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  1. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Good news for folks trying to sign up for All-Pro   

    I had issues yesterday, but got through today. All is well and first timer on the All-Pro section. 
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  2. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Who is your top 3 sleepers going into camp?   

    Corey Brown, Kurt Coleman, CAP
    Brown might not be a 'sleeper' but I think he makes that huge jump and solidifies himself as our slot threat, with the potential to slide outside every now and then and house a few. He's gotten bigger without losing speed and has a year in the league under his belt. I think he will outperform his rookie year where he showed flashes mixed with inconsistency. I think 2015 is the year that he consistently shows up for 19 games.
    I think Coleman steps in and takes over the FS role quickly, and kicks Boston to SS where the latter is better suited. Coleman is still young enough to be part of our secondary core for several years, and will benefit being under McD.
    Cameron Artis-Payne might start out behind Fozzy, but I see him taking over the RB2 by midseason. Payne comes from the pistol/read option offense that Cam did, and CAP is the type of RB that this team needs in their style of offense. Watching highlights of Payne, it looks like the Panthers offense out there. I think Payne's ability to hit the hole with focus, break tackles and be a willing receiver out of the backfield is huge. 
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  3. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Now that Martin has retired, will Gettleman sign a free agent OT?   

    Anthony Collins makes a lot of sense in a back-up role.... but if he just needs a change of scenery, could hold the fort down until Williams is ready. 
    29 years old and not as injury prone as Long or Baker, I'd be happy with a Collins signing. I assume there's enough money left in the pot to make this happen. Maybe Collins is "too good" for the money it would cost for the level of player it takes to replace Martin, so Getts will sign some cast-off practice squad player that was a UDFA out of St.Cloud State. 
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  4. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Samaje Perine anyone?   

    Dude looks like Jerome Bettis in that pic.
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  5. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic The Panthers, & Cameron Artis-Payne: Explaining the Fit   

    Solid value pick in the 5th and will be a presence in year 1, for sure.  He's not an 'electrifying' back like Gurley or McCoy, but is a dependable bellcow kind of back that will carry the rock 15X a game and wear down a defense. I love how he runs through contact and fights for every extra yard. His knowledge of the read option/pistol makes him a perfect fit.  So often players talents are underutilized in wrong schemes. For us, he fits what we want/need out of our RB to a T.  I would think he and Cam would have instant chemistry too being byproducts of Malzahn's scheme. 
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