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  1. teeray

    political censorship, new part of the lefts platform

    This is what these guys dont get. Free speech works both ways.
  2. teeray

    Alex Jones

    CNN's track record is infinitely better than Alex Jones. There is also journalistic standards by media outlets that most abide by, and although there are times when they get a story wrong or have bad sources or misunderstand sources, if you cant understand the difference between an organization like CNN and InfoWars you are a dummy
  3. teeray

    Alex Jones

    You have to separate certain things when you discuss crap like this. Economic policies in Germany were actually quite effective but economic policy (which is what socialism is) is separate from something like Nationalism which is an ideology. Also sharing some economic ideals doesn't mean that Democratic Socialists share in the racism and designs of world domination that fueled Hitler. That came from the ideology of Aryan supremacy and white nationalism. If you want to have this conversation you have to compartmentalize the conversation beyond the dumb surface level stuff of "derpy they had Socialist in their name derpa"
  4. teeray

    Alex Jones

    Kudos to these companies. Free speech doesn't mean speech without consequences and YouTube and Spotify have their own rights to free speech. That is why the "derp free speech taken away" stuff is bullshit. They dont want free speech they want speech without accountability or consequence. But we have free speech too. And we can use our free speech to squash bullshit like Alex Jones. Alex Jones is entitled to say whatever he wants but he isnt entitled to a microphone. He is just entitled to say what he wants without government prosecution.
  5. teeray

    Proof DEW's are being used in the cali fires

    Maybe. Eric Bischoff raised either 20 million or maybe 60 million My offer numbers may be off but Bischoff is the one that had a LARGE offer to buy WCW and it was still sold to WWE for pennies on the dollar
  6. teeray

    Proof DEW's are being used in the cali fires

    If you want to see how an actual monopoly is created without government assistance go see how WWE using, not public demand, but money and resources to bury all the territories that were popular in their areas and either then absorbed them or ran them out of business by using MONEY to sabotage them. Not government aid. In fact there were other people offering up to $20 million dollars for WCW in 2001 but because of a backroom deal with the guy in charge of the sell of WCW, Vince was able to buy WCW for only 3 million dollars. Thus effectively creating a monopoly on the wrestling business even tho there are still some mom and pop shops hanging around that squeak out a tiny profit. And frankly they only exist because Vince McMahon allows them to so he can claim he isnt a monopoly.
  7. I mean....he just said it right? The campaign had a meeting with Russian operatives who said they wanted to meet on behalf of the Russian government to conspire against the United States and Hillary Clinton. That is collusion with a foreign adversary to help get himself elected. He basically just thew everyone under the bus except himself.
  8. Cam must of taken the last Krispy Creme donut keeping NoHands McChubbers from polishing off an even dozen They were never the same afterward
  9. teeray

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Two fuktards that are dead to me. Enjoy IMPACT Wrestling or whatever the fug you are doing these days and STFU
  10. Enjoy your January's off Kelvin.
  11. Or if his fat ass could get open and didn't need a pinpoint pass just to have a chance to catch a ball woulda helped too. There is a reason Cam was MVP when Benjamin missed the year. Luckily that extra layer of fat will keep him warm in Buffalo