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  1. cbully

    Matt Khalil...

    He is better off sticking his arm out to his sides. He is damn near hands to chest and burnt every time
  2. Sad to see on KB part because there should be no valid issue towards Cam. He let the media help him spill his bitterness like he was on Oprah.
  3. you must be from the same place I'm from because that's exactly what we call it... There is no reason for Kelvin to have ever been mad at Cam... This is about his bitterness watching us go straight to the superbowl without him and it questioned Kelvin's value and durability. Cam did the right thing by addressing him. KB is a sucka
  4. cbully

    CJ Anderson

    it was just great not seeing yard runs and and obvious pass down before the dreaded punt
  5. iT'S A THIN LINE BETWEEN NO.1 AND number option amongst a below average wr core.
  6. I don't like him because of doing Cam's celebration in our house but he's actually a good guy. In fact all these don't disrespect our flag "patriots" don't even know the backstory to it nor who asked him to take and knee to begin with.... People need to be taking a knee for these mass school shootings as well.
  7. cbully

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    He's strong as hell!!! Much closer to Stew than CAP. I love this move. Nice powerback that WILL break tackles.
  8. cbully

    GAME THREAD: Bucs vs Falcons

    he's not cam but you can tell he's been watching "Superman" lol
  9. cbully

    GAME THREAD: Bucs vs Falcons

    I have to admit, I do like Winston... I think him and Cam with make the NFCS better for years to come. on the contrary I'm loving Atlanta getting exposed by the NFCS! Despite a successfully run game and descent run defensive I thing Atlanta sucks more as a core. its like they aren't sure what to improve on... and Matty suck! lol
  10. Tell Steven A. We're too busy "watching the film" from the session SS told us about last season!
  11. cbully

    Bye Week NFC South Thread

    anyone noticed the play before the false start the ref was in the back giving a false start signal? looks like some funny business there