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  1. XFL Announcement at 3

    Dwill will be there watch and see!!
  2. Payton makes everyone hate the Saints

    Do they drug test coaches?
  3. Minny tops them all but, I love Ted Ginn's game winning catch vs the saints years ago. It was electric
  4. It was great playoff fun watching them jog their asses back onto the field after that final TD that put them on the couch for next week. I tell you the Saints were more cocky this year than ever and it starts with that piece of crap coach!
  5. If you're Sean Payton...

    I raise you....
  6. I bet he won't run on 3 and 8 or call a backfield throw or play candy crush and burn a timeout the second play of a playoff game.
  7. If we win, this game was rigged
  8. lawd we need to run some playaction for deep passes
  9. All effing mammal right there! lol
  10. Cam doesnt want Jerry to sell this team!!!

    JR doesn't give a crap about opinions at this point. This was sealed with the NDAs. The real argument is making sure the Panthers remain in Charlotte.
  11. Now this is the first valid point without hate or personal justification. I have no issues with Diddy but I'd rather a football minded owner or at least one that is up to date on what's been going on since the Rivera era. Personal decisions will make or break us big time going forward.
  12. PDiddy is a Criminal with a background

    More than half the people that entered the stadium said it and I'm fairly confident many have since Diddy went public on his interest. So just stop it bro. This is a matter well out of your hands and everyone else's. For there to be "talks" going on someone thinks differently... Don't even say criminal when speaking on the NFL. Many acts over the last 10 years have been committed from players to coaches, domestic abuse to drug use. You just don't like Diddy and that's cool. But keep it right there bro.
  13. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2750117 take it for what it's worth.