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  1. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    She must be crazy hot for you to have ever put up with her at all. She sounds like she's half demon/half human.
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  2. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic The results of who won the second debate is in!! The landslide winner is...   

    I'm a republican and it's shameful how stupid the majority of the republicans are. How do they like Trump? I don't get it. I simply don't get it.
    Do they not realize that apart from probably Cruz and Huckabee, he probably has the slimmest chances of beating Clinton/Sanders? Are they only thinking about the republican primary? What is happening? I seriously can't figure it out. If they really want a republican in the White House, they should put one in the general election that actually has a chance of winning. I think that Rubio, Christie, and Kasich would have the best shots at that, but apparently Trump's "entertaining/speaking his mind/no PC/tells it like it is" quips are just too awesome for the rest of the republicans.
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  3. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Seeking urgent help. Desperate and out of options.   

    For the phone call, was there anyone on the other line or did it disconnect when you picked up?
    If you want to consider that is isn't paranormal, I'd like to at least throw out the potential that he was teetering on the edge of a psychotic episode and the death of his friend recently may have pushed him over that line.
    Hoping for the best for you, keep us posted.
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  4. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Arby's employee accused of denying officer service   

    Wish neg repping was still a thing.
    If somebody did this to a gay person "in a joking way" you'd probably be clamoring for him/her to lose their job.
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  5. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Tinderbox Political Compass   

    Your Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -1.13 
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 2.21
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  6. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Sid Meier's Beyond Earth Free Weekend   

    You played civ 5 without its expansions? GET THEM
    I've put many hours into civ 5, the expansions improve the game greatly.
    Edit: Beyond Earth sucks balls. Civ 5 is way better. With Beyond Earth, all of the civ choices play almost identically. There is very little difference whereas on civ 5 the civs all play very differently. In my opinion the replay value of civ 5 is way way way better than beyond earth.
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  7. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones Grown Up Talk. Do Not Enter Unless You Have Finished All The Books   

    In regards to the post above:
    I don't think that the Three Eyed Crow would betray Dany. Most agree that he's Brynden Rivers aka Bloodraven who is half Targaryen and was always a staunch Targaryen supporter. He also lives and works with the Children of the Forest, who have been enemies with the Others for thousands of years.
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  8. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Lee Ward run block....   

    Man can block.
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  9. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Looks like Cincinnati is next   

    The victim acted inappropriately, but I don't see how anyone at all can defend the police officer here. Literally the second the car moved he pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. No warning, no "STOP OR I'LL SHOOT." Just murder. 
    It's like an officer telling you to stop jaywalking, you take another step and get shot in the head.
    He'll be in prison for a long, long time. 
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  10. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Armed white racists with Conferdate flags and pickup trucks storm a black child's birthday party   

    I feel like there should just be draconian penalties for doing this kind of stuff. I'm talking like 30 years jail time. White people doing it to black people, black to white people, asians to indians, I don't care. If you do stuff like this you have no place in society.
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  11. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic I'm boned (In need of Dental advice)   

    I had a root canal without dental insurance about two years ago and it was around $700, but it was done on a front bottom tooth and no crown was needed.
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  12. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic Pretend this bar opens up in your city. Would you go to it?   

    I'd probably go, seems like service would be quicker without a draft system when all they're doing is grabbing a bottle, but that's just me and I'm not fancy and don't care if my beer has a head on it from perfectly poured tap. I know you said you'd have wine too, but this seems more like a guy bar than anything else and if I've learned one thing from my own experience and from bar rescue, if you don't attract women then your bar will fail. Men go where women want to go. It's why I've found myself at a wine and dessert bar more than one time, because my wife and her friends wanted to go there.
    Also, it might just be me, but I hate live music in bars. I could just be acting like an old man, but it's always too loud and kind of shitty. Makes it hard to carry on a conversation and hard for bartenders to hear you. That's especially true in a small bar.
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  13. PanthersFanNY added a post in a topic After looking at this how can you not approve of Obama?   

    The way you used it is pure applesauce.
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