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  1. Alex Armah

    hell I want to see him run the ball. it seems he could add another dimension and really open up our passing attack. I like that old school fullback but this guy has speed and power. great addition to the team.
  2. Philly Brown is available again

    Hell the entire league knows the O. LMBO.. But I certainly agree
  3. who backs up Mayo?

  4. klein

    Mayo>Klein now stop
  5. In What World

    may as well have just taken a knee
  6. Rivera post-game presser

    BUT that's indirect and has been said before. Nothing has changed since saying this after the Saints smashed us. Until Shula is fired we have to accept the statement as general and nothing more than a statement to halfway take the blame himself. This is RR's fault because he is still allowing Shula to screw up and also make poor coaching choices himself. There is no reason for Shula to be here if we can't run the ball. After all, did we not drop Chud for the very same reason.
  7. Rivera post-game presser

    we beat the Pats with a FG.
  8. Has Worley Regressed?

    hard to regress when you never progressed. That dude sucks. At best he could be a mediocre backup. He funked up the place for a while yesterday.
  9. Game ball, who gets it?!

    fast Eddie no question
  10. Cam Newton’s Hat And The Message It Brings

    really doesn't freakin matter how anyone feels... Cam will forever be hated by many. I hope he brings the dab back. lol... Cam has been through it from the very beginning. He crushed those records and everyone was out for him. He was something the game has never seen and apparently they still aren't ready for him... yea it was a slightly bad choice of words but at least he didn't "grab her by the _____"... so they need to stop this. Let's not get distracted, Cam kicked Brady's butt again.
  11. 2015 has ruined everything. lol
  12. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    But he stood up for domestic violence and many backed him up. I'm just saying. This statement does not move me at all.
  13. How do we bounce back!?

    cut shula and bench Cam until he is healthy. otherwise Ron and company s out. There cannot be anoth 6-10 season. So does Ron's loyalty mean more than winning is the question? Shula has to go after the Pats destroy us and keep the offense out of the endzone.