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  1. The Keep Pounding Chant Before TD INT

    That was great, thanks for sharing.  Love how it sounds on TV.  
  2. The Keep Pounding Chant Before TD INT

    I agree and even get them to do it a little more.  There was a couple of times throughout the game, I was like this would be  great time for the Keep Pounding.  One of these days maybe we will have some of the sections on each side start it on our own.  
  3. Panthers to Review Flag/Banner Policies

    Thank you Cam!!!!  That is all I have to say, and if the Panthers organization really wants to continue to "protect this house" they will continue the current policy as it is.        
  4. Sweet Caroline

    Not the whole song, this is all he did, just a ten second clip.  This was my son after the Sunday Night Eagles game this season.  (I tried to embed video in the post, but could not get that to work; so here's a link)  
  5. Cam Newton Tearing Up Packers Banners at BoA

    That policy was a result of my writing the Panthers a letter back in 2010.  Nice to see when its enforced!!   Thank you Cam.