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  1. IMO, two players at each position you listed will not be there at 55. Jones, Michel, Kirk, Moore, Goedert and Geisicki in all likelihood will be gone end of first/early 2nd. Of the remaining players: Penny, Washington and Andrews, I'd take Penny. I'm not a fan of Washington and Andrews, though good, might not represent value at 55. Penny is a three-down back that would look nasty with CMC in our backfield. If we don't draft Reid at 24, I think SAF comes into play more in R2 with DeShon Elliot or maybe Bates, though Bates could creep up into the early-mid 2nd round.
  2. I'd take ESB or Gallup over Hamilton.
  3. Is Navarro the one that has been closely compared to JR for an owner? I know there was one prospective guy that people said has a similar MO as Richardson.
  4. Is it just me or is there overreaction to Bradberry's 2017 play? He turned in a pretty amazing rookie year and had a sophomore slump. He's still a really good corner, IMO and until I see another season like I did in 2017, I believe he is a potential CB1. I think our defense as a whole got exposed more last year than I can remember. Coleman was downright awful last year, Worley was Jekyll and Hyde and even guys like Luke and Shaq had moments of lapse. I think Wilks was to blame for a lot of it too. I think Cockrell will push Bradberry and we will have two solid starting corners....something we have not had for awhile. It's kinda like our WR position.... we don't have a true WR1, but Funch is pretty close to it and as a whole our unit is solid.
  5. DE Marcus Davenport or WR Calvin Ridley at 24

    I did in R2 chief. I know Reid is the guy everyone wants at 24, but DeShon Elliott is no joke and would be a nasty player in our secondary. The value didn't make Reid or even Harrison (if people like him) over guys like Ridley and Davenport.
  6. Insider Info about Possible trade

    ESB or Anthony Miller in R3 > trading for John Ross, and I am a huge UW/Ross fan. With Samuel's rookie year, I don't want to speedy guys coming off of injuries. ESB is a Martavis Bryant clone and Miller is a bit slower than Ross, but a good value. Ross has had too many injuries, and doesn't bring a 'veteran presence' that is preferred over rookies....in this case, only 1 year apart in draft classes. In fact, if we're trading a third round pick, then Martavis makes more sense.
  7. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    Tough way to go with the college route... any of the QBs worth an early pick doesn't make sense, but are better than Gilbert. Any QB in rounds 5-7 probably are worse than Gilbert. Unless one slips, but even then, you're raking through the likes of Kurt Benkert & Logan Woodside. Only ones that could fall would be White, but even he probably goes in the 4th, which would make us have to use a 3rd, so no thanks. I agree with the Gilbert mold or wait and see what can be had after all draftees have been signed, players have been cut and we can bring a vet like Matt Moore, Geno Smith, etc. Let's be real here...... Joe Webb is going to be signed at some point in August and our depth chart will be Cam, Webb, Gilbert
  8. Norv at Maryland pro day

    This is so true...look at what Norwell just got and what good tackles usually get on the open market. I for one hope the Moton to LG rumors are true because he is the difference maker on our OL this year. It would keep us from having to go G at 24 or even 55. Moton played G in school and is so intuitive and intelligent that he has a place on our line. Why not at least try him for a year at LG and see what pans out. It's not like we are trying to convert Munnerlyn to LG.
  9. Norv at Maryland pro day

    Moore is a first round selection for sure and I hope this board doesn't lose their mind when he is the selection. There would have to be quite a few "ifs" there for that to happen, but Moore is as close to Steve Smith as ive seen in awhile. Yes Diggs jumps out too BC he's recent, but I think Moore is more physical, faster and plays the game the way Smitty did....owning the CB every play regardless of size. Moores 50-50 play and high pointing in traffic is nasty and he is an outside WR, not just a slot guy that can beat you. Ridley and Moore are 1a &1b. Depends what kind of WR you want. Do you want Amari Cooper or do you want Steve Smith? I'm not a huge fan of WRs in this years class for what our roster needs and the depth we have, but Ridley, Moore & ESB are my 3 guys and if we end up with one of them I would be happy.
  10. Sanjay's ideal draft: R1: Mike Geisicki R2: Hayden Hurst R3: Mark Andrews R5: Dalton Schultz Convert Funchess back to TE and evolve our offense. Flip our 11-5 record to 5-11...because TE is what the difference in our season being successful and a flop.
  11. Don't play with me Saca....... I will find you and hunt you down. Haha....LOL.... But srsly.... don't play.
  12. Curious to see if the Panthers are on the clock at 24 and have both Davenport and Ridley still available, who would you take? Hernandez, Wynn, Alexander, Ward, James, Jackson, Guice as well as the early picks are all off the board. Still available: Reid, Price, & Oliver I just finished an online twitter mock and had this dilemma. I only want 3 WRs in this draft: Ridley, Moore and ESB. Ridley in R1, Moore in R2, not R1 unless everyone is off the board & ESB in R3. I love Davenport and think we need a DE but went with Ridley. My results through 3 rounds to go with no trades or player movement: R1: Calvin Ridley WR Alabama R2: DeShon Elliott SAF Texas R3: Chad Thomas DE Miami R3: Austin Corbett OG/C Nevada Running backs flew off the board and all TEs were gone early R3. Fumagalli went early R4, but wasn't worth the 88th overall pick....plus I prefer Shultz or Smythe over Fumagalli. I'm kind of regretting not going Davenport at 24 because I could have gotten ESB with one of my R3 picks and think we'd be better set for the future. However, giving Cam arguably the best WR in this draft was too hard to pass up. Funch-Ridley-Smith-Samuel-Wright-Byrd is a pretty stacked WR unit. The point of this is that I'm seeing how easy it is to poke and second-guess GMs on the draft. Hindsight is easy afterwards, but when you're in the moment, you make a move with a plan, only you have such little control over the direction it goes after that selection. So here I am waiting for my 5th round pick to come up and still need a RB, TE, CB and another SAF. I really thought I could get Penny/Johnson in R3 and a TE, but it didn't happen. I'm happy with the haul so far for us. Thoughts?
  13. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Weaker at LG, RB, TE and SAF. Better at DT, CB and WR. Still lots of time left until we kickoff in September. I think moves will be made to get a safety, LG, RB and TE with our first four picks. Honestly, I do think we have a couple of roster players like Samuel, Byrd, Elder, Hall, Moton & Seymour that will the opportunity to make us better. Bringing in Norv is boom or bust. The guy was and could still be an offensive wizard..... or he could be a guy in which the game passed him by and our offense will sputter. I feel like it's the former, especially with players like Cam, CMC, Olsen, Torrey & Wright. Give him a TE in one of the first three rounds and I think we'll be fine.
  14. I wonder if the 'Moton-to-tackle' convo is geared more towards Daryl Williams being a FA in '19. Not sure what kind of money he would command, but gotta think that if he has a typical contract year style of play this year and looks good, he could land in that $10M+ range. Do we pay that?