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  1. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Eh, with 5 games left, its to early to even begin to think about the standings for playoff teams, other than our own.  As we saw last year, things can change dramatically in the last month. 
  2. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Odell Beckham makes some incredible catches. 
  3. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    I wouldn't say the Falcons are crapping the bed.  They are only down by one score.  Safe to say though that their offense continues to struggle. Hard to believe they can be so bad with a solid group of receivers and one of the better running backs in the game.
  4. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Eli Manning throws a bad pick in the end zone.  Redskins up 17-0.
  5. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    I don't see any team from the NFC east getting a wildcard.  Wildcards will likely come down to Atlanta, Tampa, Seattle, Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chicago.  
  6. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    A little of both imo.  Vikings are improving, the Falcons are collapsing. Its amusing to look back and see what analyst were saying about them vs us a 6 weeks ago.  Basically that they were better than us because they had Julio Jones. 
  7. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Agreed regarding the NFC east.  Watching the Skins dismantle NY in a game in which the Giants could put themselves in the drivers seat for the division.   You don't have to root for the Steelers.  This season would have to take the worst turn ever for us not to make the playoffs regardless of what the other teams do.     
  8. She wants sex, she needs to put a ring on it.   
  9. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    Sounds like a garden variety lunatic. 
  10. We are built like the '72 fins....with a better QB

    The style may be a little different, but the effect is the same.  We are undoubtedly a grind it out type of offense by every measure.  We pass more than the Dolphins did, because the rules have changed.  But we grind it out by pounding with running game and run it more than any other team in the league. 
  11. We are built like the '72 fins....with a better QB

    That is the definition of a grind it out style of running attack.  Stewart almost always pushes the pile, in some ways he has become an old style 3 yards and a cloud of dust type of runner that almost always gets three yards and has to be gang tackled to keep it from being more. 
  12. We are built like the '72 fins....with a better QB

    I disagree.  The run game has been extremely consistent.  We don't have the long runs that we have sometimes had in the past, and that has caused the ypc to be lower than most teams, but the grind it out and pound it style of offense we run has been working consistently for most of the season.  The opponents have been stacking up against us, but Stewart (and to a lesser degree Tolbert) have been pushing the pile and running harder than just about anyone.  In some ways, Stewart has become more like Marshawn Lynch with his ability to push defenders back or carry them for a couple of extra yards.  I wouldn't be surprised if Stewart was one of the league leaders irt fewest carries that lose yards, at least in relation to the number of carries he gets.   Also, if Stewart isn't a featured back, then I am not sure what the definition of the term is.  He is third in the league in attempts per game.   His number of carries have been consistently between 20-24 since the bye week, regardless of how close the game was.   In today's NFL, that is a featured back.  In truth, I wish they would feature him a little less as to save a little wear and tear on him.    I do believe that one thing the coaching staff and the offense has done well though is adapt to the team we are playing and take advantage of their weaknesses or what they are giving us.  While I think our staff prefers long time consuming drives, we will do other things if the defense is vulnerable.  Take the Green Bay game for example.  We took advantage of their corners and beat them on several deep throws.
  13. We are built like the '72 fins....with a better QB

    The Dolphins had the no name defense.  Well, we do have kind of a no name offense. Except of course for Cam. 
  14. Devin Funchess Speed

    I agree with you about the trip, but then I felt that Thomas Davis was guilty of PI on an earlier play when Dallas had to settle for a fg earlier in the game.  Which is why I believe they were consistent.  
  15. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    I read that he was from NC, but I am wondering if he moved to Colorado at some point.  Otherwise, why drive across the country when there are pp offices that are closer.  But then, I guess expecting rational planning out of an irrational person is flawed thinking on my part.