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  1. Hmmm....didn't realize his age. If he's NFL ready though and was used a lot to support the OL in the blocking game at South Carolina, then he sounds like the exact kind of TE2 we are looking for. He and Olsen would cause fits in Turners offense and open up Samuel and CMC. Intriguing prospect for sure and love his toughness.
  2. Saw that he creeped into the latter part of the first round conversation. Hard to find a lot of vids on him, but this one shows his potential as an athlete. Quite a few motion sweeps, which is not normal for a TE, but he looked natural. We know Norv loves a dual-TE set too, so drafting a TE by the end of R3 would be better than bringing back Dickson, IMO. I saw Hurst chose football over baseball and might be a bit raw, but I do see a bit of Shockey/Ertz to him. Thoughts on where he ends up? Could he be the first TE off the board? By April, 24th overall might fit just right?
  3. Marqise Lee in FA Dante Pettis on day 3 Funchess-Lee-Samuel-Byrd-Pettis
  4. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    I could definitely see one of the Minny cut QBs due to Norv's previous tenure with them, but it would have to be cheap. I'm personally done with DA as our backup. I think the need for a reliable QB2 becomes more important with each season due to Cam's style of play and age. This year's QB class is shaky and so unpredictable. Even at the top of the draft there's huge question marks for a true franchise QB, and it only gets worse as the rounds of the draft click by.... so no thank you on drafting one this year. Odds are that DA signs back because he loves his role here and for him, he rarely gets called upon. For fans and the franchise, I hope we go in a different direction. I personally think Kaepernick is the ideal QB2 for us and wish that we would bring him in, but like Scot said, it's probably a no-go. Of those mentioned, I'd prefer Bridgewater ideally due to age and upside, but I would have to think his pricetag would be too rich for our blood this offseason, given our needs at other positions. Knowing this franchise, book Joe Webb on a 2-year deal.
  5. CBS Sports Mock Draft (this week)

    If Ridley some how does fall to #24, we take him and don't look back (unless a top10 talent drops). Ridley had garbage QBs throwing to him and IMO is the top WR in this draft and worthy of top-10 consideration. Personally, I'd rather a DE or SAF at 24 and maybe CB, but Ridley is the premier WR in this draft and the only one I would want in R1. I'm hoping our #1 comes via FA/trade, but Ridley/Funchess would be nasty with Samuel and Byrd as complimentary guys. Like others have said, it's too early for mocks to equal reality. When it's all said and done, I see Ridley in a Bears uniform.
  6. Honestly, where we fell short this year was execution and finishing off..... and our defense really let us down and got beat way more. From an OC standpoint, I'm not a huge Norv fan bc I don't think it's exponentially better than Shula, but there are a couple of areas that peak my interest. Norv can execute and have a balanced attack, though not innovative, it gets results. Shula was vanilla and predictable, and I do think Turner will not be as easy to gameplan against. Also, Norv I think will find a way to punch the ball in the endzone for 6, instead of 3. I'd prefer Shurmur, Caldwell or someone more new-school, but I don't think that's the Panthers plan here. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I think they'd rather replace the worn out tires. A few subtle nuances and wrinkles should iron out Shula's shortcomings. With Rivera here and Cam pretty much established in this system, I could see this OC being handcuffed to RR. If they succeed good, if they fail, they are out the door together in 2 years and we start fresh.
  7. Replacement Possibilities

    I would be happy with Caldwell here after what he did in BAL & IND. McAdoo for the same reason....some guys are better coordinators than HC. As for Shurmur, it may not be as stale and WC offense as previously thought. It looks like Chip Kelly rubbed off on him a bit and his style combines the spread w/ some RPO to it. With the personnel we have, quicker routes to set up the run game seems ideal rather than the time consuming deeper routes. The Vikings with Case under center had the #11 in total yards and passing yards, 7th in rushing and 10th in total points scored. Cam + CMC + Samuel + Olsen + Funch + FA WR (Lee, Richardson, Watkins) in a uptempo system could be interesting. As long as Cam stays in the shotgun, it should play to his strength.
  8. Can Moton really not play at RG? Silatolu got abused by the Falcons and has not looked good this year. It's one thing to go with the vet over the rookie, but after watching film..... I really hope Moton gets some PT if Trai can't go. I want Trai back and agree that he is a crucial cog in winning or losing.... but not at the cost of his longterm health. I want him back badly, but if he's still showing signs of brain trauma, hold off until '18.
  9. Draftwire 4 Round Mock

    I might be in the minority, but only offensive players I want us to take in the draft is a TE, C and a QB that can be groomed after round 4 (Ryan Finley please). No need for WR in the draft after taking Samuel (speedy/deep threat) in the 2nd and Byrd the previous year. If we want a WR, hit the FA market (Marqise Lee, Paul Richardson, Donte Moncrief). DE, SAF and TE in the first three rounds please.....not in that order. As for RB, I'm torn unless a stud falls to us the way Cook fell to MIN or even Kamara to NO.
  10. Trim fat off by cutting bait on JStew and CJ. Maybe Ryan retires, in which case we re-sign Norwell and then draft Billy Price in the 1st. A line of Matt K - Norwell - Price - Turner - Williams will protect Cam for awhile. I really hope we can re-sign Star and Norwell and then go C, DE, SAF in the first 3 rounds. Being in Marqise Lee in FA and we are set.
  11. 2018 FA thread

    Sign me up for Marqise Lee all day. I doubt Lawerence or Clayborn leaves their respective teams, but I'd be interested in both.
  12. Excellent information and data Mr. Scott. The part that concerns me is the 'who' is in charge this coming offseason and the following. Two years worth of draft picks, free agent signings, trades and transactions. 2020 will come fast. In theory Cam plays well into his mid-thirties, but we've never seen a QB of his calibre, style of play and physical attributes. I can't see a situation where we don't resign him, but entering the 2021 season, he will be 31 and with a new regime in the fold, I wonder what our course will be. Especially with stalwarts like Kalil, Olsen, & JStew out of the offense. As long as whomever is in place can evaluate talent in the draft and not make stupid signings in the offseason, we should be fine. I don't necessarily trust Hurney to do this. I think we are set pretty well for the next 2-3 years, but after that, we could look like what Seattle is coming to grips with this season.
  13. My plan this off-season..

    Depending on what's on the board, I would even ponder the C out of Ohio St, Billy Price in the late first. Not sexy nor my first choice, but can be plugged in immediately and pay dividends. I love Ryan, but I feel like this season is a glimpse into the next few, and he will be 33 at the start of next season.
  14. I personally want Marqise Lee in a Panthers uniform next year. Funchess-Lee-Samuel with Olsen and CMC would be a balanced young team. Grab a TE in R2 or R3 and we are looking good moving forward. Hard pass on Dez though.
  15. Positives to the KB trade

    I'd prefer Bradley Chubb