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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Did they just say Beasley caught that? lol
  2. todays practice tweets

    The injuries on the o-line are very worrisome now. We are very thin on depth with Norwell and Kalil out. Valesco was limited in practice today but it is only Wednesday so can't panic yet but it does raise concern.  Others have said it but I needed to state it one more time: Remmers at C and Daryl Williams at RT. Maybe the injuries force us to do that this game. I understand DW might not be ready, I think he only played 5 snaps last game, but I REALLY want to see this line-up. Maybe I'm not giving the Oher-Amini-Valesco-Turner-Remmers line up any credit Monday night though. I thought our pass blocking was decent but I wasn't impressed with our run blocking at all. Even with the decent pass blocking, I wonder how many times we went max protect. I understand the weather may have played a part in the line play but how confident are you with this line-up?
  3. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Stupid stupid