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  1. teeray added a post in a topic FREE HEALTH CARE!!   

    As the ACA is implemented there will be adjustments but eventually rates will stabilize.
    Insurance companies can request rate hikes but that doesn't meant they will get them.  Anything over 10% has to be justified to a commission.
    It shows how important this law is.  There was obviously pent up demand for health services that were not available or not affordable before ACA.
    The rate increases are a result of people getting the health care they desperately need.
    That is a good thing
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  2. teeray added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    Did you watch the Obama eulogy in Charleston?
    They are outraged.  Just because they didn't riot doesn't mean they aren't outraged and tired of societal structures of oppression.  
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  3. teeray added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    So are you saying that those two life experiences are why you hate black people?
    Or are you saying that black people not showing proper humility perpetuates racism?
    I swear, as soon as some of you guys post "reverse racism" is the real issue and until we deal with it nothing will ever change the predictable posters jump in with pie and support.
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  4. teeray added a post in a topic Does Bernie Sanders have a chance in this thing?   

    It has been there before.  I don't believe it was ever lower than  @70% between 1950 and when Reagan took office in 1980.
    At its highest it was at 92% I think
    We also had great economic growth with those high marginal rates.
    Not saying we should go that high again (neither is Sanders), just saying we have been there and people still worked hard to be wealthy and economy was strong
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  5. teeray added a post in a topic Whispers going around that US might create new alternative currency   

    Sounds like another reason to raise minimum wage nationwide.  If it results in increasing of prices for consumer goods that means inflation increases which means feds rates can go up.
    Win win and economy will be stronger, more stable, and better equipped to deal with future shocks
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  6. teeray added a post in a topic Which Would You Rather?   

    I am just happy to be there
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  7. teeray added a post in a topic Summer League First Impressions   

    Harrison needs serious consideration for that 3rd PG and 3rd SG spot
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  8. teeray added a post in a topic Summer League Thread 2015   

    PJ looks overweight.  He looks like he gained weight and lost definition in his arms.
    He has no lift or rhythm on his jumper.
    I am officially worried about PJ
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  9. teeray added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    No.  All that is from several different studies/analysis from many different research groups and universities and also from the Census Bureau .  Also I don't believe  anything I posted was from that Young Invincibles study
    I also don't visit think progress unless someone posts a link here.  The only partisan websites I visit with any regularity is HuffPo and Drudge.  Drudge just to see what is on there, HuffPo more for their entertainment news section 
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  10. teeray added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    What do you feel about the double standard of a black person with the same degree as a white person is about twice as likely to be unemployeed?  Notice I said "same degree" not just a degree.
    What do you feel about the double standard of white people and black people using recreational illegal drugs at the same rate, but black people are I think 8 times more likely to go to jail for it?
    What are your feelings on the double standard white people receiving lighter sentences for similar crimes by black people?
    What are your feelings about the double standard on a white high school dropout being more likely to find a job than a black college student?
    What are your feelings on the double standard that and application with the name John is 50% more likely to get a call back than the same exact application from an applicant named Tyrone?
    What about the double stadard that white males still make up 75% of business executives despite being 38% of the population?  What about the double stadard that black people both male and female are only 6% of executives despite being 20% of population?
    I know that the REAL double standard is a Harrison twin saying the n-word without getting in trouble, or the fact that some black people are also racists, but where do you fall on these blatant double standards?
    For all this "preferential treatment" blacks have been getting for 50 years now hard to believe they are still so far behind oppressed white people plagued by reverse racism with similar credentials and/or faults.
    I am sure by doing away with "preferential treatment" they will catch right up right?
    Hmmmm.  I wonder if you will try to "rationalize" these double standards or just admit that these actual real life double standards exist.
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  11. teeray added a post in a topic For this point forward I'm identifying as "white" and nobody can tell me otherwise   

    Meh.  To be fair I thew in several caveats and said that Nazis were an evil regime, said their medical gains came in part from human experimentation on Jews, and said they should be condemned for their atrocities.
    Two things.  One, your criticism cuts both ways, I am not sure if it was you or someone else but it has pointed out that Hitler was leader of the socialist party, and then the leap was made that if you support some economic policies of Nazi Germany you must agree with genocide of Jews.  Equally rediculous.
    Secondly, if people agreed with KKK on gun rights issue, or only trading with countries with proper environmental protection, etc. no one would make that leap.
    But when someone fundamentally agrees with white supremacy groups on issues of policy directly or indirectly dealing with race then that deserves scrutiny.  
    So what I posted doesn't really apply as I don't agree on policies of Nazism dealing with Jews, or policies directly or indirectly harming the Jewish community.
    I do agree that most things (like what is discussed in that thread I posted) in the the world are grey.  Even evil regimes like Nazism can produce good things that can be learned and adapted into out own policies, culture, and/or technological advancements.
    That shouldn't be a controversial idea IMO and is probably why no one made a big deal about it.
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  12. teeray added a post in a topic Summer League First Impressions   

    Didn't get around to watching until this morning.  Good write up JJ.  Here are some or my thoughts:
    Kaminsky has a good skill foundation for success.  Meaning he has high basketball IQ, nice jumper, decent handle for a big, etc.  He just needs to keep building confidence and his body.  He is a little weak and got pushed underneath on rebounds and is a step slow on defense.  But just strength and confidence will go a long ways for him because he has the skill.  He isn't "raw" and can help from day 1.  Defense and rebounding will still be a bugaboo out of the gate which for a defensive minded coach may limit his minutes more than fans will probably like at first (I know he had 12 rebounds but he could have had several more and got pushed around a bit)
    PJ is bigger.  And I am not sure that is a good thing.  Frankly, he looks overweight to me.  He has gained size and lost definition in his arms.  He didn't have any lift on his jumper.  I am worried about PJ.  He needs to be losing weight to have better lateral movement on defense and to have better rhythm and lift on his shot, and looks like he is going in opposite direction.  Personally I would like to see him lose 10-15 pounds.  Still had some good moments though.
    Troy Daniels looked fine.  Missed some shots he will normally make.  Shot it poorly but for now will write it off as a one game anomaly.
    Aaron Harrison was our best guard yesterday.  Took a couple bad shots but made several hustle plays and showed his explosiveness getting to the rim.  I think he is the type of versatile combo guard that should be considered as being signed as 3rd PG and SG.  I hope MJ gives him strong consideration for a roster spot.
    That Qvale or whatever his name is also impressed me with his effort and hustle as well as some nice plays on defense.  Doesn't really matter because there is no spot for him on our roster.
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  13. teeray added a post in a topic I like bodycam's.... cops don't get enough credit   

    If that is the rules of engagement than there should be nearly zero excuse for ever shooting an unarmed man.
    If you are only threatening or have your hand near your waist band you are not yet weilding a deadly weapon.  It is also not articulable that a threat is imminent.
    Also rules of engagement as I understand it and as I was using the phrase is not just about deadly force but how to engage a possible suspect in different situations.
    Also, I don't know all the answers, but there should be committees and task forces to investigate alternative methods of engagement by police and to look into police training.
    Contrary to what you probably think of me I don't hate cops.  My uncle was a cop for 30 years, one of my childhood friends was a cop who used lethal force in a controversial situation that ended with him being fired.
    I do think racial bias plays a part in some of what we see happening not just in deaths but in disproportionate arrests of black people.  I also think that training may be antiquated, I think they have become to militarized, and I think they escalate situations that lead to use of force in situations in which it is not necessary.
    No I think this case was justified, and am glad there were body cams to remove any doubt.  Shows how body cams not only protect citizens, but also cops.  All the more reason they should be on every cop.
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  14. teeray added a post in a topic I like bodycam's.... cops don't get enough credit   

    I also dont see too much controversy on this one.
    But the overall training and rules of engagement still need to be revamped nationwide 
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  15. teeray added a post in a topic Shocker: Socialist Sanders supported Communist dictators   

    Well, yeah the Nazis do deserve praise for that, and condemnation for their human rights violations and other atrocities.
    Nazis for all their faults made huge leaps in medicine, science, technology, architecture, and even film that are now used all over the world including the US.
    That doesn't mean they were not an evil regime.
    ETA:  Nazis made large leaps in medicine but it should also be noted how they obtained data to make some of those leaps.  Like torture of Jews. 
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