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  1. Careful .. .this take is HOT

    Really insightful.  Gettleman approached the management team in a similar fashion as when scouting college talent. The Carolina Panthers'Strategy:  Don't Fire People   “I had this crazy idea that there were smart people already in the building,” Gettleman said that day. Two years on, Gettleman and the head coach he inherited, Ron Rivera, have led the Panthers to an NFC Championship and a berth in the Super Bowl, where they face the Denver Broncos on Sunday. One reason they got there is a decision Gettleman made upon assuming the role in 2013 to avoid “five or six months” of upheaval by keeping the entire organization intact. “People think that firing people is always the answer,” Gettleman said this week. “And I’m sorry, I think everyone should have an opportunity to do their job.”
  2. Manziel to Dallas just might happen

    There was also a report that he appeared disheveled and potentially intoxicated at the team facilities the week leading up to then (when he was on concussion protocol).  
  3. Manziel to Dallas just might happen

    Can it get any worse? Report: Johnny Manziel goes incognito in Vegas, with blond wig, fake mustache and glasses ... Oh, and he introduced himself as Billy, maybe after Idol, with the blonde wig and all.
  4. Push Off Watch around the 1:20 mark
  5. Broncos bench Manning

    A full Delhomme?
  6. By my limited search, the Panthers have the 17th most dead money I'm not sure that the reverse applies, i.e. the least dead money teams are the most successful. Using the above data that would be:  Bengals, Broncos, Vikings, Cleveland and Jaguars.  Perhaps that's when injury/coaching/talent assessment makes the most difference.  Also probably need a larger statistical sample.  In any case interesting.
  7. Ron and the Panthers Locker Room

    And Dan Campbell, for now
  8. Ron and the Panthers Locker Room

    Thought this was interesting.  First it's on the Panthers and secondly its from the Wall Street Journal of all places. I don't know how different the Panther's locker room is from other teams, but I suspect it depends upon whether their coaches ever played in the NFL.  Also gives me a glimpse of locker room dynamics.  Sounds like D-Will was a good presence for the most part.    
  9. Panthers Week 1 PFF Grades - Offense

    Is it possible to post the Texans Defense/Offense PFF grades?