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  1. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Hmmmm...... former Denver Post writer and lived in Denver for awhile releases this news AM of the Super Bowl.   Total Bush League move.
  2. Clemson DE Kevin Dodd

    Doubt he makes it to 31, but if he's there, without a doubt, I'd love him in Carolina black and blue.  
  3. Emmanuel Sanders & JNo spar with words

    I wonder who JNo24 is going to summon as his alter-ego for this huge game. 
  4. Top Cat Shirt

    Def should've been labeled 'Big Cat' on the shirt. JR deserves some love, but with the Panthers' beauties holding down the title of Top Cats, I'd prefer a name change.   
  5. Brilliant all around interview and he is handling his first taste of Super Bowl spotlight like a veteran.  As for the reporter, Cam did a great job of shutting him down. He didn't BS anyone with company lines or avoid it, he gracefully answered the initial question and wisely rebuffed the additional attempts. Couldn't have handled it any better, and the smirk for a good 20 seconds after was icing on the cake. Cam was bothered, but he didn't let it rattle him. That's my quarterback.
  6. Cam, Seriously Bro?

    I'm okay with it. I think he's the new school version of Broadway Joe, but with a different skillset.  He basically doesn't give a fug what media or others think of him, blazes his own path, and has the confidence to back it up. There aren't many that could pull it off, for sure, but Cam is Cam.  I applaud it, and it actually looks good with the professional look he had on his upper body. I love hearing all of the hate and that this is such a big issue.... I think Cam knows what he's doing, and he needs to just keep doing it.
  7. Seattle Riot

    Seattle area fans - we have our viewing party spot locked down.  Doing it loft-style this time around, rather than a bar.   Pass on the link to Panthers' friends and family in the Seattle-PNW area.
  8. Denver 2016

    Odds that the NFL makes this the season opener in Denver on Thursday night?? I could honestly see this game or the Seattle game (Cam v. Russ) to open the season.  Either way it will be onnnnnnnn!
  9. SI Article About Broncos Pass Rush

    I would think Ginn & Brown opened some eyes after last week's performance against a good defense. Granted, the Cards' secondary is a little beat up, but PP was still on the field, as well as a good front 7.  Even Olsen broke 100 yards, so I'd think that Denver will have their hands full.  Ginn & Brown stepped up big time and at the best time of year. The more weapons we present, the more they have to respect it.  Less they forget about J.Stew and Tolbert too.  Though the Broncos also run the E-P system offensively, I'd hate to have to gameplan against our offensive concepts. 
  10. Oh hey...A future signing

    Not to steal the thunder from our most recent OL signing, but I totally forgot that DG snagged Yankey.  I remember being a huge Yankey fan when he was coming out of Stanford. Not that we need an OG, but his versatility is flexible enough to step in at OT too.  Amazing depth on this line.   God Bless you DG.
  11.   Dude was IR'd all season, despite being healthy. I had no idea he was that awful this past year.  He was in Arians' doghouse early and never made it out, though the former thinks he will be starting RT in '16. I was really pissed when the Cardinals snagged him one pick before us.  I know he wasn't everyone's choice, but considering what our OL situation was at that point, I really wanted him in Carolina.   Fast forward ahead to this season, and damn. Love Shaq and our OL was brilliant this year. 
  12. Pregame Field Stuff....

    Soooooo...... you're saying that Seattle sabotaged their NFC West foes by telling them to wear longer cleats in order to help us.   Mwahahahaha....  
  13. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I'm so stoked for this game to start.   Biggest home game in franchise history?? I feel like we've said that a couple of times this year already, but it's gotta be. BofA was rocking last weekend, and I can only imagine 75k fans should be standing for 3+ hours today...... or they better be!  I was at the New Orleans monsoon game and never experienced a professional game like that in person.  I hope today exceeds that and we make Panther Nation proud.   3.40pm can't get here quick enough..... guess I've gotta start drinking now.
  14. Any word on who's pounding the drum?? I searched but couldn't find anything. We knew about Proehl before the day of, IIRC... just curious if I overlooked it.