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  1. Cam would be in jail if he did that.
  2. Scott Simonson saved his sister's life

    Not even going to lie, it was hard to hold back the feels reading that. Can't even imagine what his father felt that day in the car.
  3. Super Bowl 50 Loyalty State By State

    "Well, 'aight, check this out, dawg. First of all, you throwin' too many big words at me, and because I don't understand them, I'm gonna take 'em as disrespect. Watch your mouth and help me with the sale."   :-)
  4. Pair of Superbowl Tickets for $3,000

    Not that it matters in this case, but just because someone has a low post count you shouldn't assume they haven't been around a while. I was here long before the big server crash, I just don't post much.  :-) But thanks for offering these up. Hopefully a Huddler can get them.
  5. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Josh wasn't going to let Prime off the hook. Loved it!
  6. Cam, Seriously Bro?

    Seriously, as long as he brings us a SB, IDGAF what he wears.
  7. Evolution of the QB

    Going to share on the FB.
  8. Wait... what?

    There are several I'd like to forget.
  9. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I'm late to this thread but I'll post my racist story. Around Thanksgiving, I played golf with my uncle who is in his 60's but is a good guy. The other 2 guys that played with us used to work with him and I had never met them. We're waiting on the first tee talking football and how the Panthers had spanked the Cowboys. One of the guys, probably in his mid 50's says Carolina will never win a Superbowl with that n***** as their QB. Honestly, I was shocked to hear that. Talking to his friend he said I'll bet you $50 right now he won't win one. I spoke up and said he might not, but there have been plenty of good/great QBs that haven't won a SB and I cited Marino. He didn't say much more after that. The other guy was an asshole for totally different reasons. My uncle called me a week or 2 later to see if I wanted to play and I asked who else was playing. He said the same 2 as last time. I declined his invitation. I might have to accept next time just to talk poo about how well Cam has played this year.
  10. Since the game is going to be much closer to Denver than NC do you think the Broncos will have more fans there or will it likely be about 50/50? I've also been wondering if the Panthers offense will continue their tradition of giving away touchdown balls. I imagine as a player it would be hard to give away a SB ball.
  11. I’m sure this was probably discussed in the game day thread, but what was that BS with forcing us to take a timeout because the ref was standing over the ball with the play clock about to run out? Luckily in that game wasting a TO was no big deal, but next time it might be.   I realize that sometimes the play clock doesn’t get reset when it should, but the refs have to recognize that and correct the situation. As Cam was pleading his case they were basically like “fug you, we don’t care if it’s our mistake that you couldn’t snap the ball.”   Maybe I'm off base and totally misread the situation, but that’s what it looked like to me.
  12. Coach Beam to the Super Bowl?

  13. Ted Ginn Jr

    I was about to post the same thing. I thought it was great that Ted didn't give up on the play.
  14. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    That Denver D can get after the QB.