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  1. PanthersFanNY

    Trump is making a difference

    I can't actually tell if this post is satire or not.
  2. Member Everette Brown? I member.
  3. PanthersFanNY

    OBJ on the block

    I hate OBJ. I think he's human trash and a real piece of poo. That said, I'd still want him on the team because he could help the team win games. Continuously asking Cam to play with sub par WRs is killing the offense. Funchess isn't even in the same stratosphere as OBJ. He would single-handedly elevate the offense to Super Bowl levels.
  4. If we run it on first down again this game my brain will fuging explode.
  5. Defense really needs to force a punt here. If Denver gets even a fg, it'll be a problem.
  6. Take a lead before halftime and don't look back, come on cam.
  7. If this isn't ruled a sack Rivera might actually kill someone.
  8. These tiptoe catches are absurd. Seattle always seems to get those against us. Infuriating.
  9. He also blames Obama, in part, but I see you chose to only use an interview that makes a republican WH look bad while ignoring another interview that makes a democrat WH look bad. http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/01/obamas-former-dia-director-admin-dismissed-isis-warnings-because-it-didnt-fit-the-narrative-video/ http://www.cnn.com/2015/12/01/politics/michael-flynn-obama-isis/index.html The invasion was undoubtedly short sighted, but the current administration isn't without fault when it comes to the rise of ISIS.
  10. In regards to the post above: I don't think that the Three Eyed Crow would betray Dany. Most agree that he's Brynden Rivers aka Bloodraven who is half Targaryen and was always a staunch Targaryen supporter. He also lives and works with the Children of the Forest, who have been enemies with the Others for thousands of years.
  11. PanthersFanNY

    Looks like Cincinnati is next

    The victim acted inappropriately, but I don't see how anyone at all can defend the police officer here. Literally the second the car moved he pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. No warning, no "STOP OR I'LL SHOOT." Just murder. It's like an officer telling you to stop jaywalking, you take another step and get shot in the head. He'll be in prison for a long, long time.
  12. PanthersFanNY

    After looking at this how can you not approve of Obama?

    The way you used it is pure applesauce.
  13. PanthersFanNY

    Need opinions on Charleston SC (not shooting related)

    Working in Charleston, no kids right now, probably 1-2 years away. Flexible lifestyle, wife likes beaches and shopping but being 20 minutes away from a beach wouldn't be a problem, we're used to being 5 hours from the coast and shoveling 6 feet of snow.
  14. PanthersFanNY

    Need opinions on Charleston SC (not shooting related)

    ​ Haha good to know. I've been told to not look at housing in North Charleston but that Summerville, John's Island, and Mount Pleasant are all nice areas. Sound right?
  15. PanthersFanNY

    Need opinions on Charleston SC (not shooting related)

    I appreciate all of the input. After some debate, we decided to take it. I'll be a Charlestonian in the near future!