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  1. Ezekiel Elliott

    Based on value, I'd take him at 30.... but don't think he's there for us. I think he goes top-20.  He's that talented, IMO. 
  2. Remember When We All Wanted DJ Humphries in 2015?

    Well, either everyone that's posted in here was against Hump, or I have amnesia...haha.  I just remember him being high on a lot of people's options, and when Arizona drafted him, a frustrated sigh was let out. It might not have been you guys, but there were quite a bit that wanted Humphries. 
  3. We need a DE... so whom?

    I do believe our guy, at the end of the day will be Quinton Coples. He makes too much sense and fits DG's mold. He's was forced to be an edge rusher in the NYJ's 3-4 and that is not his best fit. Dude is a serious edge rusher that belongs in a 4-3. He's about to be waived (Dollar Store), 25 years old (core), from Kinston, NC and played at UNC.  DG loves to build from the trenches out, so he will be scouring hard at the DE's in FA and the draft. Ealy made huge leaps, but we do need a veteran, and Coples should be that guy. Guys like Vernon, Williams and JPP are going to be too pricey for us. It makes more sense for us to lock KK up this offseason, rather than trying to do it next  year with he and Star. Only way we go after Vernon, is if the JNo talks head south and we can't retain him.  I know we can use the franchise tag, but his age might have him looking for something more long-term/payday and become a disruption if he gets tagged. I doubt this happens, but who knows what Josh wants, moving forward.  If this did unfortunately happen, I'd think DG would go all-in on Vernon. Gettleman definitely values the D-Line more than the secondary.  I'm more than okay moving forward with Coples/Ealy as starters and rotating Addison & Delaire with a rookie 1st/2nd rounder.
  4. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    This occurred to me as well and thought he couldve at least powered through another 5-7 yards. Then again, the thought of fumbling popped in my mind too, but I think it's the initial angle that he took toward the sideline that bothered me.  It's kind of a non-factor, but I also think about Cam's last INT when Ginn could've played the ball a little more. The pass wasn't full on target, but I feel like it was a little bit of alligator arms too. Like catchable, but a little out of reach. Regardless, Ginn was not an issue for me either in this game. Just a couple of questionable plays. I really wish Shula would've figured out a way to take advantage of Ginn's speed, considering the man coverage Denver was running..... especially when they brought safety pressure and stacked the box quite a bit on first down. Where was the PA and motion to freeze the front 7, and then let Ginn burn the CB deep or down the seam?
  5. 30th Pick

    I really think we look safety in one of the first 2 rounds.  I'm big on Cravens, but this guy Darian Thompson has grabbed my eye today too. Don't watch enough BSU football to care, but watching some vids and some research make him pretty intriguing.   Here's his profile - I've seen him slotted to the Panthers in a few mocks today as well, so there's some traction there. Love his size, versatility, and true ballhawking nature.  He's credited with having a high football IQ and is solid in run support as well. I'd prefer a compliment to Coleman that is more of a SS, but he is an UFA in 2017, so he will be looking for a payday.  When you factor in JNo, Short, Star and eventually KB13, I wonder if getting a hybrid S now, will help us in '16, as well as beyond.   DG usually drafts with more than just the following year on his mind, so picking a safety early would solve a lot of problems financially too. Coleman is one of my faves, but I think we'd have to choose between he (28 years old) and Norman (29 years old) at the conclusion of next year. 
  6. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    3 biggest issues I had in regards to the refs/missed calls/flags: - #1: Cotchery's no-catch that was clearly a catch. Instead of having the ball at the 40, we are inside our 20. We all know what happened a couple of plays later. 10-0 Broncos and Cam's confidence is further hit. - #2: Flag on Norman on the last score when it was clearly uncatchable. We hold them to 3 and things are a little more positive, and this score was the back-breaker. - #3: Roby's clear pass interference at around the 5 yard line. We had to settle for another FG rather than have a first-and-goal.   Like Smitty said, the combo of Miller/Ware and lack of pass protection for Cam truly cost us this game. Shula's gameplan was horrible and there was no adjustment to the Denver blitz packages. They ran man coverage, often cheated the safeties up in the box to stop the predictable running, and Shula did nothing to counter this. Where were the screen passes, the chip/support for Remmers, the jet sweeps/misdirections to slow down the pass rush? Not blaming the refs for the loss, but several missed calls shifted momentum, killed drives and kept Denver in this game. 
  7. Yes, this is DG's first year with some dough to spend, but we have potential FAs in 2016, 17 and 18 that would rank near the top of their respective years as "top tier FAs".  Norman will get paid (franchise and eventually long-term) this year, and Short/Star in '17.  KB and Bene in '18 is not too far off as well.   This roster is set up for long-term success and it's due to being an amazing drafter and filling out the roster with hungry FAs.  We have the potential to be around the big dance for a good 4-5 years, so I think Gettleman will make some wise choices. That being said, I think Gettleman will, like a few other posters have noted, add needs in FA.  We don't have many, and for some spots, the answer is literally on the roster. I think KB helps boost the WRs and Williams does the same at RT.  Not sold on Boston at S yet, but I wonder if he can be the answer.... this is a tough one because outside of DE, safety is our biggest glaring need.  I don't think we bring in one of the big names like Jeffrey, Vernon or Wilkerson. It's not DG's style, even though he's been cap-strapped, I don't think he goes for the high-priced talent.  I'd kick the tires on Weddle to see how much money he wants, and allows you to keep an eye on Boston as a potential replacement down the line.  At CB, I wonder if Getts would look back into the NYG talent pool and see about Amukamara (only 26). I'm actually okay with moving forward with Norman-Bene-McClain.  I think if McClain gets a full offseason of workouts and absorbing more film and getting more comfortable in our system, he could be a serviceable nickel.  He never looked out of place, IMO, but I wonder if we would look for another veteran guy for Rivera like we did with Peanut and Cason.    
  8. Any chance they let us avenge this loss on that opening Thursday Night Football game to kick the season off??  
  9. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Hmmmm...... former Denver Post writer and lived in Denver for awhile releases this news AM of the Super Bowl.   Total Bush League move.
  10. Clemson DE Kevin Dodd

    Doubt he makes it to 31, but if he's there, without a doubt, I'd love him in Carolina black and blue.  
  11. Emmanuel Sanders & JNo spar with words

    I wonder who JNo24 is going to summon as his alter-ego for this huge game. 
  12. Top Cat Shirt

    Def should've been labeled 'Big Cat' on the shirt. JR deserves some love, but with the Panthers' beauties holding down the title of Top Cats, I'd prefer a name change.   
  13. Brilliant all around interview and he is handling his first taste of Super Bowl spotlight like a veteran.  As for the reporter, Cam did a great job of shutting him down. He didn't BS anyone with company lines or avoid it, he gracefully answered the initial question and wisely rebuffed the additional attempts. Couldn't have handled it any better, and the smirk for a good 20 seconds after was icing on the cake. Cam was bothered, but he didn't let it rattle him. That's my quarterback.
  14. Cam, Seriously Bro?

    I'm okay with it. I think he's the new school version of Broadway Joe, but with a different skillset.  He basically doesn't give a fug what media or others think of him, blazes his own path, and has the confidence to back it up. There aren't many that could pull it off, for sure, but Cam is Cam.  I applaud it, and it actually looks good with the professional look he had on his upper body. I love hearing all of the hate and that this is such a big issue.... I think Cam knows what he's doing, and he needs to just keep doing it.
  15. Seattle Riot

    Seattle area fans - we have our viewing party spot locked down.  Doing it loft-style this time around, rather than a bar.   Pass on the link to Panthers' friends and family in the Seattle-PNW area.