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  1. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic #Mr.Clutch   

    Definitely tempering expectations, but if Norwood can work his way up to being a low-end WR2/slot WR3, our future at WR is looking bright. Dude doesn't hit FA until '18 and is making $510K, $600K, and $690K over the next 3 seasons. 
    Not saying he's guaranteed anything, but like Mr.Scot mentioned earlier, scheme matters. The kid has a great blend of measurables, catches everything thrown at him, great work ethic and high IQ. For me, those qualities are hard to come by in one player. The high IQ part is what appeals to me. This team needs a sure-handed guy that Cam can rely on as he makes his progressions. 
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  2. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

    Surprised they didn't at least trot Boykin out on Thurs with Cam or at least against better talent. Worse case, cut him during the 2nd round of cuts. 
    Boykin came in as a WR4, but more likely a WR5 on the depth chart, and didn't seem to sway too many this summer. It's not a huge loss, but is a head scratcher considering the flashes he's shown in preseason. I guess the list of Bersin, Boykin, Cotchery, Norwood was too girthy to keep all of them, and Boykin is the logical one that gets the axe here. 
    For all Bersin haters, I don't see how Boykin is that much better, if at all than Bersin. Cam loves him, and Bersin (outside of ST) moves the chains.
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  3. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    Bucs released Robert Herron. He was one of my jewels in the '14 draft. If Getts is content looking for gems vs. veterans, wouldn't mind kicking the tires on Herron. 
    Still prefer Moore, Thompkins and/or any other non-rookie/project WR right now. We may have to wait to final cuts for him, but there's a good chance that one or two get cut. 
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  4. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic We're a Funchess injury away from tonight, all season (or as long as DF is out) therefore ...   

    I think Funchess is capable of having a season that falls short of KB, but maybe in line with what Landry did last year. I think he will hit his stride around game 5 or 6 and put up about 800 yards, 6-8 touchdowns which would be a great freshman year in the league. 
    That being said, I'm keeping an eye on Pittsburgh's roster and Seattle's. Watched the Steelers game the other day and maybe a guy like DHB gets cut for a younger player.  Also, there are a few young guys that are showing out, so might not make the cut in Pittsburgh. 
    In Seattle, in a dream world Chris Matthews gets cut, but that's probably a pipe dream. There is a rookie named Kasen Williams that is a big bodied WR who is having a Wegher like preseason/TC. The kid was the Parade top player in the country when he came out of HS and has had injuries overshadow his talent. He's 6'3" 217-lb WR who would fit with a QB like Cam. 
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  5. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    Agree that the biggest knock on him coming in was consistency and has plagued him thus far. Dude wasn't expected to take over immediately, so I'm pleasantly content with his learning curve. I think a 10 sack season is doable, but I think his ability to disrupt is going to create more opportunities for this D, that can't be expressed on an individual's stat sheet. 
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  6. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    Keep both. Bersin is dependable and moves the chains, though isn't electricifying.....sounds just like Boykin. 
    This team, outside of adding a talented WR that gets cut, is going to have to win by committee. We need all of the reliable pass-catchers we can get right now. Funchess-Cotchery-Ginn-Brown-Bersin-Boykin is a reality that is becoming more real. 
    Rather than look at the mediocrity, potential and question marks at WR, I'm more focused on the strength at RB, the cohesive & improved OL and a QB that is healthy, signed long-term and has a new outlook on life after last year. Additionally, you bring in guys like Shaq, Tillman and Coleman, and our defense is top-5. 
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  7. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Around the NFL   

    Not that I necessarily want Reggie Wayne (wouldn't be mad if we got him), but it does bother me that when a different playoff contending organization loses its' top WR (Jordy Nelson), that they are already rumored to be bringing him in for a workout. And I'd also have to say that the Packers and Ted Thompson have a pretty stellar front office that usually avoids free agency. 
    We might not be on the level of the Packers this season, but we are definitely a playoff contender, and with a healthy WR unit, could make a run in the post season. Kind of frustrating. Fingers crossed that someone of value is cut in a couple of weeks that would help us. 
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  8. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Randy Moss making a comeback   

    I don't know... at 38 years old, I think him coming back would be more of a "me/spotlight" move for Randy, rather than a team-strengthening move. 
    Moss has a ton of experience, expertise and knowledge to pass on, but he's always struck me as a Smitty-type of player that is a phenomenal player, but not so much a teacher. Plus, I don't know if I'm confusing Moss or Ocho Cinco, but the last year or two of football memories that I have, are of Moss dropping passes and looking like a shell of his former self. 
    That being said, I did looooove the 30-for-30 on him. Incredible story.
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  9. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Time - Fan Duel   

    I am new to FD, though I've been a fantasy nut for awhile now. Never done it, so like Luuuuuuuke, would love some info on the inner workings. My biggest question might not be answerable, but I'll toss it out there.
    Q: Are there ways around living in a state that does not allow you to collect $$$?  I noticed at the bottom of the screeen that residents of WA are not eligible. I am a recent transplant (still have NC Drivers License and some bills probably going to my old Charlotte address). Is there any way around this bullsh*t? :)
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  10. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic AT&T Expands Sunday Ticket Availability   

    Gracias, senor! That makes me feel better about dropping the coin.
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  11. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic AT&T Expands Sunday Ticket Availability   

    I'm all in for the PS4 version. Just moved out to the PNW and my building doesn't allow DTV. $65/month isn't cheap, but I'd easily drop that for 1 game on a Sunday at a bar. 
    For those that did it last year - any word on the stability of the stream? I had the MLB network in the past on my PS4 and it froze up way too much. Internet here is faster though (~60mbps hardwired to the PS4), so I hope the quality of games is good. 
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  12. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Twitter Fail   

    Why stop with Person & Newton..... Bonnell completes the Queen City Trifecta of awful beat writers. Toss in Frank Garcia's lousy show on WFNZ and we are left with crap-ola.
    Voth, Jones and Igo cover Panthers news better than anything out there now. Aaron Wilson is pretty amazing on a national level too. 
    I don't know if the organizations purposefully shut the local kids out, but it's some of the most disconnected 'beat writers' I've come across. Can't understand, but I'd have to think there's something else going on behind the scenes to get scooped as much as they do. 
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  13. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Anyone going up to SEA in OCT?   

    Just signed up for RR and glad to be part of the family. I recently relocated to Seattle from the QC, and will be there. Couple of my friends here are from CLT and a couple more are flying out, so I should be with 6-8 Panthers fans tailgating, though don't believe we will all be able to sit together.  Either way, I'll have my RR shirt on underneath my jersey at the game. Let's hope we make it the full game without getting asked to leave and/or arrested. Haha.... these fans out here are no joke. 
    Roaring Riot Newbie
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  14. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    I don't understand Rivera's affection with Joe Webb. I get the flexibility of keeping a player that can play WR and QB rather than having to sign a 3rd string QB, but, IMO, I don't think Webb brings more talent to our roster than the potential of losing Byrd or Ward. Webb had 1 reception for 16 yards and 2 kickoffs for 53 yards. I fail to see Byrd not being able to at least hit those marks.  I get that he doesn't play QB, but I really hope there's a way that we maximize the talent on the 53 man roster. 
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  15. Soul Rebel added a post in a topic Convince Me Madden 16 is Worth Buying   

    Well put, sir. Im a huge draftnik and love the draft. Just when I thought my money was going to FIFA only.....I might have to research it. Not for sure, but at least a little research. Haha.....thx Monsta
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