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  1. Or what I think, or what any of the posters here think, or what Todd McShay or Mayocks big board says about this or that guys value. I, like many else here, am a little perplexed by the draft we've had. More so than others of his, BUT At the end of the day, I trust Gettlemans talent evaluation and abilities as a GM more than I trust any pundit or NFL big board 100, solely for the fact that he has done amazing things for this franchise and hasn't let us down yet. (Yeah there was the Kugbila pick, but broadly speaking Gettleman has done amazing things for us). His job lives and dies on the success of this team and he wants this team to succeed more than anyone blasting him for his selections. Some of us may not understand the picks that much, but you bet your ass didn't just pick those names out of the "CB NAMES" hat, he always has his reasons for doing what he does, and I trust him. BUP BUP BUP
  2. This is the first time I've felt uneasy about a Gettleman draft.
  3. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    I'd imagine by that point that Gettleman's press conference would just consist of him whipping it out at the table and screaming "hog mollies" incoherently into the microphone.
  4. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Our Father in the war room, hallowed be your name. Our second round comes, your will be done, on earth as it is in the war room. Give us this day our top prospects. And lead us not into reaching, but deliver us BPA.
  5. Official Igo pie thread

    Igo has been Gettleman this whole time. Gettleman wears his shorts so high to hide the zipper of the skin suit. Not sure how he pulls of that accent though.
  6. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    We'd have to trade up to get any of those guys. I wouldnt mind at all if we did. GIMEE STERLING OR HUNTER HENRY GETTLEMAN. DO IT. Vonn Bell or Mackenzie Alexander would be awesome as well.

    God Myles looks devestated. Poor fuging guy. God damn.

    Yeah God forbid the guy gets emotional in what's probably the biggest moment in his life.

    I'll be a happy camper if we go Hunter Henry. If we go Derrick Henry maybeee not so much.

    I wonder if Tunsil's there at 30 do we take him.
  11. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I'd be ecstatic of we grabbed him. Pls lord.
  12. I'd be totally fine with Coleman. Igo (I've been on this board so long I just typed out Zod first), there's 24 hours till the draft. It's so close but yet so far. CRUMBS MAN, WE NEED MORE INFO CRUMBS.
  13. So, all the talk I've seen here and elswhere seems to revolve around these guys. Derrick Henry Hunter Henry Karl Joseph Emmanuel Ogbah Kevin Dodd Vernon Butler Might've missed some but you get the point. Two offensive guys then a ton of defensive guys. Treadwell used to be considered the top WR in the draft, and I feel like "Love to have him but he won't fall" seemed to be a common sentiment around here a while ago. Since then, his stock seems to have been falling and it seems like there's a legitimate shot (albeit still unlikely) that he'll be there at our pick. Big, physically possession receiver that's not too fast. Do you guys think Gettleman would view Treadwell as BPA and go for him? I'm not sure because on one hand, he very well could be BPA at 30. On the other hand, we drafted Funch last year and have KB coming back - it'd be adding another big, tall and not necessarily fast WR to a receiving core that already has that, and a lot of it. Really not sure what Getts would do, just want your guys' opinions.
  14. Anyone else see this?

    poo my bad. Huddle every day brah. Now that you posted that, I remember.Just forgot I guess.
  15. Anyone else see this?

    Saw this on our subreddit yesterday and I don't recall ever seeing it posted here. But god damn I love TD, when all is said and done he might be my favorite Panther of all time. Sucks seeing him like that but to see how much it means to him makes me proud to call him a Panther. Don't watch if you don't wanna cry. :(