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  1. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    Which is ironic since half of them have blocked me on twitter for politely disagreeing with them or one of their articles.   
  2. Mike Shula's EGO

    The Shula hate is old.  Denver has a great defense and we played poorly collectively. Not every play call is perfect, but we did enough to win that game, but fugged it up with pre snap penalties and turnovers. You guys are no better than the Cam Newton haters who cant wait to get your claws out whenever things dont go well.
  3. Not a thing.  Can barely look at my twitter feed becauae i just get pissed off
  4. This was a magical season even if it didn't end the way we all hoped. They deserved that welcome.  Good job PantherNation. 
  5. I am usually pretty cordial to most posters.  But you need to just go away
  6. We will win the NFC South if we stay healthy nd think we will return the pieces to make a run at it.
  7. Winning with grace

    So everyone playes extra hard and we still won 17 games?  Dang.  We were pretty good.
  8. Winning with grace

    Yeah, this is apples and oranges.  Having fun and celbrating on the field is different than talking poo about your opponents to the media after beating them.  
  9. This 10000%  greaat read
  10. Poo happens guys http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Peyton-Manning-storms-off-Super-Bowl-field-Is-h?urn=nfl,218314   Peyton Manning(notes) didn't shake hands with New Orleans Saints players after his Indianapolis Colts lost 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV. Apparently some think this is a sign of poor sportsmanship from the NFL's greatest player. It's not. Walking off the field without congratulatingDrew Brees(notes) may go against our misguided notion of what sportsmanship should be, but it wasn't at all disrespectful or bitter. It shows how much Peyton Manning wanted to win the game. And who can argue about that? 
  11. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    Meh.  We moved the ball a little  If you have 4 turnovers against a top shelf defense you are going to struggle.
  12. Cam was let down by his offense

    They all let us down on offense.  Lets not play blame game.
  13. Blandino on the no catch call

    The ball never touched the ground
  14. Cam pouting at the podium

    People joining the Huddle in numbers to express joy at us losing If you are Broncos fan talking poo to a fanbase is down makes you more of a dick than Cam not talking to the media. If you arent a Broncos fan, I apologize for humiliating your team to the point you had to set up an account here to gloat over a game you were not good enough to participate in