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  1. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    I want to take a WR at some point in the draft or sign a guy. No guarantee KB comes back ready day one. Could take some time to find his rhythm and get into football shape.
  2. Supergirl

    looking forward to the flash crossover thinking she is gonna be from another earth from the flashes. since DC is going the multverse route
  3. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    Don't know how much it would have even helped...I put this on bad execution
  4. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    Everyone on that offense needs to share blame not just Shula..
  5. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Looks like this offense didnt come to play today
  6. Supergirl

    One guy with like three scenes a episode is killing the whole show for you? lol. He's not better of worse than any of the other characters to me.
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    This isnt about the OP specifically but I get second hand embarrassment seeing how fans act when they see a celebrity in public.  . Trying to sneak and take photos, videos of them just sitting there.   I don't even understand the point of some of it.
  8. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants

    Slow down. lol
  9. Marty Hurney

  10. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    The best take i probably saw was on His and Hers on ESPN2 today. Don't know if its online but I thought they summed it up pretty well.
  11. The Hateful Eight

    Wasn't my favorite. The first half really drug everything out too long for me..The second half picked up some steam Overall definitely at the bottom of the list for my fave QT films
  12. We win the SB, does C.J call it a night?

    why would he retire at 29 lol. Injuries are a part of the game. Doesnt mean he'll be here next year but I would imagine at the least he would see what a offseason of rest will do for his health.
  13. Cool Jon Beason article

    Funny thing was though, Rivera originally had Beason in the middle and Luke was on the outside. it wasnt until Beason got hurt that he moved him to the outside and they tried Beason on the outside but it didnt work out.
  14. Skip Bayless gets trolled by political media guy

    All that does is reminds me how far off the cliff Freeman fell..