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  1. Sign Anquan Boldin

    Gin is NOT a good option for the slot. His hands are too suspect. You put Ginn on the outside and Bokdin in the slot if you signed him.
  2. Gettleman is a genius

    Benjamin....damn people

    Exactly. We had one of the top ranked OL's last year.
  4. Insert 7th Rounder here

    I would love to take a flyer on this kid in the 7th
  5. Training camp is going to be entertaining with the battles at CB and S. We will see who rises to the top out of these good battles.
  6. My company issues Iphones and I just refuse to have or carry two phones. I will just entertain you guys with my deciphering an NSA document.

    I agree with you on FA. I think we can find better OL depth out of the final cuts than in the 5-7 rounds of the draft
  8. Think Peanut is coming back now?

    I think he would be a great mentor for these young guys. But it will be hard to fit him on the 53 man roster given how he wore down so quickly last year. I am confident that Wilkes can mold these young guys.
  9. Give it a rest little are embarrassing yourself. Which, is really the only thing that you have become good at.
  10. Yikes...what the hell did I type there. God I hate typing on an iPhone. You need fingers the size of a 3year old to not fug it up.
  11. Smaller than Norman. Looks more like a nickel DB to me. But, I like his speed and instincts.
  12. Yep. I see Bene and Boykin starting with Boykin sliding inside when we go 3cb's
  13. Tail between my legs? Think again you brainless little twit. Everyone has shown you over and over that you are a are just too damn stupid to even know or see it. Now go take a nap.
  14. Depending on the offenses personnel, we very well may play Shaq as that Buffalo Nickle. But, not when the other team goes wide with smaller receivers. Shaq can't cover slot WR's successfully. It will be a matchup and scheme thing.
  15. Dear really are a fuging moron. Newsflash...when EVERYONE is telling you that you are a fuging moron, that means that you ARE a fuging moron.