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  1. This is true for me as well...very surprised myself when I realized I just don't care about the other games....except maybe the rest of the NFC South. Ratings I feel have to be in error. Most people I know are unplugged and watching via Kodi or You Tube...I don't think these are being accounted for. If I tried to identify why I am dis-interested in the other games: The kneeling has never bothered me - the media bothers me how they think it is such a big deal and can't wait to show cameras on them. I could care less- players can do what they want. Penalty's - meh - seems its always been this way as far as bad calls go. I wouldn't say it is any worse. For me (and probably not popular but honest) it's probably the attitude of so many players. Lynch and Odell...thugs like Gronk...they do not entertain me and I really don't want to watch them.
  2. Falcons have done quite better this season than I expected. Ryan at home will be pumped up and itching right now to get the ball to Julio every opportunity. Their running game is solid - but they have to know that no one has run on us all year too. First Falcons game I thought was pretty close. Falcons fans keep talking about the missed TD but I have never been a fan of the 'if only we had that one play' because the same is true for the other guys as well. Cam had some great runs on them and the scheme seemed solid. I watched Brees tear them apart the first time they played and the interception at the end cost them the game - the 'if only Saints had kicked the field goal' - lol - but the Saints just dominated that game. Saints v Falcons part II I didn't see - but listening to Falcons fans it appears the Refs/NFL/Russia had it in for them as they blame the refs for the game (not sure how the refs were able to help with the butt pick but Falcon's fans can never own they just got beat and have to blame someone). On Defense: We always seem to get a bunch of sacks vs Ryan - and he always manages to get get 5-6 bombs off on us as well. Hopefully we get lots of penetration and we can somehow slow Julio down. On Offense: Would love for our offense to take what defense gives us. They want to try and stop the run - than let Olsen do what he always does against them...keep em honest and worried about what Easy Ed Jr will do to them. Your thoughts?
  3. What Bucs Fans are saying....

    They no longer care - they just want a new coach and are looking at next year.
  4. Seems like we need more info or we become like the media and jump to conclusions. Harassment has to be un-wanted. Victims must report it....tell their boss "so and so is doing this" so the manager can fix the situation. This victim is suing the NFL so one hopes she had in fact reported each incident. So multiple men texting her - how did they get her phone number? Is it flirting or un-wanted/un-asked for? We know it's un-professional. Did she tell them to stop? One could have the argument she shouldn't have to and shouldn't be exposed to this (no pun) but since we don't know what conversations she had with these people who is to say??
  5. This is a prime example of a person who thinks they know more than everyone else. They clearly read others to reply instead of to actually read it. Canned opinions eh? 26 QB faster than Cam in time to throw... ok....sure...lets go with that. Dilly dilly. Next time you'r thinking about replying to a topic. Don't.
  6. I said Cam holds on to the ball based on watching him and listening to the announcers (not always 100%). Being called an idiot though I decided to look at the stats. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/stats/passing#average-time-to-throw This website puts Cam as having a 2.68 time to throw. Same as Alex Smith and Tom Brady. 23 QB in the league are faster. I know what is going on downfield - our WR are running their routes and trying to get open. I guess you gotta love idiots that call other people idiots.
  7. Cam taking a sack instead of just throwing the ball away. Center/(team not coached?) hiking the ball when there is encroachment and taking a free play. Cam holding on too long. Shula Cam holding on too long - I will admit I am at a loss. He is holding on going thru his reads and no one is open right? Our WR are not getting separation. Is it because our WR are all number 3's and worse - or is it because our plays aren't putting them in winning situations? Going further down the rabbit hole - Cam holds the ball forever and our much maligned Oline has to hold. We scream at Kalil who only has the task of keeping Cam Jordan away the whole game....but how much help is our QB giving him and the rest of the line? Shula - I guess there is no point in beating a dead horse but dang golly I get so mad at seeing no adjustments like EVER coming out of halftime not to mention a game plan that doesn't... attack? I know player execution is critical but I wish sometimes I was the owner so i could have Rivera tell me exactly why he loves Shula so much.
  8. I cannot stand Vacarro or Cam Jordan - but I worry about Brees and Lattimore. Brees finds the open guy and it doesn't matter if thats Thomas, Ginn, or Snead. With our DB it seems they will all be open. We need to stay in his face for 4 quarters. Lattimore is too good / shut down type...just what we don't need with our WR...
  9. I don't want us to give up on the run. Being able to run when the other team knows its coming and can't stop it is pretty powerful. From what I've seen I don't know its Shula's fault as far as schemes go. If our Oline doesn't do their job no RB is going to be able to do theirs. Kalil is back so I hope we get better (fast). I love the post OP - have always been a fan of twisting the knife instead of playing it conservatively. Keeping Brees off the field is very good idea, and holding his receivers so they can't get separation, double teaming Thomas. On the other side of the ball playing prevent defense is the one thing we do I truly cannot stand. I know coaches have their jobs/millions on the line but dang...can't one ease up on coverage without just letting a team walk down the field?
  10. I feel there is a lot of football left to play. Saints, Panthers, and Falcons are all in it. I don't think I'll be trying to do any predicting...too many variables. Saints should have lost to Redskins but didn't, lost to Rams but were missing 2 CB. Falcons tried to lose to the Bucs, and the Jets played us close. I don't count Bucs as a gimme - nor any team. The Seahawks vs Philly? That has trap all over it. We can beat the Saints - but not if we play like we did yesterday. The only NFC team that 'scares' me is the Rams. Wade Phillips > Shula.