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  1. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Someone else might have already said this to you,, this is a long tread....... The Panthers DO play the Redskins this year. On Monday night Dec 21st in Washington.
  2. PSL Renewal Packets

    Not happy about another increase, but not surprised by it. What also stinks about any increase by Panthers is itends up costing us more thanks to that new tax NC added on event tickets several year ago. So that tax amount total increases as well since its a % of the ticket price.
  3. I'll take it. There is nothing better than going into an off season and then into a season when you have a Franchise QB on the roster.
  4. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    Yep... like the one with Brad Hoover and the Patriots game ... have heard that one like a thousand times.
  5. WTF was that trick play yesterday?

    The trick play reminded me of the Arizonia game when they ran a couple of trick plays. When they did themI thought and felt like theywere in desperation. I kind of got the same feeling when the Panthers ran that play with Ginn. They Panthers still had plenty of time and opportunities to win that game though. Overall, across the board, team and coaches they were all bad. Defense showedup.
  6. NFL's Sound FX NFCCG

    Great stuff!! Thanks for sharing.... my favorites were on the first Ginn run, the coaches on sidelines yelling "QB Run QB Run" while Cam flips it to Ginn. The best was on the big Philly TD, Arians "Get the f*ck outta here" Good stuff, both were great.
  7. Poll for the psl owners sb lottery

    No I did not get a letter. I just assumed I did not get selected because figured I would have heard by now and it appears others already have.
  8. Poll for the psl owners sb lottery

    Own two PSL's since 2002 and did not get selected. I hear you regarding not spending the kind of money, but I guess for some its relative cause they have the kind of income and money that $6-8k per person is not a big deal... for others that don't and spend it... to each is own :-) I couldn't do it either, not that kind of $$'s. That is almost one years tuition for my kid's college next year.
  9. I agree except I don't think they had a very large or enough supply last night. My son and I were walking through the turnstile at a little before 6pm and they were all out. We enter through the East Gate. Would have loved to have one of the giveaways last night. All good though. BUT yeah you are correct, the ones like last night are always the best. Those KeepPounding banners were great. We have had one since that gamehanging from the fireplace mantel at the house. Having no sponsoron the giveaways makes them better for sure.
  10. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    You pretty much go in when your done practicing. You then all carry the flag from the practice field into the stadium, on to the field and standalong the visitors sideline for about an hour or so. My timing might be off a little bit; but when we were out there, both teams were still practicing on the field for a while.
  11. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    Will do ... looking forward to that beer ;-) ......Section 540 Row 1A here .....
  12. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    Nice.... my son and I got to do that a couple of years ago for the San Fran game. Awesome experience.
  13. This I would like to see/hear a video of.
  14. THANK YOU to the Panthers for that awesome start and first half cause they kept the four Seattle fans behind me quiet........ Like expected the PSL owners behind me, who do show up on occasion and when they docomplain the whole time that we stand up and cheer ..... sold their tickets online. The do this for almost every big game. Every once in awhile we get someone cool and fun in those seats but rarely. Hopefully some Panther fans scoop them up for the AZ game.
  15. Along the Sidelines - Colts at Panthers

    Awesome pics... as always.