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  1. teeray added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    Interestingly here in NC Republicans have been pushing for protections from these type of recordings to expose business practices by saying they are an invasion of privacy.
    It actually passed but McCrory vetoed it
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  2. teeray added a post in a topic RR/Getty PC today   

    Going to let Stephen Hill legal process play out.
    I mean... you dont just cut the next Calvin Johnson
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  3. teeray added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    Are people still upset that PP is donating fetal tissue?
    I can understand being upset over the tone of the PP employer, but other than that what is the big deal?
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  4. teeray added a post in a topic Hornets Can't Escape Mediocrity   

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  5. teeray added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    Also the "War on Drugs" was started by Nixon not Reagan.  Reagan did however start turning the war more into heavy mandatory sentencing for drug abusers, and that was followed by every president until Obama.
    I dont doubt their original intentions but it has been an abject failure
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  6. teeray added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    You also have to look at time and context when talking about Reagan's ecomomic policy (or at least tax policy)
    We were overdue for a major tax cut and the economy had stagnated.
    In 1980 we were in 2015 bizzaro world.  Everything was opposite as it is now.  
    My problem is that everyone picks sides and sticks with it despite economic indicators and environment.  In 1980 we needed a big economic stimulus.  I think back then the wealthiest had about 8% of total wealth (or maybe income I will have to double check) and a 70% marginal rate.
    Now that number is anywhere from 15%-22% depending on what study you believe and we have sticky wages.
    I get pegged as a liberal because of my support of raising taxes on wealthy and/or raising the minimum wage. But it isnt because of any liberal predisposition, it is because I feel that is best way to move economy back to an equilibrium that promotes more economic stablility, helps support the middle class, and helps our debt problem based on where we are at right now economically.  We have errored on the side of supply side for way too long and the pendulum needs to swing the other way now.
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  7. teeray added a post in a topic LOL "Every story from every training camp Ever"   

    Lol.  The Golden Calf of Bristol mention got me
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  8. teeray added a post in a topic Coach Rivera's brother passes away from cancer   

    Damn.  Thoughts and prayers to his family :(
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  9. teeray added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    Like the guy who got shot outside his own house because a neighbor called the cops about a break in?
    Or the kid playing with a toy in a public park?
    Or the young man trying to find someone who stole a bike, called the cops, and then who was shot because he was taking off his hat after police told him to do so?
    Or the young kid who wa asked to get his liscense out of his car and was shot because he was doing just that?
    Or the young man shot at Walmart because he had a toy gun he picked up off the shelf?
    On and on it goes.
    I am sure they all liked the fact that they could live a happy life too.... until they couldnt because their lives were taken from them unnecessarily.
    Cops in the US kill over a thousand people a year.  In Germany they kill 4.  In Vietnam over 20 years US soldiers dies at a rate of about 500 a year.
    All of these stories tie back into our police policies and rules of engagement.
    Not only should this be reported on, it is long overdue.  
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  10. teeray added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    If it werent for body cams this guy would have gotten away with it and other cops would corroborate his story.
    You cant just fugging shoot people in the damn head.  Wow.
    I dont know what else to say.
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  11. teeray added a post in a topic Buh bye Stephen Hill   

    He got caught with weed?  pffft
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  12. teeray added a post in a topic Foxnews race baits and hit it big with their base   

    To an extent that is true.  But Republicans have dismissed virtually every historically credible entity as just liberalism engaged in a widespread conspiracy.  
    Think about the things they dismiss as liberal bias:
    Network News (i am not talking about 24 hour news)
    Academic studies
    Sociological studies
    Watchdog organizations like the ACLU (who ironically is representing the KKK in a current case) and SPLC
    History professors
    School faculty
    Climate change experts (even those in other countries)
    Public universities and their professors in general
    They have effectively demonized nearly every source for credible information as blanket liberalism.  And thusly has successfully cut off any form of information outside themselves as "biased" and "untrustworthy".  Then they roll out a "Fair and Balanced" moniker and people's only source of information that republicans can trust come from this one entity.  
    They and their partners control the narrative without repercussions because anyone who challenges their information are liars, conspirators, haters, or crooks.
    They have set themselves up and operated very similarly to what you would see in Scientology or another powerful cult.
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  13. teeray added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    They are.  The Law Enforcement Bill of Rights that have been pushing and getting passed in different states by the police unions is a joke.  Makes is extremely difficult to properly investigate accusations or get police officers charged.
    That needs to change as well.
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  14. teeray added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   


    They may not control for prior records, but conviction rates and charges rates show that there is a huge discrepancy and that in general law enforcement is treated more lightly than general public
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  15. teeray added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    I am somewhat busy today, I will try to find the article where I read that and post it, but my memory is that it was compared to other first time offenders of the same crimes 
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