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  1. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    The fact you think this is an exchange of ideas and thought and not a material threat with plenty of historical precedent that to back it up is probably why you can't wrap your head around the difference. Nothing is worse than when someone is faced with undeniable evil they advocate to do nothing. You are the worst type of person. You are actually worse than the white supremacists themselves because you could step up and fight them but instead choose that inaction is correct course. Instead of fighting the people trying to defeat Naziism why don't you join those fighting against it. Even without sword use your pen and stand against them. The reason you have a bad reputation is because you pay minor lip service to the actual Nazis and White Supremacists but can always find time to fight those standing up to them. Apparently your mission to point out nebulous hypocrisy of posters on the internet is more important than the rise of Naziism and acceptance and in fact embrace of White Nationalism by many in this country. You are too busy trying to win Tinderbox battles instead of fighting those that are actually evil.
  2. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    I don't doubt that is what it would sound like to you. You have chosen your side and don't understand the difference. U stll think Kathy Griffin sharing a terrible picture on social media is the same as call tp action to eradicate non-whites and Jews
  3. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    70 years later and people still haven't learned shyt
  4. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    "Hey guys remember when the Kathy Griffins literally tried to eradicate the blacks and Jews? Same thing amirite?" Smh
  5. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    She didn't make a threat to the president. She shared a terrible picture that was totally inappropriate, but a comedian or someone doing something stupid isn't a call to action like the Nazis and White Supremacists. Are you really this stupid that it has to be explained to you?
  6. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    When coming from Nazis and white supremacists then yeah...pretty much. You seem to think the eradicating non-whites and Jews from the US or certain territories is simply offensive. It isn't. It is a threat.
  7. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    Why not? If someone near you says they are going to murder you do u wait until after they murder you to defend yourself?
  8. This article is not really helpful. People need to separate racial bias and racist as they are not really the same thing. Racial biases in society can and does create racism, which is a system that disfavors people of certain colors, ethnicities, gender, sexuality, etc. But people falling into trappings of racial stereotyping are not really what I would call racists. That is human. It happens all the time. Even to people that are cognizant of racial or gender bias. They need to be called out on it, but calling them racists also doesn't help IMO. Call out the mindset but don't just demonize the people.
  9. Sanders claims support for his Medicare for all bill that he is introducing after the break is not a litmus test for Democrats and especially those thinking of running for president in 2020. It is. And it should be. And we will see who is serious about healthcare and who isn't. https://www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/policy/healthcare/348925-single-payer-bill-poses-dilemma-for-2020-dem-hopefuls%3famp#ampshare=http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/348925-single-payer-bill-poses-dilemma-for-2020-dem-hopefuls
  10. Antifa is the moral equivalent of nazis

    LOL "Hey guys there are articles from the Claremont Institute that say Republicans aren't racists". Well no poo that is a Republican think tank. Gerard Alexander also writes occasionally for the Weekly Standard. Ever ventured into their comments section? Or the comments section of any Republican website. It is the epitome of racism. It is often disgusting George Wallace was a Southern Democrat. He often referred to himself as a conservative and railed against liberal media calling him a racist just because he was a segregationist and...well a racist. Ideology indeed changed parties after Civil Rights passed. Anyone saying otherwise is pulling the wool ever your eyes
  11. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Her being kinda dorky is part of her appeal. Oh and she and Sasha are the two best in ring generals the women's division has. Isn't a coincidence that Alexa and Sasha's best matches have been against those two. They have actually made Alexa look almost competent in the ring. And..... Bayley and Sasha pretty much trounce everyone not named the Bella twins in merchandise sales. They also sell tickets. The reason they get booed is because some fans think they are fugging smart and they like to tear down the same babyfaces they cheered for for years to start some sort of movement as soon as they get pushed. Social media is for the hip and cool and wrestling fans have become sheep to their desire to be liked on the internet. That is why they chant ludicrous stuff like "Reigns can't wrestle" and "Cena Sucks" even Reigns has been the most consistent wrestler on the roster not named AJ Styles and Cena continues to be their main star. Alexa Bliss is popular because her tights go up her ass and she winks at the bros. Her character is derivative and her promos are overrated. Everyone said Bayley would be the female John Cena. Well....she is. Right on down to the merchandise machine, appeal to kids and adults, and smark resentment. Let Bayley be that. Let fans boo if they want. If they are making noise she is most valuable person on the women's roster. I view it as a good thing. Boo away or shut up and let her fans just cheer her. Either way she is doing great. BTW, Asuka wears a toy mask, wears neon clothes, and is a beast. So....maybe she shouldn't be the focus since she checks off three of your boxes. Brooklyn being the cesspool of wrestling fans is certainly not a good gauge of wrestling fandom. Thatis why this past Monday Sasha got cheered and no one really gave a poo about an internet darling who looks like a porn star who is a "good talker" even though she had the worst promo in recent history with "This is my life" Sasha and Bayley are stars and that is why they are pushed as stars. Wouldn't expect that to change anytime soon