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  1. Herding Online

    I wish they invaded /r/politics instead of twitter and facebook. I am no fan of Hillary, but the Bernie supporters in that subreddit are intolerable. They make me hate Bernie more than any hired twitter trolls ever could.
  2. lol at anybody who thinks the world is round.

    Jeep serviced or time machine? There are still flat earthers?
  3. An LLC can elect to be taxed as a corporation, S or C corp, and can act as a single member LLC or partnership. S corp is the way to go, LLC or just as a corporation, though.
  4. Riddle me this, liberals

    Just bake the damn cake,do whatever you would do for someone who isn't gay because otherwise you're a terrible human being. They're not asking you to become gay yourself, they're asking you to perform a service for them like you would for another person, because they're people just like everyone else.
  5. Jared Allen signs one-day contract with Vikings

    Surprised he didn't go with Chiefs. Love him as a player, seems like a genuine person. Good for him. Wouldn't be surprised to see him on the sidelines at some point as a coach or even on TV.
  6. A big deal? OR SNL ish?

    Didn't Hillary say that he meant "cautious politician" time? Do you guys not trust Hillary or something?
  7. The RNC is just so screwed

    I was kinda just pointing out how all candidates kind of suck, and the metaphor of choosing between a douche and turd sandwich is kinda appropriate here. Didn't think it would lead to frash.exe starting a weird holier than thou rant about South Park. poo escalated quickly.
  8. The RNC is just so screwed

    It's amazing that the best we can do this election cycle is argue over which candidate is the biggest liar.
  9. Bates Motel

    Yeah Norma for sure has some issues. There will be a 5th season though: Whatever happens, the 5th season will be crazy given how quickly Norman is descending into psycho-town.
  10. Bates Motel

    So, regarding last night's episode, isn't there plenty of evidence that Norman is the crazy one, and his accusation against Norma is part of his mental issues? I mean, the farmer saw him talking to "Mother" who wasn't there, in the first psych ward they recognized his multiple personality disorder, Dylan saw him dressed as Norma making pancakes or whatever, he's been pretty erratic in Pine View, etc. Would the doctor at Pine View really be like "oh snap it's been his Mom the whole time, better report it authorities." Love the show as well, by the way, great acting. The people playing Norma/Norman do a fantastic job.
  11. More Trump Buffoonery

    Hahaha, I can't even take it anymore. Trump is the master troll. Last night he closed out the debate (after being fairly subdued most of the night for the first time) by thanking his OPPONENTS for being more civil this time.
  12. Those are things that actually happened last night. I think last night was the pinnacle of absurdity, it can't possibly get worse/funnier can it? "And, he referred to my hands -- 'if they're small, something else must be small.' I guarantee you there's no problem. I guarantee."
  13. This is just in...

    And Chinese. Boogeyman number 2.
  14. This is just in...

    Eh I would argue republicans would be better off with Cruz dropping out. Rubio polls better for the general election and Cruz only looks good right now because he did okay in Southern states where early on he was expected to dominate. Now they're going to more Northern states where he is far less liked. It seems based on polling available that Rubio and Kasich would both do better in the general election. I feel like republican voters, for whatever reason, aren't thinking about the end game in this cycle. Throwing up Cruz or Trump as the nominee probably wouldn't end with a republican in the White House. Neither of them have the broad appeal that would be needed in the general, probably because they're both crazy and have really punchable faces.