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  1. Ted Cruz drops out. Let the pun wars begin.

    Sanders still winning states even though primary is all but over does not make Hillary look good. There is a good possibility that one of these parties looks back in November and think "Wow. We fugging blew it against their terrible candidate by nominating Trump/Hillary. We shoulda won this"
  2. Ted Cruz drops out. Let the pun wars begin.

    Wow. I expected him to stay in until the convention but it looks like Trump may get majority on first vote now even if Cruz did stay in. This is probably best for Republican party honestly (election wise) So much for all the naysayers who kept predicting Trump's doom was right around the corner early on. Trump vs Hillary America!!! Fug yeah!!!
  3. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Meh. He will sell himself. Or he won't
  4. Cowherd, Skip, and now Trent is leaving? Wow. ESPN may be getting watchable again
  5. I have no hate for Josh Norman. Just we arent going to pay a CB the amount of money he got paid in our system.
  6. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Yeah. I told you guys this in the UDFA thread :-P. Just kidding He is valuable because of his versatility. This was a really good pick up for the type of defense we like to play (a lot of nickel packages)
  7. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    See. This is what I am talking about. According to this they nixed a Becky Lynch vs Emma match for last night. http://nodq.com/wwe/464219925.shtml But they had fugging time for a 30 minute in ring promo by the McMahons with 3 full entrances and CM Punk chants with a conclusion that literally could have done with a 5 minute backstage promo. Smh.
  8. What if.......

    No. She is Mothra. Duh.
  9. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    That line had me dying laughing
  10. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Yeah I agree on Sasha. It is because she has barely been on TV since she got called up. She was part Team BAD, which was what it was, but she was never able to really shine on that multiple faction cluster they were doing. Then she kinda disappeared for a while. Came back to a huge pop at Royal Rumble. But then immediately put the breaks on so Charlotte could wrestle Brie Bella at Fastlane because Daniel Bryan retired, and then Natty at Roadblock. Then tore the house down with a great match at Wrestlemania with Becky and Charlotte. Squashed Summer Rae. Then dissapeared again. Sasha and Becky had so much momentum coming out of Wrestlemania and they both have been pushed off TV for whatever reason. And I feel like right now they have no idea what to do with Bayley, so it looks like they are going to do an injury angle. Honestly she had no business staying in NXT after NXT: Dallas. They should have just called her up. Smarkamania was hot for her and she had nothing left to do in NXT. They missed an opportunity there. But she would probably just dissapear too. I get the feeling maybe she has a rematch with Asuka at NXT: Brooklyn II. But I dont even see why that is even necessary. Just let Asuka do her thing and move Bayley on up and get her out of the way because Asuka is still in Bayley's shadow as long as Bayley stays in NXT. You would think she HAS to debut no later than the RAW after SummerSlam
  11. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Oh. And I honestly thought Enzo might have been dead. He hit the back of his head right at the base of his skull really, really hard. Worst place possible. Glad he is relatively okay and was released from the hospital. Could have been much, much worse. Unfortunate because they were on fire too. Get well soon Enzo Payback ended up being a really good PPV. I was hoping for some Bullet/Balor club clarity by the end of the night, but whatever. A fun main event nonetheless. Sami and KO are going to fight forever. Doesnt matter who won or lost. They are the Peter and the Chicken (from Family Guy) of wrestling world. Hate trumps sportsmanship.
  12. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    WWE has actually been very good since Wrestlemania. I agree with Lomez with the ending of the women's match. Honestly though, with all due respect to Natty who is a fine wrestler, fans really just want the 4 horsewomen and no one else right now. The rumor is they are holding off on Sasha vs Charlotte for SummerSlam. But that brings me to another point The fans keep chanting "We want Sasha". And I agree that can be irritating. But here is a novel concept that could help with that: GIVE THE FUGGING FANS SASHA BANKS!!! Damn. She doesnt have to be in the title picture yet. Just give her some matches on RAW that arent crammed into an 8 women tag match. Maybe a match on the PPV pre-show to placate fans who want to see her. RAW and PPVs are at least 3 hours long. WWE needs to find time for 2 women's segments each RAW. Even if one is just a squash match to say "Hey here's Sasha" NXT has women's matches on the regular (usually one per hour of programming), and that is how they built their women's division. That is the only way that RAW will do it. They dont all have to be long matches or long in ring promos. For instance, there was nothing wrong with Sasha Banks coming out and kicking Summer Rae's ass the night after Wrestlemania in 3 minutes. And if you think it is bad now, wait until Bayley comes up. She has already hijacked one RAW and she has never stepped foot on the main roster yet. They took a step in the right direction by getting rid of the term "Divas". Now they need to actually embrace their talented women to give the division the credibility they deserve. If you give the 4 horsewomen a chance, they wont let you down. /rant
  13. How many ways can

    I would be interested to see exactly ehat they are funding. Climate science is not just one thing. Climate change affects several aspects of the Earth. Most studies these days are not on climate change itself. That science has been pretty much concluded. The studies going on today are more directed towards the effects of climate change. And those studies are going on in several different areas of science in several different places. This sounds eerily like other things Republicans say when they make fun of different scientific research that may sound silly to their constituents, but are really important meaningful research that are working on cures for diseases or better understanding of biology for real world benefits.
  14. Panthers Tango with Cash

    Put sone weight on this kid and he can be that third hybrid LB/S in certain nickel and dime packages Great pick up because of his versatility.
  15. Falcons Produce UDFA Recruitment Video

    That is adorable. Enjoy still sucking