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  1. State of the Huddle Address - 2016

    Is  successfully getting blocked by 50% of local media on twitter a social media skill?
  2. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    So he was appointed in 1988.  So much for that argument.
  3. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    Wasnt Anthony Kennedy appointed in 1988?  
  4. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    Supreme Justices maybe because the need hasn't arisen, but judicial appointments by general rule presidents can make appointments until July of an election cycle, and even that is not really a rule, but a gentleman's agreement. To not do it would be a failure of their duty and a spit in the face of the Constitution.  
  5. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    It will be interesting to see Republicans committment to their constitutional duty. The Thurmond rule only applies to judicial appontments after July of an election cycle.  So they cant rely on that. Since they are strict constitutionalists like Scalia that they have all spoke glowingly about today, I guess we can assume they will honor his memory by doing their elected duty for their country.      
  6. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    Dont count on it.  They will run out the clock till after the election. If this wasnt for a liberal majority they would probably go ahead and do it, but too much at stake.
  7. Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead

    RIP Presidential election just got a lot more interesting 
  8. We need a DE... so whom?

    This logic has never made sense to me
  9. Also, it is probably just coincidence that upward mobility for African Americans is highest in Northeast and by far the worst in the deep south and Texas. They should realize that these states controlled by conservatives are really the way they should go, rather than those evil liberal controlled states where African Americans have better outcomes. If only they knew what was best for them 
  10. Translation:  black people are to dumb to know what is good for them and it is their own fault that their unemployment is higher across the board including when compared to whites with same education and experience.  Also, their life experiences of dealing with societal racism is but a figment of their imagination. Quite a message conservatives are pitching to minorities.  Shocking they cant get any traction.  
  11. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    This Super Bowl will officially become the Rocky V of my sports life. It never happened, and you will never convince me otherwise.
  12. Cam Newton and the Burden of History

    This should be required reading 
  13. So you are going to a Trump rally in Park City, Utah?
  14. cbssports website is a complete sh!thole these days.  They are in the process of firing everyone and becoming an aggregate site anyway
  15. Even if true these voided contracts does not mean the players are done with the Panthers.  It is just a cap manipulation tactic   I think, but I don't understand half the cap poo