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  1. Somebody probably should have blocked Luke on that play.
  2. That Denver D can get after the QB.
  3. ACobra289

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    I could be wrong, but I don't really see the field being a big advantage for us other than we are somewhat used to it. I have always considered the offense to have the advantage on fields with footing problems. They know where they are going, and the defense has to be reactive.
  4. ACobra289

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    And now the ref cant flip a coin.
  5. ACobra289

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    I think that has to stand as a catch.
  6. ACobra289

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    There were 2 penalties. 30 yards.
  7. ACobra289

    What Saints Fans are Saying

    As long as a hurricane doesn’t hit between now and game time and draw the sympathy of the nation and the NFL/Refs, we should win this game handily.
  8. Now lets get a turnover here and put 7 more up before the half.
  9. WTF is Ginn stepping out there for? He could have followed Greg in. Damn! That better not cost us any points
  10. Not a good pass. Threw it behind him.
  11. My main takeaway from this is how bad it would suck to get attacked by a big cat. Nice job though. :)
  12. Why did Cam not throw that ball away????
  13. Even if he isn't getting sacks hopefully he'll get pressure to force some bad throws.
  14. Somebody needs to post this thread over on the Falcons forum.
  15. ACobra289

    Beginning of the End For the Redskins?

    Why not keep the same logo but just change the name to something like the Warriors?
  16. ACobra289

    Women USA vs Japan World Cup...

    Not a fan of those tats, but this pic makes my naughty bits tingle.
  17. ACobra289

    Women USA vs Japan World Cup...

    Be careful. You won't be able to un-see them.
  18. Your Twitter comments weren't negative?
  19. ​Might be taken at a shot? You are full of poo man. It was an obvious dig at Cam. I still don't understand why you are a mod here. Especially with your negative comments about the Panthers and Cam. Maybe you are Jeremy's boy, I don't know.
  20. ​Is that really your twitter that SCP quoted?
  21. Jeremy, does Hill look as fast on the field as his 40 time would suggest?
  22. I'm sorry, but the Panthers should have drafted him with one of their 5th rounders. PR be damned! Even with the culture right now in the NFL, I'm still shocked no team spent a late round pick on him. Almost makes you wonder if a mandate came down from Roger that forbade all the teams from drafting him.
  23. They've done studies you know, 60% of the time they catch it every time.
  24. Six Feet Under. The best series finale ever.