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  1. Samuel being open is option 2, IMO. Cam should've taken off after Trai's man collapses the right side. Big enough gap for Cam to bolt through and then the receivers downfield can block. Watching Cam's helmet, it looks like he is only looking at the weak side receivers....looks like CMC, and I'm assuming Funch was the X.
  2. Has Newton been David Carr'd?

    I noticed that when Cam tried his patented roll out when the pocket is collapsing, he usually evades and makes players miss before scampering out of harms way. On Sunday, for the first time in awhile, when he turned his back to exit, there was a defender standing right there to crush him. Usually his athleticism gets him out of that with his double back move and at least gets him to the sidelines or out of the pocket. He turned his head and was greeted by a big ass defender that took him down. Cam's athleticism is down and I think he is confused because what used to work, is not working. Back to the question at hand..... I don't think he's full-on David Carr yet, but I do think he's jumpy and not trusting anyone but himself right now (and maybe CMC). He's overthrowing, missing checkdown receivers and instead forcing the ball in where he wants it, and playing way too tight. It's hard when the OL is not helping and your MVP on the line is out injured. Take away his favorite receiving option and an OC that can't coach his way out of a lingerie bowl game, and we've got issues. Cam is smart enough to figure it out, but he needs to relax, get back to being Cam and give what the defense gives him. Rewatching games and REW/FF through plays, shows guys getting open often, and it's either the OL collapsing or Cam not looking off defenders and making poor reads. I'd personally like to see more of the 12 personnel to help protect, more of a 'hurry up' offense to keep the defense on their heels and better usage of Curtis Samuel. CMC can kill a team with the ball in his hands, but he is also a great decoy to open up other options.
  3. REPORT: Gary Barnidge

    Well, we thought our 2015 season was over when our rookie WR1 went down after his 1,000 yard, 9 TD season. What happened? Cam lost his stare-down, go-to weapon and had to settle in and just be a QB. IMO, Olsen >> KB, so it's not necessarily exactly the same, but it does illustrate that it all comes back to Cam. Yes, we need Olsen and he is our #1 receiving threat, but we do have other players. All Cam has to do now is slow it down and get back to basics. Take what the defense gives you and don't force it into KB or CMCs hands if its not there. Shula needs to get Samuel involved, plain and simple. Having McCaffrey is a multi-tiered weapon. He can get it done with the ball in his hands, but is also a dangerous decoy that defenses have to account for, which opens up someone else. It's up to Shula to design these plays and for Cam to read the defense properly. Olsen will be back for the homestretch, so all this injury means is that Cam just has to be a heady, smart QB that takes what is given to him. Be smart, don't turn the ball over and utilize your options. We have a top-flight defense that will give the offense opportunities and keep the score low.
  4. What I noticed is how most of the pressure comes primarily from the A gap which makes sense since the Bills are flexing Dareus and Williams. Combined with Larsen being under center I think had a HUGE factor in the game. Center is in charge of the line and helping make protection calls and anticipating defensive plays. That was our weak link. In the plays above, there was no pocket and Cam was unable to step up because the protection wouldn't allow. McDs defense, much like ours, also has athletic and smart LBs and DBs that are awaiting on delays to clean up what the DTs force. I'd like to think that things wouldve been different if Kalil was in there. Kalil was def responsible for whiffing a few times and Williams was struggling at times too, but the main thing I see in the 6 sacks from this birdeye view, is the interior imploding off the snap.
  5. I reeeeeeeally hope we sign him. I've seen a lot of Tocho as a Wolfpack fan, but as a draftnik as well, he was a guy I was hoping we would take in the draft. Kinda confused as to how he fell to the 7th round, but it is what it is. A converted CB, Tocho's home in the NFL always seemed to be at SAF. The kid is an instinctual DB with a high football IQ and good measurables. He is a sound tackler and versatile enough to support the run and get physical in the box. He uses his body well and rarely let the player/ball get behind him. He reminds me a bit of Aaron Williams of the Bills, so if we have a spot on our PS, I'd love to bring him a long. Give him a year or two under someone like Wilks and a mentor like Coleman and Adams, and I think we could have a future SAF in the fold. However, like Mr.Scot said...... let's not get ahead of ourselves. There must be a reason why a late-round rookie is on the waiver wire.... especially a team that values defense like the Vikings do.
  6. Peppers & Munnerlyn would have been a better choice for the home opener. The UNC/So.Carolina combo would be fine for any other game, but the first, like mjilgon said.... we should have more firepower. Edit: Wait a minute.... UNC ... South Carolina... Hmmmm, maybe there's more to this choice than meets the eye. #Overthinking
  7. great pickup for what we sacrificed. Didn't draft him and Garrett is essentially a swap of raw receiving options with upside. Hodges is more of the newer style of TE....much more of a receiver than blocker and very raw, but with a high ceiling if he can put it together. We gave up nothing for him and he will have time to learn from one of the greats. No threat in 2017 but could kick up some dust in TC next summer if he wants it. He was more in the Evan Engram/David Njoku style of TE and reminds me more of a Darren Waller move kind of TE.
  8. One flex spot open and trying to figure out which WR to start... Maclin vs. CLE Watkins vs. WAS Bryant vs. MIN
  9. Meh, kind of a whiny basis for an article...... The Rams were awful last year (4-12) and nobody thought Goff would come out of the gates in '17 the way he did. The Colts are not really an entertaining opponent, especially without Andrew Luck. It was near 100 degrees on Sunday in a dilapidated way outdated stadium. The Rams and Chargers were shoved down LAs throat by the NFL and Groenke and how can the NFL be pissed when their prices are astronomical for a day of football watching. And oh by the way LA, they're building a $2.66B stadium, so don't think prices are going to go down anytime soon. The Niners built their stadium 45 minutes from SF and wonder why people don't want to commute. Not saying you have to drink at football games, but I can't think of the last sporting event I went to where I didn't drink. Combine tailgating, hanging with friends/family and the sun and you have a recipe for needing a DD or Lyft/Uber. 49ers have gone 2-14 and 5-11 the past two seasons. Bryan Hoyer is under center, and the team gutted itself in the short-term for a promising return in 2-3 years. Sorry 2017 and 2018 are pretty much out the window....which is great in the big picture, but don't be mad for the next year or two when fans don't want to watch a team that is low on talent. Extremely hot temps in SF too during the game. Fans and people on here have said that it was crazy hot, and broadcasters said Bradberry and Worley had bad cramps and needed IVs. I've been to BofA for season openers and games in September. It is no fun standing in that heat. Wahhhhhhhhh, the NFL is nervous about fans turning out for overpriced games, overpriced concessions, and insane parking prices. Sorry, my 65" HDTV with a cold fridge and sweet grill a few steps away keeps me happy. My bathroom doesn't offer the potential for a staph infection and I highly doubt the drunk people at my house are going to piss me off enough for there to be any kind of fighting, nor do I have to listen to people telling me to sit down when I cheer. That being said, I was good for a game or two per year when I was still on the mainland and will probably still make it to a Panthers game this year when I go back to Charlotte at some point. I enjoy many parts of the games live, but it's not like it used to be. Technology, convenience and simple economics have pushed a lot of fans away. The NFL honestly has nobody to blame but themselves, but they are choosing to cry about concerns with empty stadiums. Crappy teams + high prices + adverse weather is not a good equation for people spending their hard earned money when there are alternatives.
  10. Cam not being ready..... he was not. Matt Kalil concerns... he did not anger me at all Mike Adams..... he was mediocre at best. Graham Gano.... zero complaints Benji building off of a monster preseason..... fail. Still doesn't use body consistently and poor mechanics overshadow his play
  11. Calvin Pryor anyone?

    Like others have stated, dude has been on two of the poorest run front offices and locker rooms, with minimal support from players on the field. Pryor was solid coming out of school but needs the infrastructure to excel...something he won't find in CLE or with the NYJ. We need SAF depth and he is still young enough to turn it around with what we have in place. I'd welcome him if nothing more, than to keep Colin Jones off the field as our depth at SS. Wilks' strength is the secondary and I think Coleman would be a great role model to take Pryor under his wing.
  12. Time for Sanjay to pay up

    Maybe he goes double or nothing that we add Barnidge still.
  13. Since we don't have a 4th, I'd trade a 3rd for Ward + 4th. Our 3rd should be low in the round and their 4th would be higher (no pun intended).... in theory. Ward might not be Ed Reed, but he would be the missing piece to our defense that would balance all of the weaknesses and question marks at DE and CB2. He would be a rental, so I'd prefer a 5th honestly, but Ward for 1-year I think puts us amongst the top-2 in the NFC.
  14. Shepard needs to show up and play

    I know it's only preseason, but 1 catch for 5 yards is not what I expected for a guy that some thought could be a top-3 WR on our squad. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt with DA playing like absolute trash and it only being preseason, but I wonder if he will go the way of our last Tampa reject WR that we all had high hopes for. Competition breeds success, so at least we have that pushing the likes of Byrd and the hungry youngsters that want it.
  15. I breezed over the previous 5 pages so if I repeat others, my apologies. I never liked the Adams signing when it happened, and feel it is a cheap bandaid on an area that has been far overlooked, sans Kurt Coleman. Adams, at 36 years old, is somewhere between Harper, Boston or Godfrey. With Coleman, a strong duo w/ Bradberry and Munnerlyn, plus an aggressive and strong front 7, we've never really focused on getting a top-flight SS here. I really hope someone gets cut and we add another SS because Adams will hurt us as much as he helps us. One or two preseason games do not concern me, my concern was from the jump when we signed an aging SS for cheap. He is what he is, but hoping that he has a Coleman-esque veteran impact after being cast off is false hope, IMO. I'm not asking for Eric Berry or some All-pro stud, but much the way we've ignored offensive weapons over the years, we need to grab a stud SAF next draft/FA because Coleman is no spring chicken either. Our defense is too good to not secure the backend sooner rather than later.