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  1. Well... behind all the Hornets And Curry But other than that Kevin Durant has moved to the upper echelon of my highly coveted fandom http://espn.go.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/17685/nba-star-kevin-durant-sees-cam-newton-winning-mvp-super-bowl Who is your MVP? "Cam Newton. It’s easy for you to say (Tom) Brady because he’s actually throwing the ball a lot. Cam, they have a really good defense and a really good running game, but he’s running the ball himself and he’s passing. They’re 11-0 and they’re playing great football; dominant football. And he’s the leader. Without him, they wouldn’t be who they are, so you’ve got to give it to him. Who is the Defensive Player of the Year? "You’ve got to go either Josh Norman or Luke Kuechly. You don’t throw the ball to Norman. He’s looking like the best corner in the league. Kuechly’s got a couple picks himself and he leads them in tackles, I think. There are so many defenses players I probably haven’t watched as much, but you have to go with the Panthers.’" Who will win the Super Bowl? "Carolina. They’ve just got the total package on both ends. Their linebackers are as quick as cornerbacks. Their cornerback is the best in the league. The offensive line has gotten better protecting Cam. They're running it well, and he’s passing it well. I just feel like they have it all."
  2. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Trust the Nippleshorts 
  3. Didnt doubt his production.  Did doubt his ability to stay healthy with heavier workload 
  4. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    We needed it.  He is now our asshole so I hope he pisses every opponent off.  Glad we got him
  5. Syrian refugees

  6. I agree with others that he should be commended for his convictions and not compromising his personal morality.                                    But seriously Tim.  You are an idiot.
  7. Yep.  Shooter may have had more weapons and ammo that way.  May have ended even worse.
  8. James vs. Newton

    Cam would post his ass up on the block.   Rivera looking like proud papa bear in the background FTW
  9. Yep. Wait.  What the fug was a Bears fan doing there?
  10. Suspect was decribed as a 40 year old white male.     I kid I kid
  11. True about motive.  But I was going off your own premise that he was a pro-life violent extremist.  It is reasonable to be pro-life, and oppose abortions.  But Planned Parenthood is a women's health center, not really an abortion clinic (only a tiny fraction of their services revolve around abortions).  They also do not profit off of fetal tissue donations, they get reimbursed for expenses.  They provide legal health services for women.  They have been demonized as crazed murderers selling baby parts on the black market.  And politicians and "news" organizations have been willing to take people on that ride with them, padding their ratings, poll numbers, and donations. Like ISIS militants you've been lied to by the prophets of Fox News and I guess accept their teachings. 
  12. Science or Pleasure

    Then I am totally American.. America!!  Fug yeah!!  
  13. No you shouldn't judge all pro-lifers by one violent extremist.  Can't even fault this guy.  He is just listening to politicians and Fox News exaggerating or flat out lying about institutions like Planned Parenthood. Being pro-life is a perfectly reasonable position to take in my opinion.  Demonizing women's health clinics and saying they are murdering babies and selling their body parts for profits is the radicalization of the pro-life ideology.  So in your analogy as I read it, Muslims would be pro lifers in general.  ISIS is the people who have misrepresented what Planned Parenthood actually does, embraced fuzzy doctored videos, and demonized a women's health clinic as the alter for Satan for political or commercial gain (Fox News) Funny, your sarcastic attempt at being funny is maybe your most reasonable post in weeks
  14. Counting this one?  About 6 in last 4 months https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2015/10/02/four-arsons-74-days-planned-parenthood-clinics http://bigstory.ap.org/article/816d1ad6fb95489eb42df19acd34c151/intruder-hatchet-smashes-planned-parenthood-clinic  
  15. @Jessica9NEWS: One law enforcement official & at least one civilian dead. #ColoradoSpringsShooting #PlannedParenthood #9news