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  1. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    I see a bit of Keenan Allen in Garrett, minus Allen's route tree. We're in a tough position because I feel like Ginn is gone after this season, so a spot opens up there to go along with KB-Funch-Philly. Do we carry 6 this year? KB-Funch-Ginn-Philly-Garrett-Hill/Norwood

    Hargreaves >>>> Apple Wow NYG.
  3. Any chance we can get a 2-for-1, and have him take Steven A with him??
  4. Let's talk about safeties

    I'll take Keanu please. I like Joseph and Cash, but Neal is the player I want of all the SAF class.
  5. Am I the only one that doesn't really like Xavien Howard, or have I just been looking at the wrong cut-ups of him and analysis?? Love his size, but after that.... meh.
  6. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    SF is a negotiation ploy to get as much money (which he deserves) from one of the teams on the east coast to sign him. Washington makes a ton of sense given the proximity to NC. Josh wants to be in Carolina, but knows this opportunity is probably his last to get paid big time dough, and I don't fault him for it. Like DG said, it's business. If Josh can't be in Carolina and close to his family and inner circle, Washington, Atlanta, Tampa, Jax and Miamimake a ton of sense. Florida teams also don't have tax, so if he really wants to maximize his dollar, I think all 3 of those are in play. Regardless of where he goes, none of those teams can offer him the chance at a ring or two in the next few years. Tampa might be the closest, but they are still a few years off.. IMO.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Kendall Fuller

    We'd have to trade up for WJIII I the first and Fuller in the second. What did we give up for Funch last year to move up? Id be on with moving up in round 2 this year for Fuller...he is one of my faves in this draft. If Josh does sign by 5/12, we should get a 3rd round comp next year, so maybe Getts sends a '17 3rd as part of a package to moveup in round 2.
  8. Eagles trade for #2 pick

    So, the initial tweet I saw about 15 mins after the now gone, so my bad on putting that out there.
  9. Eagles trade for #2 pick

    Eagles are reportedly releasing Bradford today.
  10. Kenyon Drake 6'1" 210lbs 4.45 40 4.21 20 123" BJ If we bypass Henry at 30 and DevontaeBooker and JonathanWilliams are off the board, I'd love to grab Drake in the 3rd. He's battled some injuries, but is an exciting back. Great straight line speed, elusive and really quick feet. One of the best receiving RBs in this draft class and can contribute on ST immediately. Pretty impressive build too at 6'1" and 210... and reminds me a bit of Ryan Mathews or less physical Matt Forte. I think this kid, along with Jonathan Williams are ideal fits for our system and would explode beside Cam in the pistol. If Carolina is looking for a more versatile back that can catch out of the backfield, this could be their man.
  11. Keanu Neal will be the pick

    Neal is one of my favorite guys for the Panthers at 30. He fits the style of safety that the Panthers covet and I would be stoked if we draft him.
  12. Heathered Gray Draft Hats - Hot or Not?

    You should FedEx one of these to the Draft or to our table at the draft so that the player we draft can rock this walking across the stage. Nevermind.... Sterling Shepard, Derrick Henry and Hunter Henry weren't invited to Chicago for the draft.... time to stalk their addresses and ship one out to each of them.
  13. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    I agree that he lacks first step quickness, but I do think we can disguise that a bit with our blocking style and misdirection with Cam. If we can spring him free or get him to the second level, the true beauty of Henry's game will shine. Nobody wants to face that guy coming at you with a head of steam behind him. Overall, Henry isn't a prototypical back and will need to be in the "right" system to flourish, but I don't see why Carolina can't be "that" system. It's weird, because Jonathan Williams is the back that I really want out of this draft, but I find myself defending Henry quite a bit. Won't be mad if we draft Henry, but also won't be sad if we pass on him. I honestly hope we come out with one of the Henry's in this draft.