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  1. MadHatter added a post in a topic Bersin 4 targets 4 catches at the half.   

    Reliable target that moves the chains...guy just does his job
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  2. MadHatter added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    maybe because there is just as big of a competition at RB as wr with Whitaker, Todman, and Wegher.
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  3. MadHatter added a post in a topic Another police officer found to be member of Ku Klux Klan   

    And I am sure that if you looked, there would be cops who were members of the Black Panthers (an org no better than the KKK).
    There absolutely are racist cops.....on both sides of the fence.
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  4. MadHatter added a post in a topic King Suggests RGIII to Backup Cam   

    actually, I think Joe Webb is better than RGIII
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  5. MadHatter added a post in a topic Starters at WR not set in stone yet per Reed   

    Brown has the yips catching the ball right now.  He needs reps to work through this.  What better way than in a meaningless game against 2-3 stringers.
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  6. MadHatter added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    I love it when these marginally questionable cuts are made.  It makes for comedy gold watching the huddle implode.  Amazing how many people here "think" they know more about putting together an NFL team than guys who are paid a lot to do so.
    cut day threads are like watching a bunch of monkeys hump a football....priceless
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  7. MadHatter added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

    "Boiler Room" has some great quotes:
    Jim Young: They say money can't buy happiness? Look at the fuging smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby.
    Jim Young: Anybody who tells you money is the root of all evil doesn't fuging have any.
    Jim Young: And there is no such thing as a no sale call. A sale is made on every call you make. Either you sell the client some stock or he sells you a reason he can't. Either way a sale is made, the only question is who is gonna close? You or him? Now be relentless, that's it, I'm done.
    Greg Weinstein: Now there's two rules you have to remember as a trainee, number one, we don't pitch the bitch here.
    Seth Davis: What?
    Greg Weinstein: We don't sell stock to women. I don't care who it is, we don't do it. Nancy Sinatra calls, you tell her you're sorry. They're a constant pain in the ass and you're never going to hear the end of it alright? They're going to call you every fuging day wanting to know why the stock is dropping and God forbid the stock should go up, you're going to hear from them every fuging 15 minutes. It's just not worth it, don't pitch the bitch.
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  8. MadHatter added a post in a topic I am not positive Jameis Winston will survive long enough to face the Panthers   

    yes....that's why he threw 18 interceptions last season in the crappy ACC.
    what a joke
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  9. MadHatter added a post in a topic Who is going to the game Friday night?   

    Can't believe there are two others here partying in my neighborhood. 
    I will be in Section 540, Row 21, Seats 11-14
    Just stand up and yell "Where's that drunk idiot Madhatter".....I will buy you a beer.
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  10. MadHatter added a post in a topic This Jarrett Boykin highlight vid makes me feel good..   

    I usually bash PU for stupid threads.  However PU's statement was spot on.  His style of play in that highlight reel was similar to how KB plays.  He does s nice job being physical and out muscling the DB...just like KB does.  He did not say he was as good as KB in his statement.
    So actually, it was you that made a post that came fairly close to being non asinine.
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  11. MadHatter added a post in a topic Daryl Williams is the #1 graded OT by PFF   

    His grades are probably a little inflated...remember that he has been playing against backups in the preseason.
    I think the upside with this kid is big....just temper this a little bit now.
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  12. MadHatter added a post in a topic The absolute most heartbreaking thing about our WR situation..   

    That is the only reason I log on here watch the "madden generation" on here lose their minds every day.  It provides comic relief in an otherwise stressful day.
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  13. MadHatter added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson   

    those couple of plays show what this guy will be.  He is still raw and is learning new positions.
    i expect a mixed bag from him this season....full of flashes of greatness followed by rookie mistakes
    only thing I wonder about is what game huddlers will over react to a couple of mistakes and anoint him a bust.
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  14. MadHatter added a post in a topic Overreacting to Preseason Games   

    that's because the avg huddler is about 14 yo.
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