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  1. Soul Rebel

    Calvin Ridley - "footwork"

    I can't get those 45 seconds of my life back.
  2. I do agree that the day of WR1 studs like Moss, Irvin, Brown and Megatron are not as littered around the league. I think Funch will make huge strides in this offense and put up 1k yards and 8-10 TDs this year. I saw a switch flip with him last year where he stepped up. He played through injury, understood his importance amongst a bunch of raw players and really shifted his game as 'the guy' when KB was traded. I don't know what to expect in Norv's offense..... I feel like, as others have said, that Cam will be the star in this offense dishing the ball out to a number of receivers. Much like the NE and GB offenses that rely on strong QB play, scheme and players that fit the style of offense, I think there is no need for a 'WR1' here. That being said, I think Funch is hitting his prime and his stride after learning the position more and while the CMC's, Moore's and Samuel's are carving up the speedy flashy focal points, I think Funchess will be that Moose 2.0
  3. Soul Rebel

    Breeland visiting other teams

    I wish him the best of luck elsewhere and do wish he would've been here initially. However, he f'd up withholding that info about his injury, so he is a free agent and I don't have a lot of remorse for his status...he will get signed once he's healthy. Also not a fan of his attitude on twitter as if the teams (Carolina) are giving him a chip on his shoulder as if it wasn't his fault that he's in the situation he is in. Two sides of the coin.... 1. - I doubt we sign a DT like Poe if we sign Breeland. I think Cockrell + Poe > Breeland + some rando free agent DT. 2. - If we did sign Breeland, I doubt we go Jackson in R2. Probably could've went with Reid or Guice in R2 and held off on CB until later.... so his injury definitely affected our Draft, along with our FA spending.
  4. Op brings up a very valid and true comp with Sammy....Too bad the post devolved into a RB depth chart pissing contest. lol
  5. It's funny about Gaulden....I listen to and read draft analysts talk about him, and I hear waaaaaay more about him at corner than safety. Either they missed the memo on Hurney wanting to convert him to S or they just think we doubled down on corners. I haven't heard too many of them confidently announce him as a future safety in the league. I believe his skills and athleticism/intelligence will allow a move to safety, but it ain't happening in 2018 as a starter. I'd rather sign Reid and let Gaulden learn from three veteran safeties and mold the youngster into a starting safety a la the Honey Badger as others have compared him and let him be that flex hybrid NB/S roamer. I feel like that position is getting redefined lately and less of a specific round peg in a round hole kind of position. Guys like Shaq can slide into that Buffalo Nickel role and guys like Honey Badger can play that undersized safety/NB spot. Corners and safeties mixing up coverages pre-snap and then post-snap to disguise their coverage is kind of akin to receivers and backs motioning around to confuse defenses.
  6. Soul Rebel

    Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    This just continues to show me that our franchise is ok with scraps at safety. They have a veteran in Geathers and drafted a guy I really wanted last year, Malik Hooker. Yet they understand that they need more back there, and oh yeah, they cut the guy that is currently one of our starting safeties. I'm not a huge Boston fan, though maybe it took him a few years to come into his own, and he is a good safety now. I'd prefer Reid or Vacarro over Boston but would take any of these three. I'd actually welcome Ron Parker as well as a bridge guy to help support Gaulden in case he's not ready for primetime this year.
  7. Soul Rebel

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    He has to get cut. Bradberry, Cockrell, Jackson, Seymour, Gunter, and Elder are then there's still Sanchez (dont care for) & Luke showed flashes. Munnerlyn is nothing more than a veteran voice in the locker room that runs really hot and cold, and looked AWFUL last year. Dont want to waste a roster spot on him.
  8. Soul Rebel

    Would you rather have Derwin James?

    I'm happy with Moore & Jackson, but really.....really wanted James. There's no way for sure to say the rest of the draft would have panned out the way it did, but based on who was available for us in the third, I would be happy with the trade, because we could have had... R1: Derwin James R2: Pick traded for James R3: WR Michael Gallup or Antonio Callaway. Gallup is a sleeper and a great all around WR, but we probably would have had to give up a 6th to move up for him.....I'm ok with this. Callaway is a Josh Gordon level player on and, more so, off the field. Neither may be Moore, but would have given us a nasty WR weapon for Cam R4: Ian Thomas So, for me it comes down to James + Gallup/Callaway better or worse than Moore + Jackson + Gaulden.
  9. Soul Rebel

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    I was expecting in the $2M range based off what Blount got on his 1-yr deal. This is excellent. The usual suspected cuts of Shep, Fozzy & Jones should open up money for a SAF. I really wish Petty would've dropped down the waiver wire after the Jets cut him. Would have been a great value for QB2 at under $1M.
  10. I think CMC and Samuel will flourish in this offense. Samuel is getting overshadowed by Moore and Smith, but I think his skillset is so flexible in Norv's system. He can carve out a niche between Olsen, Funchess and CMC, while Moore gets attention and also kill a defense in motion and out of the backfield. I think he is more of Percy Harvin for Norv than Moore....with Moore being more Smitty/Diggs.
  11. This would be a disaster IMO. Adams is serviceable but each year longer in the league, he becomes more of a liability and needs a partner to cover his flaws. Searcy is a 7 year younger Adams....same issue. Good guy if he has a better compliment beside him. Jones is a ST player and maybe an occasional sub-package DB....he scares me when I see him on the field. Gaulden is a late third-round rookie that is seen equally as much as a corner as a safety. I do think he will be a good safety in time, but not in year one. Bottom line is we need to get Eric Reid, Kenny Vaccarro, Tre Boston or kick the tires in Seattle on Earl Thomas trade. It would probably cost us a 2nd next year, but to add one of the league's best safeties to a promising Gaulden and young CBs like Bradberry, Jackson, Cockrell, Elder and Seymour is the kind of move that SB contending teams make. Doubt he actually gets traded, and I wouldn't want to give up a 2nd round pick, but man.....Earl roaming our secondary with Luke handling the guys up front would be a beautiful thing. I do agree adding a RB is equally as important, so an Orleans Darkwa, CJ Anderson, Morris or even West signing makes a ton of sense. Bottom line is that we are def not done yet. I think Marty lands a SAF and a RB and roles the dice on Moton being the answer at LG, with maybe Larsen and Sriles getting the next crack in camp.
  12. Bryce Petty just got released from the Jets. Id scoop him up in a minute. Will probably have quite a few suitors I assume.
  13. Whats the dead money on Capt? For some reason i thought his dead money didnt allow us to cut him. If what you're saying is true, I would def cut him. He looked horrible last year and the rotation of Cockrell/Jackson/Elder/Luke is worth having his money help us get safety and RB help. I'm with you on all of this, though I'd keep Adams and drop Fozzy. The reason being that I believe we bring in another RB (Anderson, Darkwa, another cut) and Fozzy becomes buried. Would also like to see R Kalil trim some fat off that contract to help put together one last run for him.
  14. Soul Rebel

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    Anderson makes the most sense, but I'm all in for Orleans Darkwa. Young, compliments CMC perfectly and emerged as a capable back when givem the rock. I'd also be cool with Alfred Morris or maybe checking in on one of the Redskins backs. After taking Guice, I feel like they have a surplus.
  15. Soul Rebel

    Best 3 receiver set?

    To start the season: Funchess & Moore outside with Smith in the slot As Samuel gets up to speed, I'd replace him and Smith...so Funch & Moore outside with Samuel in the slot. I think Moore needs to be thrown into the fire outside and learn quicker. Funchess should get the top CB and shade over to his side and Smith & Olsen exploiting the seam and intermediate underneath routes...allowing Moore to get the weaker coverage.