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  1. DOMOMAN added a post in a topic BREAKING: J.J. Watt Is Struggling to Find a Girlfriend: "I'm Trying, I'm Just Unsuccessful"   

    Quite a big deal here in Denmark when he was shown along side tennis player Caroline Wozniacki a few times, then again The Woz was also seen with Ryan Kerrigan of the Skins, so she might just be really into Football.. either way the Danes were already thinking of nicknames for them Wattniacki and CaroWatt i believe where some of the most horrible forced attempts.. 
    So just a reminder, JJ is insinuating he said no to this

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  2. DOMOMAN added a post in a topic DT Kenrick Ellis visited with Panthers today   

    Another local kid just like Bowers, went to South Carolina before moving to Hampton due to suspsension. Remember wanting him in the draft (instead of Fua and McClain) he just looks like a guy thats meant to be 300+ lbs, a natural big man.. not the freshest apple in the bunch though, has had some legal issues. Young, athletic 345lb guys don't hit the Free Agent market often, I say due dilligence nothing more
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  3. DOMOMAN added a post in a topic Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"   

    I will pay myself to get this gem shipped to Denmark so I can display it for the entire nation (by sneaking it onto the Danish broadcast of NFL games) so that they may bask in the glory of the Luke, as sure as my twitterhandle is @VonPultz89 !
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  4. DOMOMAN added a post in a topic Panthers working out former Clemson, Bucs DE Da'Quan Bowers   

    Local Kid, #1 Recruit, Potential top 5 pick in the loaded 2011 draft (the perhaps best defensive draft the past decade with Miller/Dareus/Peterson/Smith/Watt/Quinn/Kerrigan/Jordan/Houston/Sherman/Harris all Pro Bowlers) He's got size to play the Hardy Role (DE with some DT involved).. if he needs a change of scenery, he could be steal, if not he's out the door
    tl;dr Me Like
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  5. DOMOMAN added a post in a topic Re-Drafting 2011   

    Hypothetically taking Watt we would have used him as our DT, meaning either McClain or Fua doesn't get picked, which can only be an upgrade.. however it means going into 2011 Jimmy as QB.. 6-10 probably becomes 4-12 (I Assume rookie Cam was a 2 win upgrade over Clausen) and we pick 4 or 5 in 2012, still don't get Luck or RGIII and probably pick Tannehill.. so question is, who would you have: Watt at DT + Tannehill or Cam & Luke.. I'll take the 2nd option please, even if Fua or McClain is replaced with someone else (best case scenario Justin Houston, realistic scenario Chris Culliver)
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  6. DOMOMAN added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    Hope this forces them to try out Remmers at Left Tackle during camp.. although who am I kidding they'll go straight to Chandler 
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  7. DOMOMAN added a comment on a blog entry A case for Bismack Biyombo   

    If he can be the Baby Dikembe he was drafted to be it would be optimal scenario, his offence will never be anything, but Mount Mutombo was feared in the league for many years.. he's still 22 (we hope) and plays with heart and effort, normally big men flunk out because of lack of effort and we can't say that about Bismack. Good write up, loved getting some stats to back up a gut feeling that he's not as bad as the stat sheet sometimes says
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  8. DOMOMAN added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Kaminsky's guys don't want him to be here
    Even the namechange can't change the state of this franchise, The Browns/Raiders of the NBA.. the team has a reputation amongst agents and players, you think its Jordan? Cho? Some of the players? or just simply they've associated the team with mediocrity and failure that they automatically asume its a poo place to be?
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