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  1. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Don't forget how Peyton defends his teammates either.
  2. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Come on now, Cam pouting is the worst offense in the history of the NFL. He will never be the paragon of class like Peyton Manning.
  3. at this point I wish you would an hero.
  4. That's all? So you became a fan in...2002? good job. I've been here since '95 boyo. I clearly remember this team beating the defending superbowl champions in their inaugural season, never done before by an expansion team. I remember the hits on Deion Sanders and Michael Irving that took them out of the game in the Divisional round in '97. I also remember the heartbreaker against Green Bay the next week. I remember the day when Jake Delhomme started a magic ride against the Jags that started us on the road to the first superbowl appearance. I also still have my Keep Pounding bracelet I bought for cancer research in 2004 (and still have) Should I also mention my Kevin Greene jersey? Before you run your mouth, realize who you're talking to. I've seen it all. And I've seen your kind too. hardly ever say a word until things go bad and you're little feefees get hurt. You lash out because things didn't go your way. I understand. It was a tough pill to swallow tonight. However, blaming Gettleman and calling Keep Pounding a retarded slogan just show how pathetic you are, and that you have no idea what the phrase actually means.
  5. >retard slogan Man you've been a fan for how long? If you knew anything you know what that slogan means. I think you need to take a break bro, go for a nice walk or something.
  6. you're one of those special people aren't you?