that's what led to the interception
  12. We had the ball the chance to win against the best team in the NFC. Can't ask for much more than that
  13. Did you say almost lost? And this is the NFL there's no such thing as locks you want locks go pull for Alabama in football. We are 9 and 4. We will probably get at least 10 or 11 wins. Almost only counts in horseshoes hand grenades and slow dancing enjoy the good season quit worrying about Ron Rivera and Mike Shula and start pulling for your team and actually having some confidence in them for once