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  1. Cat Fanboy

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Disappointed in former players trashing on Panthers or specific people, but I find it amusing the vitriol and hate that goes back on these guys. I saw it with Peppers when he left and fans burning his jersey....the fans here go from love to hate back to love sooooo quick. I liked and still wish the best for Benjamin, Dwill, and yes, JR too. #NotMe
  2. Cat Fanboy

    Thank you Big Cat!

    lol - well no my thoughts get confused with my fingers...I meant I wasn't a Rice fan and I am not a Democrat but I didn't not like her because I am more conservative than liberal and it just came out wrong...but no - I also don't consider myself Republican just moderate and not sure why you would bring up the racist comment but thats on you not me - I would never assume all African Americans are democrats!
  3. Cat Fanboy

    Thank you Big Cat!

    soooooo true! Slightly random on listening to NPR they had Condolisa Rice on (never a big fan as I am not a democrat but after listening to her I realized she is as sharp as they come) and she said this which stuck with me: RICE: These days, we seem to be dividing ourselves into ever smaller groups, each with its own grievance, each with its own narrative. Increasingly, we just yell at each other. We don't talk to one another. We can agree to disagree - gratitude is a personal thing. Do I expect him to come here and read it? No - but as been stated before by Zod that players do come here. Maybe word gets out...maybe not - my gratitude doesn't change. It doesn't condone what he did. My personal thoughts are the punishment seems far worse than the crime(s). Matter of subjectivity I guess. Was it the Colts owner with the prescriptions? Is that worse than what JR did? Does a victim who takes a buyout (?) still a victim? (My answer is yes...(Cosby duh)...JR didn't rape anyone though.....racist? maybe....
  4. Cat Fanboy

    Thank you Big Cat!

    I expected anger and those that are not thankful for JR - they have been following the media's lead with pitchforks in hand. I am not judging or commenting on his actions - I am thanking him for The Carolina Panthers...my favorite team. You may think whatever you wish, but I for one am super thankful for the team and stating this thanks is only trolling for those that want to tear him down further.
  5. Thank you for the Panthers and thank you for all that you have done for the team! It may be a new chapter/sequel but you wrote the book and I will be forever grateful!! I really hope your statue stays and wish nothing but the best for you and your family going forward!!! Not everyone hates you. :)
  6. Draft grades are quite amusing to me. Unless done...3 ? years later I cannot put any validity to it. The 'experts' put in their rankings for each position. The 'experts' than determine what they think each team's needs are. The experts give a grade on how well the team matches their own little table. The issues with this seem self evident. We know we took the first WR off the board...yet the experts differed in the best WR.....this is true for every position...but still we see these 'grades' like they mean anything. #SMH